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Replacement Strut Bellows Information

Choose from top brands including: KYB, Moog, Monroe, Genuine, Sachs, Febi, AC Delco, API, Mevotech, Dorman, APA/URO Parts, Original Equipment, Aftermarket and Bilstein.

Strut BellowsStruts are part of the suspension system on some vehicles. Like shocks, struts dampen the vibration of the road through compression. Shock absorbers and struts take the variabilities in the road and soften them through compressed air or fluid so that it is not transferred into the frame of the vehicle. But struts differ in that they also have the ability to support sideways loads not along the axis of compression.

This eliminates the need for an upper suspension arms and so allows the strut to do two jobs at once. Also similar to shock absorbers, struts have a piston that is allowed to slide in and out of an enclosure. It is this motion that allows for the dampening of vibration. Because this moving part is exposed to road debris, dust and dirt, it is protected by a strut bellows.

This is a rubber boot that surrounds the strut and has many folds like a bellows. This allows the strut to move freely while still providing protection. Some find that the most frustrating element about fixing your car is hunting down a reasonable source of quality parts. If the auto part starts to fail, the logical plan is a well-rated replacement or OEM component to restore your car to ideal shape. Your vehicle is a great ride, and you can let it keep on humming with our online selection of outstanding automotive parts from

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Replacement Strut Bellows
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Strut Bellows Information

The KYB strut bellows protect your struts from dirt and damage.


KYB Strut Bellows
The KYB strut bellows is designed to protect the upper half of your strut from dirt and debris. The underside of your vehicle is a dirty place. Mud and road debris can get thrown up into your suspension system. To protect your struts, you should have strut bellows installed on all of them. These keep foreign matter out, which increases the lifespan of your vehicle's parts. When you install new struts, it is a good idea to get new bellows for the replacement struts. This will ensure that both the struts and bellows will fit together, and that the bellows are intact and ready to protect your new struts. To order your bellows here at, look up the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

The Monroe strut bellows help to keep dirt out of your struts so they perform better, longer.


Monroe Strut Bellows
The Monroe strut bellows may also be called boots. You should cover your struts with strut bellows to keep dirt out of the working parts of the struts. A dirty strut is less likely to perform as it should. You may need to install a new set of bellows when you change the struts on your vehicle. You can get both here at Look for your vehicle's year, make, and model when ordering any part here to be certain that you are getting a part that is compatible with your automobile.

The Moog strut bellows look like accordions, and they keep out debris from your struts.


Moog Strut Bellows
The Moog strut bellows are installed over the tops of your struts. These accordion-like devices keep dirt and dust out while allowing your strut to still operate. You should replace the strut bellows whenever you change the struts on your vehicle. Doing so will ensure that your new struts are adequately protected from foreign matter. To find the struts, bellows, and other parts your vehicle needs for its suspension system, look here at

Strut BellowsYou wouldn't drive around without tires: it'd be a rough ride and it would cause damage to your vehicle. The same is true to a lesser extent when it comes to your strut bellows. The suspension systems that incorporate bellows usually include them for good reason, so don't just shrug off damage to this part. Get it fixed as soon as you can to avoid unnecessary wear to your struts and a progressively rougher ride.A strut bellow is a rubber accordion-shaped boot that protects the spring in your strut-based suspension system. Basically, it keeps dirt and debris away from the moving parts, making sure your vehicle remains stable and you stay in control. We're proud to be your suspension source, but we also stock millions of other parts and accessories at Check out the rest of our selection: it's all up to 80% off of list. We carry the best strut bellows from KYB, Genuine, Febi, First Equipment Quality, Mevotech, AC Delco, APA/URO Parts, Aftermarket, Moog, Monroe, Sachs and Centric. Order now and you're covered by our 30-day return policy.What are strut bellows?Struts are important components of contemporary suspension systems. They allow for the smooth ride you expect from your vehicle. They also reduce road noise and give you better control over your vehicle, especially when you hit rough patches of terrain. They do this by attaching your vehicle's structure to a shock-absorbing mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic spring. A strut bellow is a rubber boot that protects your strut's more sensitive components. Road debris, dust and chemicals would otherwise invade, causing premature wear and diminishing the quality of your ride. Look for your strut bellows along the inside of your wheel. On most vehicles, it's a black piece of tubular rubber with ridges like an accordion. It should be flexible and firm, with no cracking or crumbling.How much are replacement strut bellows?Strut bellows might cost anywhere from a few dollars to 50$ a piece. The price depends on several factors:o Design of the bellowso Additional hardware includedo Design of your suspension systemo Your vehicle's makeWhat are some common strut bellow issues?These parts protect your strut assembly from dirt, dust and debris. That means that problems with the strut bellow leads to unnecessary wear on your strut. Look for:o Leakageo Tearso Stiffnesso Crackled textureThe condition of strut bellows is a good general indicator of the health of the strut itself. Expect each of these parts to last about as long as the other. When it comes time to replace your bellow, take a good look to determine whether or not you need to replace the whole assembly while you've got your wheels off. Alternatively, bounce up and down on the bumper a few times and then stop quickly. Good struts should only bounce once before they level out.

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