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Replacement Sunroof Handle Information

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Replacement Sunroof Handles
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Sunroof Handle Information

For decades, America has been a community of drivers. We hit the road every day to get to work, school, and play – and in the summers, we drive thousands of optimistic miles on family road trips and vacations. Cruising down the highway is quite frankly part of the American mentality. A great feature for a car to have, then, is a sunroof. With a sunroof, you don’t have to go whole-hog for the convertible top – but you can get a glimpse of the world above as it passes by. Today, most sunroofs are automated and run via an electrical control. If you drive an older car, however, your sunroof may be manually operated. If this is the case, you will likely use a sunroof handle to open and close the sunroof when necessary. Generally, this operates via a crank mechanism – much like the ones used to open the rest of your windows. If you need to make repairs to this component or any other area of your car, make sure you check out, where you can find an incredible selection at great prices – guaranteed.

Sunroof Handle

Vehicles that have a sunroof give the driver the enjoyable possibility of opening a portion of the roof to allow increased air circulation and light into the passenger cabin. Modern sunroofs come in a wide variety of models, and are sometimes referred to as moonroofs as well. They can be manual or electric. The manual versions require a handle in order to open properly, and this is where the sunroof handle plays a role. If your sunroof handle is broken or damaged, you can easily replace it at

With the wide range of parts at, you can find a new sunroof handle and any other vehicle part or accessory you need. Genuine and MTC make excellent handles to fit a wide range of BMWs from the mid-1970s through the early 1990s. Just look for your model and year in our online catalog and choose the one that's right for your car. And if for any reason you order the wrong one, you can take advantage of our no-hassle 30-day return policy.

What is a sunroof handle?

Sunroof handles are attached to manual-opening sunroofs and operate as a crank mechanism. When they are turned, the tilted window on the roof of the vehicle opens to provide ventilation and added sunlight. Without the sunroof handle on a manually opening sunroof, there would be no way to turn the gear that opens the window. Clearly then, this is a part that serves an essential function for your vehicle's sunroof, and if it no longer works, you'll have to replace it with a part designed especially for your particular model and year.

How much are sunroof handles?

Sunroof handles on vary widely in price, depending on the brand and the vehicle they are designed to fit. You can find these handles as low as $20 and as high as $180. In order to determine which sunroof handle you need, search our online catalog and check the various prices based on brand and vehicle model and year.

What are some advantages to sunroof handles?

Nowadays most vehicle sunroofs are operated through an electronic wiring system with push-button control. However, this system is vastly more complicated to operate and repair than a manually opening sunroof whose only power requirement is the force exerted on the handle. Replacement of this part is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to the more complex job of fixing an electric-powered sunroof. In those cases the repairs can range from replacing the gearbox motor all the way to having to replace the entire sunroof. In contrast, merely replacing a handle is simple. As long as you keep your handle in good working order and are careful not to bend or break it, you can enjoy your vehicle's sunroof for many years without any trouble opening or closing it.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: great

fit perfectly, locks in place (which my other one that was dangling and falling on me did not). I went back and forth on buying the cheap one or the oem. This one worked great. at this price if it didnt I would chuck it and get another, but its perfect.

1986 BMW 325e Sunroof Handle

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Chicago George

E Z P Z...met all my expectations and thank you Parts Geek. I've been a long time customer !

1989 BMW 325i Sunroof Handle

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: broken e30 sunroof fixed

shipped fast with paper too cushion it. looked good fit great, fixed my sunroof crank couldn't be happier. see how long it last.

1987 BMW 325 Sunroof Handle