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The Volvo is possibly one of the best-engineered vehicles on the planet (the auto insurance industry rates it highly for safety) but that precision Euro-engineering comes at a price. Still, it's possible to get cheap Volvo parts when you shop at

Despite the fact that the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro is not great, that shipping costs from Scandinavia are high all of which you ultimately wind up paying for in the way of higher prices the fact is that it is the middleman-retailer that adds the most to the cost of Volvo parts. Wholesale seems like a good idea, but wholesalers in the brick and mortar world generally won't sell to individual customers. And if a "real-world" wholesaler did in fact allow the average Joe to buy wholesale Volvo parts, it wouldn't be in business for very long.

The reason for that is that the only way a wholesaler can offer Volvo parts for less is to sell in volume which is something that only a retailer is in a position to least in the "real world." And once that retailer has those Volvo parts and accessories on his shelves, he has a whole range of overhead costs to deal with, ranging from lease or mortgage payments on the store building to municipal licensing fees to utilities.

We don't have these issues at PartsGeek. Since we operate on the World Wide Web, we have a customer base as big as the USA itself (with major warehouses on both coasts as well as smaller facilities and shipping centers throughout the country). This means we have the ability to sell in volume just like a "brick-and-mortar" wholesaler and therefore, are in an excellent position to offer Volvo parts for less to individual customers.

And when we say "cheap Volvo parts," we mean it. In some cases, you'll find the wholesale Volvo parts at price reductions of up to 80%!

We've got you covered on selection as well. In fact, our inventory of wholesale Volvo parts contains any and all parts you may need. If for some reason we are out of stock, you'll know it immediately because our online catalog is continually updated in real time. You can contact our U.S.- based customer service department can tell you when a part you need will be in stock and give you a price quote which is guaranteed for a full thirty days.

In most cases, your order will be on its way to you within twenty-four hours. Should you need something immediately (if not sooner), we have overnight and two-day shipping available as well. And, at PartsGeek, you pay only low shipping charges we do not artificially pad your shipping costs with inflated "handling fees."

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Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: William H. Hall, III

Fast service/delivery which was very much appreciated. Thank you!All assembly parts working well after installation and the price was very reasonable/fair.

1997 Volvo 960 Fuel Tank Sender Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: R Dellert

Right part,delivered 2days

1991 Volvo 940 Alternator Mount Bushing