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Replacement Turn Signal Information

Choose from top brands including: Action Crash, TYC, Dorman, Genuine, APA/URO Parts, ULO, Anzo, Automotive Lighting, VAIP - Vision Lighting, Brock, Marelli, Professional Parts Sweden, Original Equipment and DIY Solutions.

Turn SignalTurn signals, as the old saying goes, are not an automotive option, like all those nifty little extras that vehicles today can come with. The turn signal is, in fact, an important part of your vehicle’s safety system, allowing others to know that you plan to make a turn and to adjust their speed accordingly and avoid rear-ending you. Thus, if a repair is needed, it should not be put off any longer than necessary. Attending to it promptly can not only help you to avoid an accident that may take much more of your time and money, but it can also help you to avoid a costly ticket from your local law enforcement officers. Fortunately, the parts you need to make sure that this part of your vehicle safety system is in good working order tend to be reasonably priced and fairly easy to install. If you are planning on doing the installation yourself, make sure that you have the correct tools to do the job, as you may, depending on make and model, require a specialized tool to remove some of the bolts. At, you can find a wealth of affordably priced parts and accessories for your vehicle and enjoy the convenience of reliable delivery to your door.

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Replacement Turn Signals
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Turn Signal Information

A car's Bosch Turn Signal Assembly indicates the intent to turn.


Bosch Turn Signal
Shop at PartsGeek every time you need high quality car parts such as a Bosch turn signal assembly. Just a small investment in the best safety equipment for your car now may very well prevent major expenses in the future. Most manufacturers make cars that protect drivers and passengers, but remember it's the driver's job to establish that all necessary safety parts and equipment are present and functional. Accidents are can be a big price to pay for not installing the best parts for safety. Repairing your vehicle's damaged safety equipment is the most basic step you can take to ensure the safety of your family. Your turn signal assembly identifies the direction you will turn. A turn signal assembly communicates to others your intentions as a driver and will put a stop to legal issues that might arise from a faulty unit. Traffic stops or automobile accidents will happen because of broken turn signal assemblies. Your vehicle's turn signal assembly is a device which is engineered to indicate your intentions as a driver. Heavy fines or collisions could happen because of faulty turn signal assemblies.

The Hella Turn Signal Assembly communicates to others the intent to turn.


Hella Turn Signal
We here at PartsGeek understand what it's like to love your vehicle, and so we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect Hella turn signal assembly. Accidents are a risk of traveling in a car, but drivers can reduce the chance of falling prey to a collision just by installing and maintaining the safety gear like turning lights and brake components. Travel safety should be your first concern; modern safety equipment is a significant part of the solution. Escape needless hazards when traveling by guaranteeing that your vehicle is equipped with the safety gear that you desire. Keeping your car safe for the road and in conformity with state regulations is easy when the latest safety components are in place. A turn signal assembly is a mechanism which is engineered to signal the intentions of a driver. Road safety relies on working turn signal assemblies. Heavy fines or even collisions might result from faulty turn signal assemblies. The turn signal assembly identifies your intentions as a driver. Hefty fines and car accidents can result from malfunctioning turn signal assemblies. Sometimes the most difficult thing about fixing your vehicle is looking for a reliable source for the best parts such as a Hella turn signal assembly.

Your car's TYC Turn Signal Assembly points to the intentions of a driver and will prevent safety issues which might arise from a damaged signal.


TYC Turn Signal
When you buy a TYC turn signal assembly from the specialists here at PartsGeek, you can rest assured that you are choosing the best parts at the best price. The parts that make your car or truck legal to operate on public streets are placed there for your own safety as well as the security of drivers on the road. Shun excessive hazards when driving by guaranteeing that your vehicle is equipped with the safety-related equipment that you desire. Driving your car with improperly functioning safety equipment can be devastating should there be equipment failure. Most automakers sell cars which are safe, but bear in mind it's the owner's task to ensure that all needed safety components are present and operative. The safety of the road is dependent on functional turn signal assemblies. The turn signal assembly is a component which is designed to indicate your intent to turn. A vehicle's turn signal assembly points to your intentions as a driver and will preclude legal issues that will happen from a malfunctioning signal. Trouble with the police or car crashes can be the result of malfunctioning turn signal assemblies. A car's turn signal assembly communicates the intent to turn. Hunting for a top-rated source for the best parts like a TYC turn signal assembly?

The car's ULO Turn Signal Assembly communicates to others your intentions as a driver and ca prevent safety issues which will arise from a faulty signal.


ULO Turn Signal
Hunting for a good source for outstanding parts such as a ULO turn signal assembly? Installing parts that improve overall ride also improves performance in icy conditions. Travel security should be your first concern; the latest safety equipment is an integral part of the answer. The devices that make your automobile legal to drive on public roads are placed there for your own protection and the security of others on the streets. Parts which offer a better ride will increase safety and handling. Heavy fines or car accidents might occur because of damaged turn signal assemblies. A vehicle's turn signal assembly is a device that is meant to show your intent to turn. Safety depends on operational turn signal assemblies. Your turn signal assembly is a feature that is meant to identify the intentions of a driver. Hefty fines or even collisions can result from broken turn signal assemblies. When you purchase a ULO turn signal assembly from the team here at, you know that you are getting the most premium parts and the best possible price.

Turn Signal

There is a good reason that forward and rear turn lights come standard on all modern cars, and good reason that using them is the law. These signals are essential for letting other drivers (as well as pedestrians and bicyclists) know which way you are headed, and whether they will need to slow down or stop. Besides steep fines, failure to use turn lights properly can lead to potentially devastating damage or injury.

Luckily, turn signals are inexpensive and fairly straightforward to install. On you will find thousands of options for turn lights from leading manufacturers such as Action Crash, Anzo, Dorman, Genuine and more, all at extremely completive prices.

Our company takes pride in offering a huge selection of top quality parts, exceptional customer service and fast delivery. Plus, our 30-day return policy helps us to make sure that you get the part you need to get back on the road safely.

What is a turn signal?

Turn signals are mounted on all four corners of modern vehicles: front and back driver side, and front and back passenger side. When the driver activates the turn light from the cabin, these signals blink to indicate to other drivers which direction you plan to go. In some newer models there are additional indicator lights on the side view mirrors as well.

How much do replacement turn signals cost?

The cost of a new turn light will mostly depend on the make, model and year of your current vehicle. Most of the units available on cost somewhere between $15 and $30.

How can I test my turn signals?

It's a good idea to perform a quick diagnostic on your turn lights regularly. Failure to signal to other drivers could land you a ticket, but more importantly, these indicators help to make the road safer for everyone.

To check your signal lights, first, start your car and put it in park. Turn on the right turn signal, get out of the vehicle, and make sure that both front and back lights illuminate, then repeat for the left side. Any signals that either do not light up or begin flashing rapidly may need to have a bulb replaced.

What else can go wrong with turn signals?

Sometimes the problem with a turn signal goes beyond a burnt out bulb. Here are a few other common problems:

  • Turn light illuminates but does not blink: indicates that the flasher needs to be replaced.
  • None of the signals light up: likely caused by a bad fuse.
  • Both turn signals on one side do not work: possibly due to lack of grounding in both housings.

Another common issue with turn signals is corrosion in the socket or housing, in which case the unit will likely need to be replaced.

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