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Replacement Sunroof Motor Information

Choose from top brands including: Motorcraft, Genuine, A1 Cardone and AC Delco.

Sunroof MotorDriving down the highway with all your windows open is widely recognized as one of life’s great joys. There are very few feelings quite like the sensation of freedom that comes from feeling the wind in your hair as you feel the miles slipping away beneath your tires. This is one of the reasons that drivers love sunroofs: the ability to slide open that portal at the top of your car can make things feel just that much more sunny and open. In years past, most sunroofs were powered by a hand crank, just like a manually operated window. Today, however, most sunroofs are electrically activated – meaning all you have to do is push a button to open or close the sunroof. This mechanism is run by the sunroof motor, a small motor housed in the body of the car that is responsible for operating the sunroof. Like any other component, this motor can become clogged with grease and grime over time – or it can just plain up and give out. If you’re having trouble with your car’s sunroof, shop for great replacement parts online at today.

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Replacement Sunroof Motors
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Sunroof Motor Information

A1 Cardone Sunroof Motors are affixed to the window switch and gears to create the opening and closing movement of a sunroof.

A1 Cardone

A1 Cardone Sunroof Motor
Often the most frustrating thing about fixing your car or truck is looking for an honest source for outstanding parts such as an A1 Cardone sunroof motor. Small elements of a vehicle, though not mandatory for the everyday operation of a car or truck, are nonetheless items you should maintain in good functioning. As the typical motorist spends extended amounts of time in his or her auto, it makes sense to put in components that tend to make traveling more enjoyable. Components that offer a more comfortable ride could increase safety as well as handling. The sunroof motor delivers the strength required to operate a car or truck's sunroof. Your sunroof can open and close as a result of the force provided by your sunroof motor. Sunroof motors may stop running if they become congested with contaminants or burn out. Your sunroof motor is the part that moves the vehicle's sunroof. Often the hardest thing about repairing an older vehicle is searching for a dependable source for the best parts like an A1 Cardone sunroof motor.

A Motorcraft Sunroof Motor provides the power necessary to open and close an automobile's sun roof.


Hunting for a reliable source for the best parts such as a Motorcraft sunroof motor? When you purchase a new vehicle, you are investing in a feature set that is only as good as their parts. Components that offer a more comfortable ride can increase safety plus drivability. For long drives, devices that can furnish a more pleasant travel experience for your companions include onboard video players. Sunroof motors attach to the window switch and a series of gears to deliver the opening and closing action of the sun roof. A sunroof motor opens the glass on automobiles with a sunroof. Sunroof motors sometimes quit functioning if they become filled with contaminants or just short out. The sunroof motor is the part that opens and closes a vehicle's sunroof.

Sunroof Motor

Having a sunroof on your vehicle is a wonderful addition on a warm spring or summer day, when you want to let fresh breezes into your car and enjoy additional sunlight from above. Although cars in the past used to have manually operated sunroofs that opened by cranking a handle, much like a window in your home, nowadays sunroofs are electric and operate with a push-button in the vehicle. This innovation is more convenient than having to manually crank a handle, but it also presents an issue if the motor gives out. Luckily, has a wide range of sunroof motors that make replacement a snap.

At, you can shop for a new sunroof motor along with any other replacement part or accessory you need for your car or truck. We have motors from top quality names such as Motorcraft, Genuine, A1 Cardone and AC Delco, and you can get your part right away with our fast shipping. If it turns out that the sunroof motor you order doesn't work for your vehicle, simply send it back with our no-hassle 30-day return policy.

What is a sunroof motor?

A sunroof motor powers the sunroof in your vehicle so that the tilted window can open and close at the push of a button. It makes opening and closing the sunroof as easy as opening any other power window in your car, especially while driving. Sunroof motors can stop working properly over time. They can become clogged or dirty with grime and grease, and this can affect their lifespan. If your sunroof is no longer opening when you push the button, you may need to replace the motor.

How much are sunroof motors?

Sunroof motors on vary in price, depending on your vehicle's make, model and year, as well as the brand of replacement motor you choose. On the lower end, the average price is around $75, while on the upper end you may pay as much as $300 to $400 for a new sunroof motor. Search our online catalog and check the various prices based on brand and vehicle make, model and year to find the best motor for your budget and needs.

What are the steps in replacing a sunroof motor?

If you purchase a replacement motor for your vehicle's sunroof, you can have it installed by an automotive professional, or you can attempt to install it yourself. After you purchase the right motor on, here are the general steps involved in replacing the broken one. Always refer to your vehicle owner's manual for specific instructions and precautions.

  1. Remove the overhead lamp assembly. You can do this using a flathead screwdriver. Inside, you'll find a small wiring harness. Once you locate this, disconnect it.
  1. Take off the overhead console. This will require you to remove the screws that fasten the console and then slide it out of the retaining slots.
  1. Locate the wiring harness that connects to the broken sunroof motor and remove it. It is usually attached with star or hex screws, so ensure that you have the right tool for the job. Be careful not to lose the fasteners because you'll need them to fasten the new motor.
  1. Attach the new sunroof motor to the wiring harness and fasten it using the screws.
  1. Replace the console, replace the screws, and replace the overhead lamp wiring harness and assembly.

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We ordered this to fix my in-laws sunroof. They were glad that we found this for less than the dealership and less than any other part store. The quality of the product are as good as the factory one. We'll be looking at Parts Geek first when we need another part for our vehicles!

2003 Ford Explorer Sunroof Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Happy Customer.

Part fit great with no issues.Core refund was prompt with no issues.Will order again and save money when needed.

2004 Mercury Mountaineer Sunroof Motor

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Reviewer: Awesome Website

Very fast delivery Parts were as described. Easy website to find parts!

2014 Ford Explorer Sunroof Motor

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Reviewer: Good fit. As described.

Proper fit. As described. Motor functions properly.

2011 Ford Explorer Sunroof Motor

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Reviewer: Reed

Works great. Original part and came with everything I need.

2010 Lincoln MKS Sunroof Motor

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Reviewer: Sunroof Motor Worked Perfectly

Had to order a replacement sunroof motor for my 08' Honda Accord.

Arrived in less than 2 days and worked perfectly.

2008 Honda Accord Sunroof Motor