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Replacement Tailgate Strut Information

Choose from top brands including: Replacement, Rhino Pac, Stabilus, Monroe, Sachs, Strong Arm, First Equipment Quality, AC Delco, FCS Automotive, API, Tuff Support, Genuine and APA/URO Parts.

Tailgate StrutIf you drive a truck or hatchback with a tailgate that opens to provide access to a rear cargo compartment, you rely on the mechanism working smoothly and predictably every single day. The rear end of your vehicle is important: you may well spend all day loading and unloading things into and out of the cargo compartment, so itís smart to be sure that the mechanism is working properly. A reticent mechanism can make your job a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Youíll want to be sure, for example, that the hinges and latch are in good shape and not rusted or corroded. Wear and tear on these parts can cause the tailgate to open and close with difficulty. Another area to watch is the tailgate strut. Like the struts in your suspension, this part makes motion possible. If the strut is damaged, you will have difficulty operating the tailgate. Need to make repairs to your tailgate to make your next driving experience better than the last? You can shop online for great components at great prices at

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Replacement Tailgate Struts
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Tailgate Strut Information

A rear gate allows entry to the rear of the vehicle and if a Monroe Tailgate Strut is broken you will have problems with the tailgate.


Many times the most difficult thing about maintaining a vehicle is finding a good source for the best parts such as a Monroe tailgate strut. A modern vehicle has been engineered to operate using numerous features. When doing long drives, options that can offer a better journey for your riders include installed DVD players. To truly take advantage of your new car's newest features, you'll need the highest quality parts. Some vehicles have heavy tailgates and it can be difficult to open the tailgate if the tailgate strut is twisted. Tailgate struts are often installed in sets of two, so if you replace one you should check both. An automobile's tailgate strut is a piston-like metal device that holds up the tailgate door with the aid of gas or hydraulic pressure. The car's tailgate allows access to the rear of the vehicle and when a tailgate strut is twisted you might have a difficult time operating the tailgate. The tailgate strut is designed to keep your vehicle's cargo compartment door open. The perfect parts for the job, like a Monroe tailgate strut, are only a mouse click away when you buy from PartsGeek.

If a car's Sachs Tailgate Strut breaks or stops functioning, you can simply replace it by locating a tailgate strut kit made to match your vehicle model.


Sachs Tailgate Strut
The parts you need for any automotive job, like a Sachs tailgate strut, are just a few clicks away when you order from On those extended road trips, options that can provide a more pleasant journey for your riders include onboard entertainment systems. Equipment choices that provide a more deluxe ride will increase safety and drivability. Because the average commuter spends long periods of time in his car, it is logical to acquire add-ons that tend to make everyday travel more enjoyable. Some vehicles are designed with heavy tailgates and it can be dangerous to use the tailgate if a tailgate strut is bent. Your tailgate strut is designed to keep your vehicle's cargo compartment door up. The car's tailgate strut is a device which is necessary for your safety when you have the tailgate open. If your car or truck's tailgate strut snaps, your mechanic can fix it by ordering a tailgate strut kit that is specially designed to match the model of your vehicle. The car's tailgate strut is a piston that supports the weight of a heavy door with the help of hydraulic pressure. We here at PartsGeek know what it's like to love your car, and so we are on a mission to help you find the perfect Sachs tailgate strut.

A Stabilus Tailgate Strut is a piston-like metal device that carries the weight of a heavy door using gas or hydraulic pressure.


Stabilus Tailgate Strut
If you want outstanding service out of your car or truck, take a peek at a Stabilus tailgate strut. If you buy a new automobile, you are paying for a set of features that are only as good as their components. Your car's manufacturer is known for dependable and robust vehicles, but all vehicles have minor systems that can occasionally fail or need repair - we have the aftermarket components your car or truck requires. In most cases a car's interior features are intended to improve a driver's convenience. A vehicle's tailgate strut is a unit that is key to safety when you have the rear hatch up. Some cars are equipped with heavy tailgates and it can be difficult to keep the tailgate open when the tailgate strut is damaged. If a vehicle's tailgate strut breaks, you can simply replace it by buying a tailgate strut kit that is built to match the maker of your vehicle. Tailgate struts sometimes come in pairs, so when one is replaced you should check both. Your tailgate strut is used to keep the rear door open. When you need a Stabilus tailgate strut, maintaining a vehicle with first class parts always pays off in the long run.

Tailgate Strut

The bed of your truck is one of the most important pieces of your vehicle. It allows you to haul wood, furniture, sports equipment and more. It is the foundation of this practical piece of machinery. However, do you pay a whole lot of attention to your tailgate? Most people don’t, but it is the piece that allows you to unload and load your cargo with ease, and your vehicle’s tailgate struts are the central mechanism in this system, but once they become worn, you're the back of your truck becomes harder to use. has a variety of products that can help you replace this essential piece on your truck. Offering products from Sachs, Genuine, AC Delco, Rhino Pac and more, we help you easily find the part that fits your car. With the efficient 30-day return policy and quick fit guide, your car can be in better shape in no time.

What Is a Tailgate Strut?

In general, struts serve two functions. They either work to resist longitudinal compression and keep parts separate or give outward facing support to allow a component to move in a particular direction. Your automobile includes different types of struts, and the tailgate strut is used to provide mobility to your tailgate. These small pieces allow you to open and shut your truck bed, which allows you easier access when loading and unloading large items.

How Much Is a New Tailgate Strut?

Replacements can be found at a range of affordable prices. stocks a selection of tailgate struts ranging from $15 to $60. The cost of a particular piece is based on a few factors including.

  • The vehicle make
  • The vehicle model and year
  • The brand selected

Ultimately, there is a wide selection to choose from, and it is easy to find a part that fits both your car and your wallet.

How Do I Replace Tailgate Struts?

Worn and tired struts can make it a pain to utilize your tailgate, which greatly affects the ease of loading and unloading cargo. However, this is one of the easiest repairs on your truck, and it can quickly be completed on your own in a few simple steps.

  1. Support your tailgate: before removing each tailgate strut, you want to prop the tailgate up with a board or other strong support, as after the struts are removed it will have no way to stay lifted.
  2. Remove the supports: There are small caps at the top and bottom of the struts. Use a screwdriver to carefully remove these supports and remove the mechanism.
  3. Install the replacements: Carefully tap the top of the strut into its place using a small light hammer. If you are replacing both struts, complete this step on both and then do the same for the bottoms of each.
  4. Test the mechanism: Open and shut the tailgate a few times to ensure that the mechanism is functioning.

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