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Replacement Steering Rack Information

Choose from top brands including: A1 Cardone, Maval, Replacement, AC Delco, Atlantic Automotive Eng., Bosch, Atlantic Automotive, Atlantic Enterprises, DIY Solutions, Original Equipment, SKP, Accu-Drive, OE Supplier and Bilstein.

Steering RackThere are many systems in every vehicle, each of which displays a different level of mechanical complexity. Without a doubt, one of the most important systems is the steering system because this is the system that allows you to (quite literally) steer your car in the direction that you want it to go. The most common steering system you will find in cars is rack-and-pinion steering which (not surprisingly), relies on a rack and a pinion. The steering wheel extends into the front of the car by means of a steering shaft. At the end of the shaft is a pinion, which is notched (much like a gear). The protrusions on the pinion settle into grooves in the steering rack, which is a long rod outfitted with specially designed places for the pinion to latch onto. At the end of the rack is a tie rod, which connects to the wheel and is responsible for turning it in the direction that you want to go. Turning a car, then, is a long series of events that begins when you manually move the steering wheel and ends when the tie rod actually moves the wheel. Having trouble with the steering mechanism in your car? Visit, where you can find the components you need at great prices and with great customer service.

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Steering Rack Information

A1 Cardone Steering Racks are an important part for a rack-and-pinion steering setup.

A1 Cardone

A1 Cardone Steering Rack
The parts you need, like an A1 Cardone steering rack, are only a click away when you order them from Superior driving is a snap with after-market options manufactured to improve the engine as well as guidance components. People who love their cars understand that only premium quality auto parts should be used for maintenance and repairs. A vehicle's performance is the result of myriad factors such as high quality parts. The steering rack is important in transferring the steering wheel movement into energy that spins the wheels. Most of the time your steering rack is hard-wearing and will function up to 100,000 miles, but sooner or later is should be replaced. With a rack and pinion steering setup, your steering rack delivers the linear motion required to turn the car or truck. The steering rack connects a rod to the pinion in your car's rack-and-pinion system. Swing by PartsGeek whenever you need top quality auto and truck parts like the A1 Cardone steering rack.

The sideways traversal necessary in your rack-and-pinion system is made possible by a Beck Arnley Steering Rack.

Beck Arnley

If you're in the market for a Beck Arnley steering rack, repairing a car or truck with superior parts is the best strategy every single time. To add to the horsepower of your ride's motor, install some of these optional components that are specially designed to expand performance. When you drive a high-performance automobile it needs the best quality aftermarket and OEM parts. Drivers who love performance car or trucks recognize that absolutely nothing is more crucial than putting in the most outstanding replacement parts. Your car's steering rack works along with a part called a pinion to power a rack-and-pinion steering system. Loose steering, clunking, tire wear and leaks are all indications that the steering rack should be replaced. The steering rack attaches a rod to the pinion in a car or truck's rack-and-pinion steering setup. A steering rack is essential in converting the steering wheel movement into a force that spins the car wheels.

The tie rod is joined to the pinion with the ZF Steering Rack.


ZF Steering Rack
When you want a ZF steering rack, fixing your car or truck with the best parts always pays off, time after time. To add to the power of your automobile's power plant, install some of these optional devices that are custom built to raise performance. People who appreciate performance know that only premium quality auto parts should be used for repairs and maintenance. If you purchased a performance-optimized vehicle for its high-end power and performance, protect your decision and buy high quality new parts. In your steering system, a steering rack allows for the linear movement needed to turn the wheels. Loose steering, noise, tire wear or fluid leaks are all indications that the car's steering rack may need to be replaced. Usually a car's steering rack is very durable and can last all the way up to 100,000 miles, but in the end is should be restored. A steering rack works with a device called a pinion to help make up a car's rack-and-pinion steering.

Steering Rack

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, when it comes to road safety the ability to steer quickly and effectively is absolutely essential. That makes it crucial that drivers pay close attention to the health of their auto's steering mechanisms.

A steering wheel that is overly tight or loose, leaking hydraulic fluid accompanied by the smell of burning oil and harsh grinding sounds while attempting to turn are all important potential symptoms of a deteriorating or misaligned steering rack gear.

On you will find a selection of thousands of steering racks and kits from leading brands like A1 Cardone, AC Delco, Bilstein and Bosch, as well as plenty of options for new and remanufactured Original Equipment quality parts.

We pride our automotive team on providing an incredible range of parts at excellent prices, great customer service and quick delivery. And, our 30-day return policy helps us to make sure that you get exactly the part you need.

Use our website's search function to find a specific part by keyword, or browse our parts library by year, make or manufacturer.

What is a steering rack?

Most modern cars employ a "rack and pinion" gearbox design to translate the rotation of the cabin's steering wheel to the turning action of the front wheels.

In this parts assembly a small, toothed cylindrical gear known as a pinion is connected directly to the steering mechanism. As this gear rotates horizontally, its teeth in turn interact with a rack-style gear that moves side to side according to the action of the steering wheel, pivoting the wheels as needed.

This rack works in tandem with the power steering pump, which moves the hydraulic fluid needed to transform a small turn of the wheel into a dramatic turn of the vehicle.

How much do steering racks cost?

The cost of a new steering rack can vary dramatically depending on the year, make and model of you vehicle. Most of those available on our website cost somewhere between $200 and $500. You will be able to find both new and remanufactured steering racks from a wide range of manufacturers.

What are some symptoms of a failing steering rack?

There are several common signs of a faulty steering rack mechanism: a car that "wanders" as you drive, issues with "numb spots" on the steering wheel, shaking, shivering or grinding while turning and the leaking of power steering fluid.

How long do steering racks last?

This hard working set of gears takes on a huge amount of force every time it is used. While they are built to last, steering racks are subject to a lot of material stress (even under normal conditions). With good maintenance these systems may last the lifetime of the vehicle, but road accidents, rust or other erosion and high intensity use may require the replacement of this crucial auto part.

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