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Step Bumper Information

Unlike a traditional car bumper, which has the sole purpose of protecting a vehicle in case of a collision, a step bumper is an accessory that offers additional purposes. It is an add-on replacement part for trucks. One of its functions is to ease accessibility in and out of the vehicle. True to its name, the part lets a person use it to step in or out of the truck. A step bumper also protects vehicles during low speed collisions, perhaps more so than an ordinary bumper. It can be made of aluminum, plastic, rubber, or other light metal. Plastic ones are manufactured with high strength polymers that make them nearly as strong as steel. While the plastic varieties work just as well, steel step bumpers are still on the market, and serve to add a tougher look to a truck if this is desired. In addition to protection, the part does add to the look of the vehicle on the front and back ends. Many drivers like to customize their trucks further once they have purchased them, and this is one accessory that truck-owners can use to personalize the look of their possession. Various colors are also available, popular ones being black, gray, silver, or chrome. These are important to match the bumper to the vehicle's color. If the owner is going to add one to beautify the truck, the right color is essential. Protection, customization, and replacement are important benefits, but this type of bumper also adds another function to vehicles. It adds more towing capacity to a truck. This is beneficial for road trips, especially nature trips, and even if the owner wants to use the vehicle as part of an automotive servicing business. Step bumpers are easily found on automotive sites and require mounting brackets for installation.

Step BumperPicture all of that expensive stuff on the back of your vehicle. Now, picture it smashed to bits. Those innocent bumps against objects like walls or trees would be much more costly if you didn't have a bumper. Not only that, but you'd have to apply for a new license plate. Apart from protecting your investment, bumpers protect your life by crumpling according to a specific pattern in the case of a rear collision. Get your step bumper fixed, and save yourself some trouble down the road.A rear step bumper is a common feature on vehicles like trucks, SUV's and vans. It's the part that sticks out from the back of your vehicle. These components allow easier access to the cargo area and provide a convenient and secure place to mount a ball hitch. Since they're made out of quality metal in order to tow heavy loads, they're rarely damaged severely. However, in the case of a crash, you might have to replace yours.We carry great brands of bumpers at, and we also have millions of other parts and accessories. We're proud to offer the best prices online, with everything at discounts of up to 80% off of list. Shop our entire selection with the protection of our 30-day return policy. Even better, you get everything shipped fast thanks to our state-of-the-art inventory system.What is a step bumper?A bumper is part of your vehicle's body that mounts to the back. As the name suggests, one of its most important functions is cushioning your vehicle during impacts. In the case of a minor collision, your rear bumper protects various expensive elements:o Lightso Exhausto Trunk locking mechanismso Rear windshieldo Rear wiperso FendersDuring high-speed accidents, bumpers keep you safe and absorb shock by crumpling in a controlled pattern. There are many different designs of bumpers. Step bumpers have a small depression in the middle that looks and acts like a step. If you're looking at a replacement rear step bumper, you're probably driving a van, truck or SUV. Auto engineers put these types of bumpers on bigger vehicles to make it easier for drivers like yourself to tow light trailers: that step is the perfect mounting place for a ball hitch.How much is a replacement step bumper?These parts might cost anywhere from $300-700 on average, which makes having to replace a rear step bumper a bit of a bummer. These are expensive because they're heavy-duty parts made of quality metals. They're also engineered to behave in a very specific way during a crash. When do I need to replace my bumper?You might never need to replace a rear step bumper. Some of the most common reasons people replace them involve relatively intense circumstances:o Heavy rear collisionso Excessive rusto Towing accidentsBeing careful while towing and washing your car regularly extends the life of all of these parts. If you're lucky enough to avoid getting rear-ended, your new step bumper could last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Awesome

I've ordered parts from other online companies. This was the easiest and best experience, by far

2001 Ford F150 Step Bumper

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Frank Plummer

I wanted to get the bumper painted and mounted before I gave a review. I am very satisfied with the quality and the fit of the bumper. Looks factory

2007 Ford F150 Step Bumper

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Exactly What was Needed!

Timing was great. Got here before it was expected. Put it on in asbout 25 minutes. Easy installation. Very Satisfied.

1989 Chevrolet S10 Step Bumper

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: John G.

Nice looking bumper, can't be told from original, installed easily, everything need was supplied.

1997 Chevrolet C1500 Step Bumper

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Captain Jack

Quick ordering, phone support, great delivery and well packaged. Much less then dealer cost. Fit perfect when put on and I didn't expect the lights and wiring.

2004 Nissan Frontier Step Bumper

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: webersioux

Product was good. Delivered it in 4 days. The price and fit were better then I was hoping.

1996 Chevrolet S10 Step Bumper