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Replacement Suspension Kit Information

Choose from top brands including: Bilstein, APA/URO Parts, SKP, TRQ, Mevotech, Delphi and DIY Solutions.

Suspension KitA suspension kit is a complete package of parts that can be used to improve or repair the suspension system of a car. These parts usually include shock absorbers, springs and sway bars, as well as other components that improve the car's suspension. The suspension system has two purposes: to improve how the car handles in turns and braking, and to protect the vehicle and its passengers from shocks due to bumps in the road. Most suspension systems rely on passive springs to cushion the impact of a bump, along with shock absorbers to control the motion of the springs. (Some systems, notably those in Citroen cars, rely on a hydro-pneumatic suspension instead.) Most systems also have sway bars, which connect the left and right wheels and prevent the vehicle from rolling over during turns. Another function of the suspension system support the load carried by the vehicle (as well as the weight of the vehicle itself) and to prevent the inertia from the weight of the load from detrimentally affecting the handling of the vehicle. For example, the suspension of a truck or other load-bearing vehicle is typically adjusted to bear a heavy load. If there is no load, passengers may find that the truck is uncomfortably bumpy. Vehicles made primarily to bear passengers, such as luxury cars or taxis, often have a "soft" suspension that better protects passengers from jarring due to bumpy terrain. Suspension kits are usually sold to improve a suspension system on an existing vehicle. The kits are usually tuned to improve a specific aspect of driving performance, such as resistance to rolling, enhanced ability to turn corners at high speed, or increased stability. "Lift kits" are specifically engineered to raise or lower a vehicle. Lower vehicles are used in racing; their low profile improves wind resistance. The lower profile is also considered more attractive to some drivers. Raised vehicles can accommodate larger wheels, which is important on vehicles such as "monster" trucks that have oversized tires.

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Suspension Kit Information

A vehicle Bilstein Suspension Kit has all the parts you need for updating the suspension parts that secure your vehicle's body to its frame.


Bilstein Suspension Kit
For the most performance from your vehicle, look at a Bilstein suspension kit. Auto enthusiasts who enjoy optimized car or trucks recognize that absolutely nothing is more crucial than getting the best new parts. People who love their cars understand that only the best quality replacement parts should be installed. No matter if you race or just appreciate driving a high-performance vehicle, top quality aftermarket and OEM parts are vital. A suspension kit for your car or truck contains all of the needed springs, linkages and shock absorbers to make sure your vehicle provides a comfortable ride. Drivers will often use a suspension kit to modify the height of their vehicles. A suspension kit for a particular vehicle is made to prevent body and suspension damage which is caused by pot holes. A car suspension kit is a kit with all the parts used for updating the suspension parts that hook your vehicle's body to its frame. Off-road enthusiasts must obey their state's laws about their suspension kit because many areas have specific guidelines about suspension lifts.

Suspension Kit

When you take your car out for a drive, you want the smoothest ride possible. If your ride is bumpy, or balks at turns and stops, you may need to invest in a suspension kit. Suspension kits include all the pieces you need to repair, replace, or modify your vehicle’s suspension for the smoothest ride possible. A specialized type of suspension kit called a body lift kit is also available to help you raise or lower your suspension, so you can ride in style in the customized vehicle of your dreams. has suspension kits from tons of top manufacturers like Bilstein and Hotchkis Performance, to provide you with plenty of choices for your suspension needs. We have parts from a wide variety of aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers, so you can always find the cheapest parts to suit your vehicle. And with our 30-day return guarantee, you can rest assured knowing you’ll have the right part for the job, or your money back.

What is a suspension kit?

A suspension kit includes all the parts you need to replace or repair your vehicle’s suspension system. Your suspension helps your car better handle turns and braking and keeps you from feeling all those bumps in the road while you’re driving. While suspension kits will vary based on the manufacturer and the make and model of your car, at minimum most will include:

  • Springs - for bounce
  • Shock absorbers - to control the movement of the springs
  • Sway bars - to connect your wheels and keep you from rolling over on sharp turns

How much is a suspension kit?

Suspension kits vary in price, ranging from $200 - $1500 on The difference in price depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • The manufacturer of the part
  • What is included in the kit
  • The make and model of your vehicle
  • The materials used
  • Whether the kit is aftermarket or OEM

What is the difference between a suspension kit and a body lift kit?

The primary difference is that a suspension kit is designed to improve a variety of aspects of your vehicle’s suspension, while a body lift kit is designed specifically to increase or lower the height of your vehicle.

Suspension kits are used to help your car have a smoother ride, and increase your vehicle’s control over turns and stops.

People use a body lift kit to lower their suspension for things like racing, to reduce drag, or to make the car more attractive. Lift kits are also used to raise your suspension to accommodate larger wheels or make the car seem bigger.

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Some of our Customer Reviews
Very Satisfied
Reviewer: High Quality Fit and finish - Great road manners

Pros: Anodized Al shock body is lightweight and fits like factory

Good spring rates selected, firm but still retains the comfortable Lexus ride.

Cons: expensive compared to other Japanese options, but no gimmicks here.

Non-adjustable damping, but can be revalved easily by Bilstein dealers in the USA.

Don't permit hella drop, but can get maybe 2.0" lowering from them.

*Note: the stock upper spring perch and rubber bushing musy be removed and reused to complete the shock assembly.

2000 Lexus GS400 Suspension Kit

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Diesel

The product was everything I expected from bilstein which is quality.

The only problem I had was with the strut boxs were all busted up and one strut looked as if someone had already had the spring in it. All parts were there except the sticker bilstein usually includes with their products as I have purchased this brand before.

1998 Volkswagen Jetta Suspension Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bryan

Came on the day expected everything fit perfectly now have great control thanks and the price... unbeatable

2004 Audi A6 Quattro Suspension Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: wayne martin

My parts buying experiences has always been good. Thank you very much

1999 Mercedes E430 Suspension Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Raymond Brady

Volkswagen golf suspension kit

Fast shipping parts look To be good quality

2005 Volkswagen Golf Suspension Kit

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Good to go

Everything lined up properly, seems to be a little more heavy duty than stock, good bargain.

1993 Geo Metro Suspension Kit