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Replacement Trunk Seal Information

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Trunk Seal Information

A damaged trunk seal can allow moisture into the trunk, damaging not only your belongings, but also the carpet and even the structural soundness of the vehicle itself. Underneath that carpet in the trunk is metal, and if that carpet gets soggy every time it rains, rust can eventually set in and eat holes in the trunk area, a problem that is sure to have a serious impact on the value of the vehicle and one that is likely to be expensive to repair. So, even though this repair is one that is easy to put off as it doesn’t affect whether or not the vehicle will get you where you want to go, it is a repair that really should not be procrastinated. The replacement process is fairly simple and shouldn’t tie up more than a single afternoon of working at a relaxed, leisurely pace. Choosing a quality replacement part is one of the best ways of ensuring that you won’t be pulling wet, smelly, damaged belongings out of your trunk any time soon. carries a broad range of replacement parts and accessories, striving always to provide quality parts at an affordable price and excellent customer service.

Trunk Seal

No one enjoys driving home from the store only to find a trunk full of soggy groceries. Trunk seals are important for protection interiors and cargo. Unfortunately, over time these seals are prone to damage and wear, and will eventually lose their original elasticity.

At you will find hundreds of trunk seals from reliable industry brands like APA/URO Parts and Genuine. Our company takes pride in offering a huge selection of quality parts at great prices, excellent customer service and speedy delivery. And, our 30-day return policy lets us make sure that you get the part you need.

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What is a trunk seal?

Trunk seals are the hose-like lengths of rubber that fit along the lip of the trunk, forming a weather proof seal. For this reason, automotive seals are also known as weatherstripping.

How much do replacement seals cost?

While the specific cost of a new seal will vary according the vehicle make and model, most of those available on fall somewhere between $35 and $55

Why is it important to replace a worn or damaged trunk seal?

Over time most trunk seals begin to wear out, and should be replaced. In addition to visible damage such as cracking or pitting, the 'springiness' of the durable rubber diminishes over time. That means a poor seal that can let in wind or weather.

If you are noticing that the trunk's interior gets wet during a car wash or when it rains, the weatherstripping may be at fault: even if there is no obvious damage. Press down on the seal to check whether it is still elastic to the touch. You should also check for stray debris that may be allowing water to get it. Worn out seals can also hold water, leading to rusting of the lip around the trunk.

If your seal is fully intact and the rubber is in good condition, but water is still getting into the trunk, make sure to check around the radio antenna seal, taillights of certain types of vehicles, locking mechanisms and handles for potential entry points.

How do I replace a trunk seal?

If you notice one or two minor areas where leaks are occurring, and your current seal is in otherwise good condition, you may be able to fix the problem by just applying weatherstripping adhesive in those places.

However, if you need to replace the entire trunk seal, the general steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the new seal matches the old one in terms of shape and thickness, as well as channels, screw holes and inner studs.
  2. If there are any screws, remove them first. Then gradually peal away the existing seal, easing the rubber studs our of their holes. Take care not to scratch surrounding paint.
  3. Use some kind of weatherstripping remover to clean the frame of old seal adhesive.
  4. Fit the new seal onto the lip of the trunk, making sure that all holes and studs align. Then remove it again.
  5. Apply adhesive lightly along the strip's channel and the frame's surface.
  6. The adhesive will begin drying immediately, so work quickly to insert the new seal, including rubber studs.
  7. Double check that the ends of the strip meet and form a solid bond.
  8. If you removed any, screws replace them.

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