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Replacement Spark Plugs Information

Choose from top brands including: NGK, Bosch, Denso, AC Delco, Motorcraft, E3 Spark Plugs, DIY Solutions, Autolite, Beru, Mopar, SKP, Genuine, MSD and Accel.

Spark PlugsOne of the most annoying things about car ownership is that inevitable day when something goes wrong. For months, you may pad along happily, relying on your car constantly and consistently. But just when you think everything is going well something always happens. Often, cars give us trouble on the front end of the process: they put up a stink when its time to start. On paper, the starting mechanism of an internal combustion engine is fairly simple. You turn the key in the ignition, which sends a message to the battery to hop to it. The battery sends out electricity, which then powers the spark plugs. A spark is then produced, which ignites the gasoline and oxygen in the engine cylinders. In a chain this long, however, things are sure to go amiss at one point or another. Because the process relies on information and energy being passed from one spot to another and then to another, there are numerous places where the relay can go awry. If you find yourself in need of components for your ignition system, then, shop online at for great prices and a great selection.

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Replacement Spark Plugs
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Spark Plugs Information

Ideally, the AC Delco Spark Plug will need to be replaced every 40,000 miles.

AC Delco

AC Delco Spark Plugs
Sometimes the hardest thing about repairing your vehicle is looking for a dependable source for the best parts such as an AC Delco spark plug. Outstanding car manufacturers understand the vital importance of high performance. People who appreciate performance realize that only the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts should be used. Your car or truck is outstanding due to its excellent performance and great style, and to keep it running in top form you'll need the acme in replacement parts. A vehicle's spark plugs play a crucial role in a vehicle's functioning because they make the car start and run smoothly. Spark plugs are the parts that ignite the fuel mixture through the use of an electrical current. If your car has experienced poor fuel mileage, stalling, poor acceleration or doesn't start properly, it may be time to replace the vehicle's spark plug. Spark plugs require high-voltage electricity to generate the spark essential for gas to combust. Generally, a vehicle's spark plug should be changed about every 40,000 miles.

Bosch Spark Plugs utilize high-powered energy to generate the ignition spark.


Bosch Spark Plugs
When you want a Bosch spark plug, repairing your vehicle with the best parts is the best strategy in the long run. Better motoring is easier with after-market devices engineered to optimize the fuel system as well as steering components. Outstanding car manufacturers grasp the inherent importance of high performance. If you invested in a high-performance car to take advantage of its awesome power and performance, support your decision by installing the best new parts and accessories. A car's spark plugs play an important factor in a vehicle's functioning because they make your car start and run smoothly. Generally, the spark plug should be replaced every 40,000 miles. If your car is experiencing poor gas mileage, stalling or rough idle, trouble with acceleration or doesn't start properly, it may be time to change the car's spark plug. Spark plug are important because they combust the fuel mixture through the use of a sparking current. The plugs feature dual electrodes where an electrical current jumps to touch off the gasoline, triggering your vehicle's pistons.

Denso Spark Plugs are the parts used for turning on your vehicle's motor.


Denso Spark Plugs
When you order a Denso spark plug from the specialists here at PartsGeek, you know that you are choosing the best parts at the best price. People who love their cars know that only premium quality aftermarket and OEM parts should be installed. By allowing your engine to use gas more efficiently, performance components raise power while cutting excess gas consumption. People who love performance vehicles know that absolutely nothing is more important than getting the highest quality aftermarket parts. Spark plug will become worn and corroded over time because of carbon deposits and heat from your car. Typically, a vehicle's spark plug will need to be changed about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. Spark plugs are used to ignite the fuel through the use of a spark. If your vehicle experiences poor fuel mileage, stalling or rough idle, slower acceleration or won't start, you may need to change your spark plug. A spark plug plays an important role in a vehicle's functioning because they help make your car start and run smoothly. Utilize PartsGeek every time you want top quality auto and truck parts such as the Denso spark plug.

Motorcraft Spark Plugs produce the high-voltage spark for fuel mixture combustion in your car's pistons.


Motorcraft Spark Plugs
Searching for a reliable source for trustworthy parts such as a Motorcraft spark plug? Take your vehicle to a higher level of power and performance by using performance components. No matter if you race your car or just take joy in driving a performance vehicle, the highest quality parts are essential. Drivers who thrill over optimized car or trucks know that nothing is more important than installing the newest aftermarket parts. Spark plugs are important because they ignite the gas through the creation of an electrical current. A car's spark plugs play a crucial role in a car's functioning because they help make your car start and run smoothly. Generally, a car's spark plugs need to be replaced about every 40,000 miles. Your vehicle's plugs include two electrodes through which an electric charge jumps to touch off the gasoline, activating the car's pistons. Spark plug use electricity to form the spark essential for gasoline to ignite. An automobile is really only as good as its parts, like the Motorcraft spark plug.

A NGK Spark Plug plays a crucial role in the functioning of a car because they make a car run smoothly.


NGK Spark Plugs
A car or truck is really only as good as its parts, such as the NGK spark plug. A vehicle's performance is the result of myriad factors including high quality parts. Top-notch power and high performance are bolstered by first-rate parts and accessories. Protect your car's systems by purchasing the most reliable high-quality parts. Spark plugs are used to combust the fuel through the use of a sparking current. In general, your spark plugs need to be replaced about every 40,000 miles. The spark plugs play a crucial factor in the functioning of a car because they make your vehicle run smoothly. Your car's plugs include a pair of electrodes through which electricity sparks to touch off the fuel, triggering the pistons. If your car has experienced poor fuel mileage, rough idle, slow acceleration or has trouble starting, it may be time to change the spark plug. Any automobile will need replacement components now and then, so if you need a NGK spark plug, is the place to go to find what you need.

Spark Plugs

An engine that starts hard, misfires or idles rough could very well be a sign that one or more of your car's spark plugs are faulty. You may also notice that you are getting less power, spending more on gas to go the same distance or experiencing issues with failing emissions tests.

These parts may be small, but they are absolutely crucial to the health and performance of your vehicle's engine. Each plug is responsible for delivering the electricity needed to ignite the fuel within a cylinder, and starting the combustion reaction needed to make the car move forward.

At you will find tens of thousands of spark plugs and ignition cable kits from top brands like AC Delco, Bosch, Champion, Genuine, Motorcraft and many more. Our parts library includes both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and OE equivalent parts.

We pride our team on providing an unbeatable selection, excellent customer service and speedy deliver times. Additionally, our 30-day return policy will ensure that you get exactly the equipment you need to get back on the road.

Use the search function to find a specific part by keyword, or brose our options by vehicle make, year or equipment manufacturer.

What are spark plugs?

Spark plugs are small cylindrical devices used in automotive engines to transfer electrical power from the ignition system to the combustion chamber within each cylinder. This electricity is delivered as a spark that ignites the pressurized fuel, causing the controlled combustion reaction that powers your car (hence the name "spark plug").

How much do spark plugs cost?

The cost of a replacement spark plug will vary according to the make and model of your car and its engine design. Most of the plugs available on fall between the range of $10 and $20.

What are the symptoms of a faulty spark plug?

Engine misfiring, slow acceleration or lack of power and hard starting are the most common signs of a failing spark plug or spark plug wire. Other issues can include diminished fuel economy and high level of toxic hydrocarbon (HC) emissions.

How often should I replace my spark plugs?

Many auto manufacturers insist that their vehicles are equipped with plugs that can last as long as 100,000 miles. However, it's important to keep in mind that the longer you wait to replace spark plugs and wires, the less effective they will become. It's generally a good Idea to inspect your ignition system, including the plugs themselves, roughly every 30,000 miles.

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1996 Toyota T100 Spark Plug

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I really appreciate parts geeks services! Awesome quality and effience! Got my parts on time and top shape and there are exact! Thanks partsgeek. I dont know what i would do without them

1998 Land Rover Discovery Spark Plug

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Exactly what I needed, I have always liked Bosch plugs and they came in a timely manner for a good price.

2007 Ford Edge Spark Plug

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These were the OEM spark plugs for my Fit. After 100k miles I was wondering if they would be hard to remove, but they came out very easy. I just applied some never seize compound to the thread on the new plugs and reinstalled them. You should not try to gap the Iridium plugs, just install them and you are good to go for another 100K miles

2007 Honda Fit Spark Plug

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great selection! best prices around!!

2006 Dodge Magnum Spark Plug

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I havent used this site yet, my kids father told me yo use this. It will save me money for the parts i need for my suv.

2006 Chevrolet Equinox Spark Plug