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Replacement Skid Plate Information

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Skid PlateWhat is an engine splash shield?

An engine splash shield or sometimes also called a skid plate or lower engine cover is a plastic or metal cover located at the underside of a vehicles engine. It can protect the vehicles engine from possible damage caused by many different elements. Depending on road conditions, stock engine shields and covers can become loose or torn, making them ineffective splash guards.

On a day-to-day basis, most drivers can feel confident that the bottom of their vehicle is in no danger of being more or less scraped off by passing pavement. With the exception of the occasional mishap on a driveway or speed bump, the bottom of your car is more or less protected from damage. If you drive a vehicle that regularly heads off-road, however, you can benefit from a skid plate. This add-on component is a relatively flat steel sheet that protects parts in the undercarriage from damage. Think about it: as you pass over uneven terrain, your oil pan, gas tank, transfer case, and exhaust system can be struck and thoroughly beaten up by rocks, bumps, and uneven patches. If you’re upgrading a vehicle to be taken off-road, then, this component is absolutely critical. You may also find use for this component if you have lowered your vehicle significantly, making it more likely that you will come crashing into the ground unexpectedly. For this and any other automotive components, remember to visit, where you’ll find a great selection and great prices.

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Skid Plate Information

A car's Dorma Skid Plate is a heavy-gauge metal plate welded to the underneath of your vehicle and is supposed to prevent damage to the bottom of the vehicle.


Dorman Skid Plate
If you want outstanding service from your vehicle, take a peek at a Dorman skid plate. Eliminate immoderate hazards in your motoring by guaranteeing that your vehicle is equipped with the safety-related equipment that you desire. The components that make your vehicle legal to drive on public highways are included for your own safety in addition to the security of others on the highway. Traveling in cold climates over poor roads can be made more comfortable with additional components designed for better security. Parts that make for a more comfortable ride will increase safety and drivability. A vehicle's skid plate is a heavy-gauge metal plate hooked to the bottom of a vehicle and is there to prevent damage to the running gear. A good skid plate can prevent damage to key features of a vehicle, including the transfer gear box or oil pan which can often be expensive to replace. A skid plate is often found on 4x4 vehicles but can be added to any car or truck. Your skid plate is a metal or plastic cover that is installed on the underside of a vehicle to cover specific components of your vehicle. Your skid plate is usually engineered out of metal or plastic is connected to your car by bolts.

Skid Plate

Your vehicle's engine is unquestionably one of the most important parts, if not the most important part, on the vehicle. Like the heart of a body, it powers the rest of the vehicle, and is made up of a variety of smaller parts. Protecting the engine, then, is a crucial job held by the skid plate, also known as the engine cover. It's a simple add-on that can increase your vehicle's engine life by protecting it from hazards, especially if you regularly drive in off-road settings. sells skid plates for a wide range of vehicles in its vast online catalog of affordable parts. You can choose from top brands such as Action Crash, Dorman, Genuine, APA/URO Parts, Febi, JP Group Dansk, Crown Automotive, Pro Parts, Pro Comp Suspension, Autopa, Rugged Ridge, Trucktec and OEM. Order the engine cover that's right for your engine. If it arrives and isn't the right fit, you can easily send it back with our 30-day return policy.

What is a skid plate?

A skid plate is installed on the underside of your vehicle's engine, to protect it from hazards that may damage it from underneath the vehicle. This is particularly important on vehicles that encounter off-road terrain on a regular basis. This part is also referred to as an engine splash shield, because it shields engine from water splashing up into the engine bay. It also protects the various engine components such as the oil pan, gas tank, transfer case and exhaust system from hazards underneath the vehicle that could cause damage, including rocks and debris. A skid plate is especially useful on vehicles that have been lowered, because their closer proximity to the road's surface makes them more vulnerable to damage.

How much is a skid plate?

You can purchase a basic, high-quality engine cover for an average of about $50. However, skid plates can cost more than $100 depending on the brand and the particular vehicle make, model and year.

When should I replace or install a skid plate?

If your vehicle's factory-installed engine cover has become worn or damaged, you can replace it. It's important not to go without an engine cover, because the road presents so many hazards that can damage your engine's underbody.

You should also pay particular attention to your vehicle's skid plate if you take it off-road on a regular basis, because it's exposed more than the average vehicle to the types of hazards that the engine cover is designed to protect against.

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Was a little nervous that this wouldn't work on car due to being folded in half twice, but let warm up out of the shipping box AND WENT ON LIKE A CHARM!! THANK YOU FOR HAVING VERY REASONABLE PRICES!!!!

2003 Mazda 6 Skid Plate

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Very good prices and service

2003 Nissan Altima Lower Engine Cover

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Reviewer: Carter

Precise fit at a great price.

2002 Volkswagen Jetta Lower Engine Cover

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Reviewer: mike t

Have been looking for this part for weeks. Thanks to partsgeek that they have it. Fits perfectly with no problems. Second time I bought an item from partsgeek and they never fail to impress me. Highly competitive prices and super fast shipping.

2003 Acura TL Lower Engine Cover

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Reviewer: Joe

I took a chance and I am happy with the part.

But was surprised because when I gave the part number and description of the car your people were asking me the model and all the descriptions. When I give the part number for VW there should be an yes or no answer.

2004 Volkswagen Passat Lower Engine Cover

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Reviewer: Nesbitts Paint and Body

Good price

Great fit

1999 Mercedes E300 Skid Plate