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Pressure PlateOne of the systems of your car that you rely on thoroughly is the clutch. This system is what keeps your vehicle quite literally moving: it is responsible for easing the transitions between gears as you accelerate or decelerate. A healthy clutch is one of the keys to a healthy car – and you literally cannot drive if your clutch is acting up. Your clutch is comprised of a variety of components, including a pressure plate, one or more friction discs, a flywheel, and springs. Most components are made of metal or tough synthetic materials, as there is much friction within the clutch. If you’re experiencing trouble with your clutch, it may be because various components of the clutch are beginning to wear down. Components that are worn can cause a decline in function: moving parts may no longer move smoothly or easily, and you may be dealing with a clutch that jerks, shudders, or chooses not to move at all. If you need parts for the upkeep of your clutch, shop online with, where you’ll find a great selection at incredible prices, guaranteed.

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Pressure Plate Information

The Exedy Pressure Plate is a necessary piece of the car's powertrain.


Exedy Pressure Plate
For the most service out of your car or truck, consider an Exedy pressure plate. Better power and performance is easier with factory authorized options designed to optimize the power systems and steering components. No matter if you race your vehicle or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, premium quality replacement parts are crucial. To add to the power of your car's power plant, think about some of these optional components that are specially designed to improve performance. Your pressure plate is a necessary part of your vehicle's manual transmission. Your car's pressure plate exerts pressure on an engine's flywheel, forcing the motor to propel the vehicle down the road. The friction between the pressure plate and the car's constantly spinning flywheel is essential in making a car drive with maximum power. Slippage in the pressure plate might diminish operation. The pressure plate is a necessary piece of your vehicle's drivetrain.

Your transmission's Sachs Pressure Plate presses against the engine's constantly rotating flywheel, letting the engine to push your car down the road.


Sachs Pressure Plate
Your car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, such as a Sachs pressure plate. People who appreciate performance realize that only the best quality OEM and aftermarket parts should be used. Take your car or truck to a superior level of performance with performance equipment. It doesn't matter if you race your vehicle or just enjoy driving a performance vehicle, top quality aftermarket and OEM parts are essential. A slipping pressure plate will certainly lessen operation. Your pressure plate is an important component of the vehicle's powertrain. The pressure plate is an integral component of your vehicle's transmission. A compromised pressure plate will certainly lessen operation. Tension between the pressure plate and the constantly rotating flywheel is important in making your automobile function correctly.

Pressure Plate

The clutch assembly is the series of parts that works together to transform the raw combustion energy produced by the engine into the rotational power needed to spin the wheels and move your vehicle forward. That makes the clutch and its various elements (e.g. flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch disc) some of the most important mechanical elements on board. On the other hand, this also means that these parts are prone to extra wear over time, potentially severely diminishing your auto's performance.

On you will find hundreds of options for clutch plates from top brands and at great prices. We stock parts from manufacturers like ACT, Amortex, Genuine, Sachs and Volkswagen, and we take pride in our stellar customer service and speedy delivery times. Additionally, our 30-day return policy helps us to guarantee that you get the part delivered that you need to get your rig on the road again.

 What is the pressure plate?

The pressure plate, also called the clutch plate, works in tandem with the flywheel and friction disc to provide power to the drive wheels. When the clutch is engaged via the pedal, heavy duty springs clamp the pressure plate and flywheel together. Sandwiched between these two circular elements is the friction disc. The friction disc, as its name suggests, is made from high friction material that helps to ensure that as much engine power as possible is translated to rotational force for the drive wheels. Clutch plates are the heavy-duty pieces responsible for bearing down the needed compression on the friction disc and flywheel.

 How much does a pressure plate cost?

The cost of a new clutch disc can vary quite a bit depending on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the performance level you are looking for. Car's built for speed may require a more sophisticated clutch assembly.

What happens when clutch plates begin to wear out?

The regular process of engaging and disengaging that clutch involves a great deal of natural mechanical wear over time. That can lead to sluggish gear shifting or an unresponsive clutch, as well as unusual noises (particularly during shifting).

What are some common symptoms to look out for?

Common symptoms of clutch parts wear also include shaking and/or shuddering when operating the clutch pedal. This is typically the result of uneven parts wear, and is an especially important sign to be on the lookout for. Rotating parts of the clutch assembly operate a high speeds, and even a small amount of uneven wear can quickly lead to much bigger issues with the entire system.

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