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Replacement Wheel Bearing Information

Choose from top brands including: Timken, Beck Arnley, National, SKF, NSK, Pronto, WJB, API, Quality-Built, Genuine, Centric and DuraGo.

Wheel BearingWhile in most cases a bad wheel bearing will merely make obnoxious noises and contribute to poor handling of the vehicle, the fact is that neglecting to make this repair in a timely fashion can result in the wheel coming right off of the vehicle while driving.

This, needless to say, is a very dangerous situation, not just to you and those in your vehicle, but also to other drivers on the road. Rather than run the risk of such a situation arising, it is far better to just go ahead and get this repair out of the way. It is one that can be successfully handled by a moderately talented do-it-yourself kind of person in a reasonable length of time. A first timer may want to allot significantly more time than the average repair manual suggests, but other than that, if following step-by-step directions presents no major challenge, then this is a project that can be handled at home, though it will take a significant investment of time and effort.

However, rather than being forced to repeat the procedure long before the typical 30,000 mile interval due to a poor quality replacement, itís a good idea to seek out a reputable and well-known parts seller, such as, and secure a quality replacement wheel bearing at a competitive price.

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Wheel Bearing Information

The importance of your Beck Arnley Wheel Bearing is to provide smooth wheel rotation.

Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley Wheel Bearing
If you want the best performance out of your car or truck, take a peek at a Beck Arnley wheel bearing. Superior motoring is a breeze with factory authorized options manufactured to work with the engine as well as steering components. Take your car to the ultimate level of performance by installing performance components. Your vehicle has a place in your heart due to its great performance and terrific style, and to keep it running in top condition you'll want the acme in top-notch parts. The task of your wheel bearing is to deliver reliable tire movement. The wheel bearing allows efficient tire movement and aids in the load bearing of a car or truck's weight. Your car's wheels spin efficiently thanks to your wheel bearing. A wheel bearing makes your wheels rotate freely. Wheel bearings supply efficient rotation of the tires and help load bearing of the car's body weight.

Your National Wheel Bearing helps the wheels turn freely.


National Wheel Bearing
Usually the most frustrating thing about fixing your car or truck is looking for a dependable source for quality parts such as a National wheel bearing. First-rate capacity and automotive performance are derived from top-notch components and accessories. Take your car to the ultimate level of power by using performance parts. When you drive a high-performance vehicle it needs premium quality parts. A broken wheel bearing is hazardous and may result in the unexpected detachment of the tire. A wheel bearing creates efficient tire movement and helps in the support of a vehicle's weight. Wheel bearings supply effective rotation to the tires and assist in the support of the car or truck's body weight. The purpose of the wheel bearing is to ensure efficient wheel movement. A grinding sound in the vicinity of the tires is the initial indicator of damage for your vehicle's wheel bearings.

The Timken Wheel Bearing permits the wheels spin efficiently.


Timken Wheel Bearing
If you want a high level of performance from your car or truck, take a peek at a Timken wheel bearing. Successful automobile manufacturers grasp the inherent importance of high performance. No matter if you race your car or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, the highest quality parts are vital. Superb power and automotive performance are bolstered by top-notch parts and accessories. A broken wheel bearing is unsafe and may lead to the unexpected unfastening of your tire. A vehicle's tires spin efficiently partly because of your wheel bearing. A wheel bearing allows the wheels turn freely. Wheel bearings provide effective rotation to the wheels and help in the load bearing of the automobile's body weight. A rumbling sound in the vicinity of the tires is often the initial warning of failure for your wheel bearings.

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Reviewer: Velislide

Bearing seems to be good, thanks.

1997 Honda Civic Wheel Bearing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: gary m

Exact match easy to put in. Almost half the cost from other places I checked out. Thanks

1993 Dodge Shadow Wheel Bearing

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Reviewer: elektranic

I am very satisfied with the product.

2003 Nissan Altima Wheel Bearing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Sutton cane

Fast service. Works great. Easy return policy when I ordered wrong part.

2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor Wheel Bearing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: laura morris

Very good service and quick

2004 Chevrolet Impala Wheel Bearing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Joshua R

Part arrived in a day and was exactly as described. Worked great. Thanks.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta Wheel Bearing Kit