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The Ultimate Guide To Car Audio Systems

Most all cars come with at least an AM/FM radio player and most newer cars have cd players and even Ipod jacks but some people choose to buy after market parts and install a higher quality car audio system. There are a number of different components that can be added to a car audio system, including amplifiers, speakers, and sub-woofers among many others. There are many different brands of car audio equipment so it is important to do your research and make sure you are getting the best possible product and the best possible deal. The following resources will help you choose and maintain your new car audio system.

Car Audio Installation

  • DIY Installation – a great do it yourself guide for various car audio installations

  • Installation Guide – a great car stereo installation guide that covers various car audio brands

  • Geek Squad – prices as well as information on car audio installation from the Geek Squad

  • Car Audio Guide – a great guide dealing with all types of car audio and accessories

Car Audio Manuals

  • Free Stereo Manuals – a huge list of free down-loadable car audio installation manuals

  • Installation Instructions – some really helpful tips and instructions on installing car audio systems

  • Sony Car Audio – manuals of Sony car audio systems to help in installation

  • Car Audio – a list of car audio installation and service manuals for various audio brands

  • Internet Car Audio – the internet guide to everything having to do with car audio

  • Panasonic Manuals – find any Panasonic car audio manuals by model number or product category

  • Kenwood Manuals – a list of manuals for all Kenwood car audio products

  • Kicker Manuals – a list of manuals for all Kicker car audio systems and components

Choosing A Car Audio System

  • Choosing Sub-woofers – a great article with tips on choosing sub-woofers to go with your car audio system

  • Stereo Speakers – information on how to choose a set of aftermarket speakers for your vehicle

  • Stereo System – some great tips and information on how to choose a car stereo system

  • Car Audio Equipment – a very detailed article on how to choose good quality car audio equipment


  • Audio Troubleshooting – an in-depth guide on troubleshooting car audio systems, information ranges from general problems to more specific issues with speakers and sub-woofers

  • Troubleshooting Amplifiers – an article featuring tips and information for troubleshooting car amplifiers

  • Audio Help – a list of various methods and tips for fixing car audio problems

  • Troubleshooting Tips – some great tips for common car audio problems

  • Car Audio Q&A – some great questions and answers on troubleshooting your car audio system

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