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Replacement Throttle Body Spacer Information

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Throttle Body Spacer Information

Just as an atomizer turns perfume into a fine mist for spraying it evenly on your body, the Airaid Throttle Body Spacer atomizes fuel and air to fill your engine’s combustion chamber. The results are substantial gains in horsepower, torque and gas efficiency. Throttle body spacers force a higher air intake velocity by increasing the distance between the stock throttle body and the intake manifold. It’s like creating a mini-tornado that spins and atomizes the fuel so it burns faster and cleaner. In today’s fuel-injection engines, the spacer allows a greater amount of air to be contained within the throttle body assembly so that the engine’s intake system does not have to work as hard to get the air into the engine. More air, greater efficiency. Airaid Throttle Body Spacers are machined from the highest quality Aircraft Grade Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum and can be installed in less than an hour with common hand tools. There’s a fit for nearly every year, make, model and engine on the market. If you’d like to increase your engine’s efficiency, talk to us. We’re ready to help. We also offer spacers from Street Performance and Jet Performance.

Throttle Body Spacer

From increased fuel efficiency and enhanced acceleration to gaining some serious horsepower, there are good reasons that performance throttle body spacers are an extremely popular among auto fans who love experimenting with aftermarket customization.

On you will find hundreds of throttle body spacers and spacer kits from top brands like AFE, Holley, Motorcraft and Volant, all at impressively competitive prices.

We pride our business on providing an incredible selection of quality parts, top notch customer service and speedy delivery. And, our 30-day return policy helps us to make absolutely sure that you get exactly the part you're looking for.

Use the search function to find a particular part by keyword phrase, or browse our inventory by year, make or brand.

What is a throttle body spacer?

A throttle body spacer is an aftermarket add on that many car enthusiasts install in order to increase the flow of air through the intake manifold.

In fuel injection systems, the throttle body is the part that controls how much air is let into the engine. When you press down on the accelerator pedal, a device known as the throttle body sensor collects real time data about the exact position of the pedal to the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

In turn, this onboard computer uses that information to control the intake of air through the manifold, as well as the amount of fuel drawn from the tank. Ideally this results in the perfect atomized mixture of gasoline and air to create efficient, powerful combustion.

Performance throttle body spacers are designed to allow more air than the Engine Control Unit would usually allow to pass through to the engine. This allows the engine to do less work in order to draw in plenty of air to feed the combustion reaction within the cylinders.

How much does a new throttle body spacer cost?

The cost of a replacement throttle body spacer will vary depending on the particular model and make of your car, and whether you're looking to get a complete kit or just the basic part. Most of the spacers and kits on cost somewhere in the range of $50 and $150.

What are the benefits of performance throttle body spacers?

The main benefit of installing a spacer is to get increased horsepower and torque (rotational force). The spiral flow of air created by the specialized design of this custom part enhances the completeness of the combustion reaction. Additionally, the increased velocity of air inflow means less strain on the engine's intake system in order to achieve the same output.

What should I know before I try installing a performance spacer?

Most manufacturers guarantee that their equipment is absolutely street legal. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, in certain states performance throttle spacers may also need to be approved by local emissions control boards. For instance, in California the California Air Resource Board provides guidelines to ensure that the parts will not cause problematic levels of hydrocarbon (HC) and other toxic emissions.

Finally, since this is an aftermarket add on, it is extremely important that installing a spacer (or any customized equipment) will not void your vehicle's warranty.

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Reviewer: MUDSTUD10

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2003 Land Rover Discovery Throttle Body Spacer

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Reviewer: D


2004 Pontiac GTO Throttle Body Spacer

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Reviewer: Bruce Gresh

in stock and ready to ship. always the right parts for this old classic mercedes-benz.

1983 Mercedes 300D Throttle Body Spacer

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Xcorps TV

Purchased an Airaid Throttle Body Spacer from PartsGeek and glad we did. Inexpensive and easy to install with feel-able power increase. This is our TV show camera platforms so a smooth powerful throttle is important in getting the shots we do! Sounds like a tubo...a little too!

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Throttle Body Spacer

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Reviewer: Throttle Body Booster

Excellent quality and pricing!!! Industry best customer service with expedited shipping to go along!!!

2008 Mazda 6 Throttle Body Spacer

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Easy to install and well worth the price for more get up and go in my pick-up

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