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Replacement Trailing Arm Information

Choose from top brands including: Dorman, Genuine, Mevotech, Moog, Crown Automotive, Replacement, Professional Parts Sweden, Centric, Beck Arnley, SKP, AC Delco, Delphi, TRW and Original Equipment.

Trailing ArmCertain suspension systems in modern vehicles utilize a design known as trailing arm suspension. This is a design in which two or more linkages are connected between the axle and the chassis. This type of suspension design is often used in live axel setups and in independent suspension arrangements, making it a versatile suspension design and one that is found in both passenger vehicles and heavy transportation or construction vehicles. The arm itself is subjected to stresses both laterally and vertically and as such is prone to warping if too much stress is applied. Despite this, it is one of the best means of supporting a suspension system in standard vehicles because it allows for a flatter floor and more cargo room at the back. A common design--and one found in many front wheel drive cars today--has a MacPherson strut front suspension system with the arm setup on the rear axle. When the auto part fails, the optimum plan is getting a high performance OEM or replacement part to keep your car or truck in top condition. Once you decided on your car, you had an asset that likely will be with your family for a long run; guard your choice by using only the best auto parts. If you want the best satisfaction out of your car or truck, you know that good parts create great performance - has the parts you need.

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Replacement Trailing Arms
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Trailing Arm Information

The Beck Arnley trailing arm is located on one of the two rear wheels of your automobile.

Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley Trailing Arm
The Beck Arnley trailing arm is often found on one of the back wheels in a front-wheel drive vehicle. This trailing arm holds the wheel perpendicular to the ground by holding the axle. Handling of the vehicle may suffer if you have a damaged arm. To get an arm that is made to fit on your vehicle, search for your automobile's make, model, and year here at This ensures that you find the right arm for your vehicle.

The Dorman trailing arm is found on either the left or right rear wheel.


Dorman Trailing Arm
The Dorman trailing arm is located on one of the rear wheels, but depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, you may need to order your trailing arm also based on the right or left location of the vehicle. Knowing the position of the replacement arm is just one step. You also must order this part based on your vehicle's information to ensure compatibility. Should your suspension system also need other parts, you can find those here, too, at

The Moog Trailing Arm is a vehicle suspension design in which one or more arms are connected between the axle and the chassis.


Moog Trailing Arm
The Trailing Arm is a vehicle suspension design in which one or more arms are connected between the axle and the chassis. It is usually used on rear axles, although its design can also be used in an independent suspension arrangement. Most problems that occur with the trailing arm are due to failing or failed bushings. You can get around this by replacing your trailing arm with a Moog Training Arm, available from PartsGeek. Made from all-new aircraft quality aluminum, the Moog Trailing Arm eliminates the use of bushing by employing ultra-strong joints.

Trailing Arm

Whether or not your vehicle has a trailing arm depends on the type of suspension system it has. In trailing arm suspension, trailing arms connect your car or truck's tires to the chassis and the axle so that the wheels remain perpendicular in the suspension system. It's important to make sure this part is in good working condition, because if it becomes worn or breaks, it can cause damage to your vehicle's suspension system.

You can find the right trailing arms for your vehicle's suspension system at Browse our large online catalog with major name brands such as Dorman, Genuine, Mevotech, Moog, Beck Arnley, Crown Automotive, TRW, AC Delco, Hotchkis Performance, Centric, Whiteline, Mopar and Auto 7. We want you to be satisifed with the parts you order from us, so we offer a 30-day return policy. If the part you order isn't exactly right for your car or truck, you can send it back.

What is a trailing arm?

A trailing arm is part of the suspension system on vehicles that use trailing arm suspension. In this type of suspension, trailing arms are the parts that connect the vehicle's chassis to the axles to keep the wheels perpendicular. This part is made up of a bushing on one end, and a bolt that fastens the trailing arm to the vehicle. The bushing helps protect and insulate the trailing arm from movement and helps keep it steady while driving. Bushings can become worn over time and need replacement. Trailing arms can be found on the front or rear suspension, depending on whether you have a front-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive car or truck.

How much are trailing arms?

At, trailing arms run in price from $30 to about $140, with the average price around $50. The exact price for replacing trailing arms on your vehicle depends on the make, model and year, as well as the brand of replacement part you choose. Browse the catalog with your vehicle's specifications to determine the exact price to replace the trailing arms on your car or truck.

What happens if a trailing arm breaks?

With regular inspection, you or your mechanic should be able to determine whether or not the trailing arms on your vehicle are worn or about to fail, so that you can avoid this part from breaking entirely. Trailing arms can become corroded or rusted, so they need to be inspected from time to time. However, if the part does break, it can cause damage to the suspension system. You may notice a vibrating feeling coming from the vehicle where the trailing arms are installed. Ultimately, broken trailing arms can cause an accident because they can cause you to lose control of the vehicle's steering system.

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Reviewer: Dave Carter

Finding affordable rear suspension replacement parts for my Mazda Millenia has been a challenge until I found PartsGeek! They have the lowest prices that I could find and believe me I searched and searched, I ordered rear trailing arms and they arrived quickly and are exactly what I was seeking and at that affordable price!

1999 Mazda Millenia Trailing Arm

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Very shipping and a great price!

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very happy this time supper fast shipping and they were the right parts the first time.

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super fast shipping and the right parts the first time

2000 Ford Expedition Trailing Arm

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My experience was great the most inexpensive place around .

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