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Replacement Radiator Shutter Assembly Information

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Radiator Shutter Assembly Information

When you are driving down the road or idling at a stop sign, your vehicle's engine generates a considerable amount of heat. In fact, car engines typically operate between 195 and 220 degrees. If your engine gets too hot, it is apt to sustain considerable damage. As such, your car, truck or SUV has a radiator system that keeps the engine at an optimal temperature. If you drive a modern vehicle, though, you may have a radiator shutter assembly, also called an active grille shutter.

If your radiator shutter assembly has worn out or is not working properly, you have come to the right place. Here at, we have dozens of affordable shutter assemblies that fit modern vehicles perfectly. To choose the right one for your everyday vehicle, simply tell us a bit about it. Then, order with confidence, knowing you have a full 30 days to return parts that are not quite right for your application.

What is a radiator shutter assembly?

In traditional engines with conventional radiator systems, air moves through a grille at the front of the engine. This requires either assistance from the radiator's fan or forward motion. When the air passes through the radiator, it helps to reduce the temperature of the coolant inside. While this design is effective, it has a significant drawback. Specifically, the radiator ends up taking in more air than it needs for proper cooling. While there is no direct harm in having too much air inside the engine bay, the design of conventional engines results in substantial drag. This lack of aerodynamics, of course, causes fuel economy to drop considerably.

Modern engines often have a radiator shutter assembly. These systems feature motorized shutters that close either partially or completely to restrict the flow of air into the engine. When the engine's temperature begins to rise, the shutters open to allow more air to come in. The result is a more aerodynamic vehicle that gets better gas mileage. Like with any mechanical system, however, the radiator shutter assembly can wear out or break over time. If the assembly on your vehicle has seen better days, replacing it is essential for ensuring your engine operates at the correct temperature.

How much does a radiator shutter assembly cost?

The cost to replace a damaged or worn out radiator shutter assembly varies from vehicle to vehicle. That is, budgeting for this repair likely depends on the make, model and year of your car, truck or SUV. Nonetheless, at, radiator shutter assemblies are affordable. In fact, most range in cost from $102 to $162.

What are the signs of a bad radiator shutter assembly?

Driving with a bad radiator shutter assembly is a recipe for disaster. After all, if your vehicle's engine overheats, you may experience a range of different problems, including a cracked head gasket. Identifying an unhealthy assembly is not usually challenging. On the contrary, an overheating engine may be your initial warning sign. You may also notice that the shutters are not opening and closing properly. Furthermore, if your vehicle has frontend damage, you should inspect the radiator grille shutter to see if it requires replacement.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Shay

Product came in a very timely manner. Very impress especially with this being my first time ordering from partgeeks.

2016 Chrysler 200 Radiator Shutter Housing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Mr

This part fit as an OEM would. Fast delivery. OEM motor fit perfect.

2015 Ford Escape Radiator Shutter Housing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Phil F.

This grille shutter worked perfectly. It bolted in to the bumper exactly like the OEM came out.

2016 Chrysler 200 Radiator Shutter Housing

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: More packing around items please, geeks

Small Corner piece left side was broken off. Not enough packing around it to stabilize it. This piece hooks up to a sensor that's a part of the emission system. I was very please the expediency of delivery

2015 Chrysler 200 Radiator Shutter Housing

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Zack & Boys Home Garage

This was a easy removal and install. Part went right on with no problems. My boys had it installed before I got out of bed.

2015 Chrysler 200 Radiator Shutter Housing

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Broken Shutter Housing

The shutter housing was fine, but even wrapped in bubble wrap the item came broken. The opened end was broken when we opened up the package. We had to use an epoxy for reattach the broken end and it worked just fine.

2016 Chrysler 200 Radiator Shutter Housing