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Replacement TPMS Sensor Information

Choose from top brands including: Dorman, Standard Motor Products, Denso, VDO, AC Delco, API, Motorcraft, ContiTech, Schrader Valves, Huf, HUF Intellisens, Mopar, DIY Solutions, Genuine and Beru.

TPMS SensorInside the tire of most new cars, you will find an electronic sensor that is designed to read and report the pressure inside the tire. This tire pressure monitoring sensor is the result of many years of research into safety and efficiency and effectively increases both. Early TPMS sensors took direct measurements of the pressure with a gauge that was attached through a hollow wheel spoke. New sensors however are battery operated and transmit the information to the vehicle computer by a weak radio signal. In most vehicles the computer will illuminate an underinflation warning if any of the tires fall below a certain pressure.

Some more advanced systems will display the actual pressure of each tire in real time, allowing the driver to be fully aware of the state of inflation. A fully inflated tire reduces undue wear on the rubber and also improves fuel efficiency, making the TPMS system an important part of the modern vehicle. When you selected a car or truck, you had an asset that could be with you for years to come, so insure your decision by installing the most reliable replacement parts. On occasion the most frustrating aspect about repairing your car is finding a top-rated source for outstanding parts. A breakdown can cause a lot of stress, but a site like is here to help.

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Replacement TPMS Sensors
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TPMS Sensor Information

The Dorman TPMS Sensor measures the pressure in each tire and warns the driver when the air pressure in any tire drops at least 25% below the recommended cold tire inflation pressure identified on the vehicle placard.


Dorman TPMS Sensor
Tire pressure monitoring systems are designed to keep track of the amount of air in the tires of a vehicle. These systems provide real-time information about tire pressure by means of sensors and warning indicators. Air pressure sensors, mounted to each individual tire, send warning signals to a dashboard receiver. This is an accurate means of keeping track of vehicle tire pressure, but there are drawbacks. The TPMS sensors rely entirely on batteries that need to be professionally replaced at least once during the average life of a vehicle. Also, TPMS Sensors mounted in the wheel's valve stem can be damaged during tire repair or replacement and will have to be replaced to keep the system functioning properly. If this happens to you, the Dorman TPMS Sensor, available from PartsGeek, is an excellent replacement for your original sensor.

The Replacement TPMS sensor monitors your tire pressure and sends a signal to your dash warning light when the pressure gets too low.


Replacement TPMS Sensor
The Replacement TPMS sensor is used in vehicles that have a low tire pressure warning system. TPMS sensor stands for tire pressure monitor system sensor. This sensor sends a signal to your dashboard warning light when the pressure in your tires drops below 25 percent of the designated cold pressure. For safer driving, you need to have these sensors for your tire pressure monitor system working. Look for these according to the make, model, and year of your vehicle here at

The Standard TPMS sensor sends a signal to your tire warning light on your dash if the pressure in one of your tires is too low.


Standard TPMS Sensor
One of the latest options on vehicles today is a tire pressure monitoring system. This system uses a TPMS sensor on each of the tires to send a signal to the dash light when your tire pressure gets too low. Here at, you can find a Standard TPMS sensor for your vehicle. These sensors are also available here from many other well-known, trusted brand names. Find the sensor that will be compatible with your vehicle's TPMS.

The VDO TPMS sensor is used with your tire pressure monitor system to tell you when to add air to one of your tires.


The VDO TPMS sensor is used to indicate when your tire pressure drops to 25 percent below the recommended level for cold inflation. For vehicles with a tire pressure monitor system, each of your tires has a TPMS sensor. This sends a signal to your dashboard to tell you that you need to either inflate one of your tires or have it replaced. The TPMS system can help to keep you from driving on dangerously low tires. Be sure that all your sensors for this system are working and get replacements if you need them from here at

TPMS Sensor

TPMS is an acronym that stands for tire pressure monitoring system. Modern cars have a TPMS sensor installed, which keeps tabs on the pressure in the vehicle's tires and alerts the driver when the tire pressure goes below a certain level. Low tire pressure can indicate a leaking tire, and it can also reduce fuel efficiency, so TPMS sensors are truly helpful in providing information that allows you to take action to keep your vehicle running in top condition and save on fuel costs. offers a wide range of TPMS sensors, so you can browse our large online catalog and find the one that's just right for your vehicle. Shop from leading brand names including Dorman, Standard Motor Products, Denso, VDO, AC Delco, ATE, Motorcraft, HUF Intellisens, ContiTech, HUF and Schrader Valves. We want you to be satisifed with the parts you buy from us, so we offer a 30-day return policy to ensure that you get just the right part for your car or truck.

What is a TPMS sensor?

Your vehicle's tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) uses a sensor to monitor and track the pressure in the tires. Knowing if your tires have low pressure is an important indicator, because it can help you determine if a tire is leaking or if it simply needs to be inflated to full pressure for better fuel economy. Many modern cars have TPMS sensors that can track the actual tire pressure in real-time and deliver the information to the driver on the dashboard display. Other TPMS sensors use weak radio signals to track low pressure and cause a warning light to go on when low pressure is detected. In both cases, the driver is alerted to the tire pressure situation and can take the necessary action before getting a flat.

How much are TPMS sensors?

TPMS sensors at cost about $35 on average, for a model that doesn't require any programming and offers the standard frequency of 315MHz. This is a relatively standard part that doesn't vary widely in price or specifications from vehicle to vehicle. The other frequency that TPMS sensors come in is 433MHz. The frequency your vehicle uses depends on the vehicle's make, model and year.

Do I have to replace the sensors when I change tires?

When you install new tires on your vehicle or if you have the tires rotated, this can affect the way the TPMS sensors provide information about tire pressure. The sensor has to "relearn" the tire pressure on the new or rotated tires, through a procedure that your mechanic can perform with a TPMS reset tool. The service lifespan of a TPMS sensor's lithium battery is usually between five and ten years. The battery itself can't be replaced, because it's integrated into the sensor. So when the battery dies, the sensor has to be replaced.

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