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Replacement Sway Bar Bushing Information

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Replacement Sway Bar Bushings
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Sway Bar Bushing Information

Regardless of whether you are an automobile fanatic, you want your car, truck or SUV to offer a smooth, comfortable and safe ride. You also do not want your vehicle to be so loud that you cannot converse with passengers or listen to your favorite podcast. Your vehicle's stabilizer bar helps with both smoothness and noise control. Its bushings, though, can wear out or break over time. has hundreds of high-quality and affordable stabilizer bar bushing components to help you achieve professional-grade results with your repair project. Finding the right bushings for your application is also quick and easy with our intuitive search feature. As always, however, if you end up picking bushings that don't fit or otherwise fail to meet your expectations, our 30-day money-back return policy gives you peace of mind every time you order.

What is a sway bar bushing?

On the underside of your vehicle is a stabilizer or sway bar. This component, which is typically a torsion spring, helps to stabilize your car, truck or SUV. The bar sits on bushings, which provide cushion, noise reduction and smoothness. When bushings are well-lubricated and in good condition, they make for a softer ride. Eventually, though, sway bar bushings wear out or break entirely. This typically results in a louder, bumpier ride. Ultimately, however, deteriorated bushings negatively affect your vehicle's performance.

How much is a sway bar bushing?

Replacing a broken or worn sway bar bushing is not likely to break the bank. The exact cost for a replacement part, nonetheless, depends on your vehicle's make, model and production year. You may also pay a premium for OEM components or an enhanced stabilizer bar bushing. Nevertheless, at, most replacement sway bar bushings cost between $8 and $20. You can also opt for a bushing kit, which includes everything you need for a professional-grade repair. Like with individual bushings, these kits range in price, although many are under $40 at

What are the signs of a bad sway bar bushing?

Sway bar bushings do not usually tend to break overnight. On the contrary, they usually gradually wear out over time. If you have a bad bushing, though, you should watch for the following signs:

  • Sluggish vehicle handling
  • Squeaks beneath the car
  • Rattling beneath the car
  • Bumpy ride quality

Is it fine to drive with an old, damaged or ineffective sway bar bushing?

With some component failures, continuing to drive is impossible. After all, certain vehicle parts are essential for driving. With other damaged components, continuing to operate your vehicle is a bad idea. That is, driving may cause long-term damage or result in other problems. Sway bar bushings are a bit different, though. As mentioned, these bushings may wear out over time, encouraging you to drive after you probably should have replaced the bad bearings. While it is usually fine to drive a car, truck or SUV with old, damaged or ineffective sway bar bushings for a limited amount of time, doing so requires additional care. After all, your vehicle may not handle like you expect. For optimal handling, replacing bad bushings as soon as possible is a better approach.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Quality bushings

Easy fit and looks to be of good quality. No regrets.

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Sway bar bushing

fast and safe five stars the parts are very well suited for nissan very good communication gravia geek parts you are the best

1995 Nissan Pickup Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fast shipping

I ordered the part and got it very quickly. Came packed in a good box and was the exact part I needed.

1988 Pontiac Fiero Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Very Satisfied Customer

I ordered 2 control arms and a set of bushings for a 2007 Sonata. The site said the parts would arrive in 3-8 business days. They were precise. The parts came exactly : days and were intact. This vehicle feels amazing. THANK YOU PARTS GEEK. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. THUMBS UP👍🏽👍🏽

2007 Hyundai Sonata Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Carlos Barragan S

Thanks for the product allways on time I will order again

2007 Chrysler Aspen Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Kwikco

This is a great fix for the noisey rear control arm on a Honda CR-V. Good quaility at a great price.

1997 Honda CRV Sway Bar Bushing Kit