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Volkswagen Parts Wholesale

You can purchase Volkswagen parts wholesale over the World Wide Web from and save yourself a bundle. It's true that parts for Volkswagen vehicles are already pretty inexpensive (as compared to say, a BMW, Mercedes or even a Porsche), but why pay more for those cheap Volkswagen parts than you have to?

The Volkswagen (literally "[The] People's Car" in German) was designed to be economical from the get go. Back in the 1930s, the guy who was in charge at the time (and we all remember who that was, right?) decided that he wanted the auto industry to do for Germany what Henry Ford had done for the USA. A lot of people paid the equivalent of $1.25 a week in the late 1930s to own cars that hadn't even been built yet.

Then, that guy who was in charge decided to invade the rest of Europe...

After the war, Volkswagen made good on its commitments to those survivors who had paid for cars earlier at least in West Germany (those in the East were out of luck). In a part of the world where gasoline had always been expensive, these economical little beetle-shaped vehicles were welcomed and when they started hitting our shores around 1949, Americans either loved them or hated them but they sure didn't ignore them.

Back then, your choices were the Beetle or the Bus. Today, Volkswagen has a lot of different models and while you can get most of those parts from local retailers for a reasonable price, it's better if you can get wholesale Volkswagen parts. The problem is that unless you own and operate a retail store of your own and can buy a whole lot of stuff at one time you're probably not going to be able to buy Volkswagen parts wholesale. Likewise, most local retailers in the real world of brick and mortar can't usually sell Volkswagen parts for less than they do, because they're probably go broke doing it. After all, there are a lot of overhead expenses to deal with.

Since operates on the World Wide Web however, we are able to offer Volkswagen parts for less to the general buying public, since our store doesn't have the same overhead expenses as a "brick-and-mortar" retailer. This translates into substantial savings for you; we're able to offer the parts and accessories you need, when you need them, at discounts of up to 80%.

How else does manage to offer cheap Volkswagen parts at amazingly low prices? In a word: volume. Like your typical wholesaler, we deal in mass quantities, so that the simple economics of scale goes a long way toward keeping prices low. Unlike the typical retailer however, we have a very broad customer base so we don't have to rely on a handful of retailers to keep us going. With a nationwide customer base, can still offer ridiculously low prices from our online catalog of wholesale Volkswagen parts and still stay in business.

You'll also find real selection. PartsGeek carries the full line of Volkswagen parts and accessories for all of the manufacturer's makes and models. Check it out today most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

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Verified Customer
4/5/13 07:57 AM - USA

Perfect fit throttle body gasket for 03 Passat - very reasonable price. Delivered in 2 days. - Jimmy

- 2003 Volkswagen Passat Throttle Body Gasket
5 of 5
Verified Customer
4/25/13 09:13 PM - USA

I priced these at oreilly and they were $20.00 each for the exact same thing. Cant go wrong with these. Perfect fit and made with strong rubber. - c00fortman

- 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Strut Bump Stop