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Spare Tire Hoist Information

Get the best priced spare tire wheel hoist winch replacement. We offer quality brands including Dorman, Replacement & SKP.

There are parts on a car that you come in contact with every day that you would immediately realize if there was a problem with. A tire is one of those items. But consider what happens when you have a flat and need to change it on the side of the road. Do you know where your spare tire is located? If it is under the vehicle, using a spare tire hoist is the only way to retrieve it. This is not a part you think about every day, but its importance is apparent when you need it.  

At you can find a spare tire carrier winch from several known and trusted manufacturers such as Dorman, SKP, and Eurospare. These are quality parts made to be direct replacements for the original, and with our 30-day return policy you are assured that we stand by the products we provide. 

What is a Spare Tire Hoist?

Some compact and midsize cars have a smaller donut tire that can be stored in the trunk or storage area. Other vehicles, especially trucks and larger SUVs, need to carry a full-size spare tire in case of emergency. These tires are too large to fit in the bed or storage area, so they must be stowed safely underneath the frame of the vehicle itself. A spare tire hoist keeps the wheel locked safely in place, and enables you to raise and lower the tire without having to lift it into place by hand.

What Are Signs of a Failing Spare Tire Hoist?

The winches are made with a cable that wraps into the assembly and extends when the tire needs to be lowered. Sometimes this cable can become damaged depending on age, type of use and environment. It is important to monitor the condition of the cable periodically to ensure it operates as intended when you need it, or worse, create a hazardous situation. There is often evidence that you should be in the market for a new hoist:

  • Tire does not raise or lower as expected
  • Tire raises or lowers slowly or inefficiently
  • Winch cable is kinked or damaged
  • Cable is broken

How Much is a Spare Tire Hoist?

The typical cost of a spare tire carrier winch is in the range of $70 to $130 or more. The variation can be to the brand, the make and model of the car, and the year it was manufactured. Most vehicle models have several options to choose from. Use the search feature on to narrow down the available choices and ensure part compatibility with your vehicle.    

Is it Easy to Replace a Spare Tire Hoist?

It may depend on the type of car you own, but for the most part a spare tire hoist is easy to replace and does not require any special tools. In most applications it is connected to the vehicle by a few bolts which are relatively accessible. You would begin by lowering and disengaging the spare tire from the hoist itself, followed by removing the old part, reinstalling the new part, and finally replacing the spare tire.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Was sticking at times

Another worn out part for the trash replaced with the new handle works like new

2001 Toyota Tundra Spare Tire Hoist

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: EASY

old cable twisted inside. this is a great replacement put together better than the OE.

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Spare Tire Hoist

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 1998 Ford F150 Replacement Spare Tire Hoist

Arrived new and in good time. Installed and no problems, so far.

1998 Ford F150 Spare Tire Hoist

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: spare tire hoist

the part that grabs the tire was too small I had to use my old one then it worked fine

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Spare Tire Hoist

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ramirez

Product Exactly what I needed. Highly recommend Parts Geek

2002 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Spare Tire Hoist

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dorman Spare tire hoist

The hoist was a perfect fit and works great. It was also priced well.

2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Spare Tire Hoist