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Replacement Preglow Time Relay Information

Choose from top brands including: Hella and Vemo.

Preglow Time RelayIf you drive a car or truck with a diesel engine, you know that you have different concerns that some of your compatriots with gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. Diesel engines are designed differently and work on different principles – so you need different knowledge and expertise to keep them running smoothly. One place where a diesel engine differs significantly from a gasoline-powered engine is in the starting mechanism. While a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine relies on spark plugs and the explosion caused by oxygen and gasoline vapor, a diesel engine starts based on a system that uses pressure and hot temperatures. The glow plug, for example, is used to get the engine started when it is cold and does not yet have the necessary heat to make the system function. Another key component of the starting mechanism of a diesel engine is the preglow time relay. If you’re having trouble getting your diesel engine to start reliably, you may be experiencing problems with this component. If that’s the case, you need to visit for the components you need to get your car running right again.

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Preglow Time Relay Information

Your car's diesel engine differs from gasoline motors because it uses glow plugs rather than spark plugs and glow plugs require Hella Preglow Time Relays.


Hella Preglow Time Relay
To get unbeatable satisfaction out of your vehicle, consider a Hella preglow time relay. Successful automobile manufacturers grasp the basic importance of high performance. A new vehicle requires the best replacement parts that you can buy. Take your car or truck to a higher level of power with performance equipment. Preglow time relays send signals to a car's glow plugs telling to warm up. A car's preglow time relays is a required part of the vehicle's diesel motor. A vehicle's diesel ignition differs from gasoline engines because diesel engines use glow plugs instead of spark plugs and these require preglow time relays.

Preglow Time Relay

Bitter cold temperatures can make it especially difficult to get high-performance diesel engines started. Since diesel vehicles rely on just the right balance of internal temperatures and pressures to initiate ignition, glow plugs and the preglow relays that regulate them are essential to avoid hard starting.

At you will find a wide range of preglow timers from top brands like Beck Arnley, Huco, Stribel and Vemo. We pride ourselves on the quality of our parts, our quick delivery times and outstanding customer service. And our 30-day return policy helps us to make absolutely certain that you get exactly the part you need to get driving again.

What is a preglow time relay?

Preglow time relays work in conjunction with the glow plugs (heating devices) that are used in diesel vehicles to enable engine ignition. While standard gas-powered vehicles utilize spark plugs to initiate the ignition explosion, diesel engines require high pressures and temperatures. During periods of very cold weather, certain diesel engines can be difficult or very slow to start.

When electrified, the plugs begin to glow with radiating heat (think of the heating coils in a toaster oven), allowing for fuel combustion despite low environmental temperatures. In older engines the driver would have to manually guess how long the plugs would need to heat up in order to achieve a working temperature. Preglow relays automate this process, communicating with an in-cabin indicator light that signals when the engine is ready to start.

How much does a replacement preglow time relay cost?

The cost of replacement relays will depend on the make and model of your diesel car. Most of the preglow time relays on cost between $100 and $200.

What are some symptoms of a faulty preglow timer?

The most common signs of poorly functioning preglow time relays are an illuminated glow plug or check engine light and difficulty getting the engine started. Failing glow plugs may not be able to produce sufficient heat. Meanwhile, failing preglow time relays can lead to even worse issues; timers that fail to keep glow plugs from operating at high temperatures for too long can easily lead to rapid internal parts wear and poor overall engine performance.

What is the difference between an in-cylinder and an in-manifold glow plug?

Engines that use in-cylinder design either employ an individual plug within each cylinder (direct injection) or within a pre-chamber adjacent to the cylinder (indirect injection). In-manifold engine designs use only one plug for all of the cylinders.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Le Mercedes

Excellent price! Recently I had to buy 2 of these as both had become continual battery drains! Its a complicated unit and cannot be expected to last forever so it was great to find a good quality, quick delivery source, and at the best price too. Parts Geek is one of 3 sources I check as they almost slways have even the oddest parts I might need.

1983 Mercedes 300SD Preglow Time Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Great price!

This product was an exact fit, and a very easy repair to do at a great price!

1981 Mercedes 300D Preglow Time Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: The Benz Guy

As a Ret. M.B Wrench lets Wait and see how long it lasts. The Original lasted 18 Years!

1983 Mercedes 300TD Preglow Time Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Larry

Item was just as described and was well packaged and shipped in a timely manner.

1983 Mercedes 240D Preglow Time Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Prey low relay

The pergola relay is the best priced one I could find online. It works as it should and my Benz finally runs smooth at startup again.

1991 Mercedes 300D Preglow Time Relay

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Ronald N

Received ordered item quickly after order. Original OEM replacement part

for my Mercedes. Including shipping and insurance on delivery, this was the best pricing and ROI savings I could find. I have had nothing but an

excellent experience ordering and receiving parts from the GEEK

1998 Mercedes E300 Preglow Time Relay