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Replacement Spark Plug Wires Information

Choose from top brands including: NGK, Standard Motor Products, Denso, AC Delco, Bosch, Karlyn, Accel, Beru, MSD, Motorcraft, Taylor, Bremi, United Automotive and API.

Spark Plug Wires

Replacement Spark Plug Wires

There are several parts of an automobile that shall always need to be cared for should you want the car to be in good operating condition. One of the very important parts of a car is the wires to the spark plugs. If you are ever in need of changing them then you will be glad to know that replacement spark plug wires are available in any auto shop are quite easy to replace and install as this can be very beneficial to the operation of your vehicle. Many of these wires have colors of orange, blue, red and black. In most cases they are black.

Depending on how many cylinders you car has will determine how many wires there are on the motor that need to be changed. Carefully pull on one of these wires until it comes off. After it is unattached follow the wire down to its end where it should be connected to the distributor cap, just pull again until the wire come off.

Each spark plug has a certain length, so again be certain that the wires are all of the required length before trying to replace these spark plug wires. It is reported that if you want the car to operate at its maximum, then be sure to change these wires about every 25,000 to 50,000 miles.

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Replacement Spark Plug Wires
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Spark Plug Wires Information

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Spark Plug Wires

While most vehicles built in 2020 use a coil-on-plug design for ignition, many older vehicles still depend on plug wires. If you have them, spark plug wires are a vital part of your automobile because they provide the electricity it needs to start.

In our spark plug department, you’ll find universal and vehicle-specific wire sets from all the top brands around the country and beyond including NGK, AC Delco, MSD, and several others. And the best part? We offer every product at prices far lower than all the other sellers out there.

Allow the experts at PartsGeek to explain how spark plugs work and why you should buy your next spark plug wire set from us. Then shop our products in stock below. We offer free shipping and delivery on many items and outstanding customer service with all orders.

Spark Plug Wires: What’s Their Purpose?

A spark plug wire consists of a few parts, including an insulation-covered conductive core encased in an outer, heat-resistant layer. The wire links the plugs and distributor. One end of the wire contains a metal terminal that fits over the spark plug, and the other end plugs into the distributor cap. A spark plug boot covers each end, holding the wire in place.

Spark plug wires play a crucial part in a vehicle’s ignition system: delivering electrical current from the ignition coil to the distributor, which dispenses the electricity to each spark plug. This process ignites the fuel and oxygen mix that drives the pistons. If the cable fails to generate a spark, your car won’t even move!

Often called resistor cables, spark plug wires also block static from the ignition, preventing electromagnetic interference to keep the radio, speakers, and other technology working.

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Old Spark Plug Wires

Over time, factors like heat, abrasion, and corrosion can degrade spark plug wires, so you should change them every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. However, if you notice any of the following symptoms in your vehicle, you may need replacement spark plug wires sooner than that.

Trouble Starting the Car

Damaged ignition cables might not produce the spark needed to start your car.

Misfiring Engine

When your engine misfires, you’ll experience pauses in the vehicle’s movement. Your “check engine” light may also turn on. The reason for a cylinder misfire is either a skipped step in the combustion process—disrupting the firing order—or carbon buildup on the spark plug.

Rough Idling

Spark plug problems may show up in the form of a heavy vibration when the automobile is stationary.

Engine Surges and Hesitation

Continuous stopping and starting can indicate engine issues, and a faulty spark plug wire could be the culprit.

Poor Acceleration

One way to tell if you need a fresh spark plug wire set is to examine your acceleration speed. If it has become sluggish, a faulty wire could be the culprit.

Poor Fuel Economy

Does your car need more gas than usual lately? Worn out spark plugs can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 30 percent.

Radio Frequency Interference

Deteriorating wire insulation can lead to RFI, impacting radio reception as well as the sensors and computer systems within the vehicle.

Ticking Sound

An electrical ticking noise that sounds like static electricity discharge can be a sign of a spark plug wire issue.

How to Check Spark Plug Wires

Because the signs listed above can also have other causes, you want to make sure that your spark plug wires are to blame before you replace them. To check the wires yourself, you can use an ohmmeter to measure their resistance.

If you find that one or more wires produce less than 10,000 or more than 15,000 ohms per foot, then it's time for new ones.

And if you choose to install the new wires yourself, acquire all the necessary tools and carefully follow the instructions that come with your new spark plug wire set.

Making the Right Purchase

Which wires are the best really depends on your vehicle. While the required wire length can vary, the diameter is roughly the same for most engines: between 8 and 8.5 millimeters. Your car’s cylinder count will determine how many wires you need.

If you want the best spark plug wires for performance, you should get wires with low resistance because they allow the engine to start more easily and foster a smoother ride. Many of these high-performance spark plug wires are “cold,” meaning they have less insulation than “hot” wires.

On the other hand, wires with heavy-duty insulation win points for durability. You’ll also enjoy better noise suppression.

In general, you can sort plug cables into three types:

Distributed Resistance Wires

Also known as carbon core wires, these are the most common type of cable in today’s vehicles. They suppress RFI beautifully but do nothing for performance.

Magnetic Resistance Wires

Spiral cores wound with copper or a nickel alloy, these wires are used by many Japanese manufacturers including Honda and Toyota. They require less current to generate a spark while relying on the coiling to reduce interference.

Fixed Resistor Wires

Present in some European-style cars, these steel and copper cables have resistors in the spark plug boots to suppress electromagnetic interference.

How Much Are Spark Plugs and Wire?

Spark plugs usually don’t cost more than $100, while spark plug wire kits can cost anywhere from $150 to over $200. The good news is that you can find high-quality yet low-priced spark plugs right here on PartsGeek!

Finding the Best Spark Plug Wires for the Best Price

If you’re wondering where to buy spark plug wires, the answer is simple: right here. At PartsGeek, we strive to be the best place to buy spark plug wires. If you’re searching for a particular brand or product, you’ll find on our site, whether you need just a boot or a whole kit.

Figuring out which products are right for your vehicle is also a cinch—just search for the parts by make/model. Once you place your order, the wire set ships to you in a timely manner. And for maximum savings, make sure you join our mailing list for exclusive offers!

Order replacement spark plug parts from PartsGeek today!

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