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Replacement Parking Light Information

Choose from top brands including: Action Crash, Anzo, TYC, Crown Automotive, VAIP - Vision Lighting, Dorman, DIY Solutions, Depo, Brock, Eagle Eyes, APA/URO Parts, Professional Parts Sweden, IPCW and Hella.

Parking LightOne of the most important systems for ensuring your safety as a driver is the lighting system. Staying safe out on the road is in large part dependant on seeing and being seen: if others know where you are, they are less likely to, quite literally, run into you. With the right lighting system at work in your car, then, you can ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. One key factor in your lighting system is the headlights, which illuminate the road ahead of you when driving after dark. Each headlight may be wired into the same circuit as a parking light, which may be found along the side of your vehicle to help make you more visible to oncoming drivers. On the rear of your car, youíll find taillights (which make you visible from behind), brake lights (which indicate to other drivers that you are stopping or slowing down), and turn signals (which show other drivers your intentions so they are not taken by surprise. Maintaining your carís lighting system is a critical step in overall vehicle maintenance. Need parts? You can find inputs for all your lighting needs at

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Replacement Parking Lights
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Parking Light Information

The vehicle's TYC Parking Light Assembly is a part that is intended to increase the visibility of the car and augment driving safety.


TYC Parking Light
Trying to find an honest source for trustworthy parts such as a TYC parking light assembly? Local laws require your car to possess the needed safety equipment - eliminate tickets and collisions by purchasing the required equipment. Buying options that improve mechanical operation also improves performance in stormy conditions. Personal injury in an accident is a big price to pay for not installing the best parts for safety. Equipment choices that make for a more deluxe ride can increase safety and overall operation. The safety of the driver depends on properly functioning parking light assembly. A vehicle's parking light assembly is a part which is intended to increase visibility and augment safety. Even though parking light assemblies are not legally mandated in many countries, they can still be a key component of highway safety as well as visibility. If your vehicle's parking light assemblies are damaged, your safety may be compromised. Trying to find a dependable source for the best parts such as a TYC parking light assembly?

Parking Light

Don't get left in the dark. The engineers who designed your vehicle put each lighting component at your disposal for a reason, usually to contribute to your safety. Everything from the backing lights to the front parking corner lamps increase your visibility and make it easier for others to see you.

Parking corner lights are aimed to the side and front of your vehicle. They illuminate objects while you're parking, making it easier to avoid unnecessary damage. Some vehicles have a separate light assembly, while others have a combination of parking light and turn signal in one protective housing.

We're proud to offer lights made by the leaders of the parts manufacturing business, including Anzo, VAIP - Vision Lighting, Action Crash, Crown Automotive, TYC, Dorman and APA/URO Parts. We have millions of discount parts in stock, and all your purchases are covered by our 30-day policy for returns.

What is a parking light?

Parking lights are located near the corners of your vehicle. They're designed and aimed to help you illuminate your immediate surroundings at low speeds. The advantage of using them instead of just using your headlights is that you can avoid excessive glare that headlamps create when their light bounces off nearby objects. Corner lights also give you a little more visibility to the sides, so you avoid potential hazards.

Your parking light assembly might contain:

  • One or more lenses
  • Reflector(s)
  • Electrical connections
  • LED lamps
  • Turn signal components

It's relatively common to find a parking light in the same assembly the turn signal light. That means you'll have to replace the whole thing if your housing is cracked. It's also a good idea to replace all of the electrical components at once. If one electrical part of an assembly fails, it's likely that the rest are on the way out, too.

Make sure to order the corner light for the position you need. If your part has a left or right option, remember that those directions are relative to you when you're sitting in the driver's seat. Always double-check your part number if possible, just to make sure.

How much is a corner light?

These lights should cost you somewhere between $15-100 on average. Keep in mind that you might have to buy bulbs. You might save some time and effort doing it yourself. Since these generally don't have to be aimed as precisely as some headlights, they can be relatively easy to service on most vehicles.

Why do you need to replace a broken parking light?

Most drivers don't see this as a critical lighting feature, but it's not entirely right to assume that damage to this part is purely cosmetic. The main safety issue that comes from a broken parking light is damage spreading to other parts of the vehicle, especially the nearby signal and headlight.

While spreading cracks are the most obvious example of damage to other lights, the more pressing danger often comes from moisture and corrosive chemicals that sneak in through the broken parking light assembly. These factors cause expensive bulb failure and electrical shorts in the turn signal and headlight. Restore your vehicle's functionality and prevent accelerated damage by replacing these assemblies quickly.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Steve Nicholson

My old lens were water logged and foggy and Parts Geek had the solution. These lens were a perfect fit and were very easy install.

2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Parking Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: BuzzyD

The part was very reasonably priced. It was shipped immediately and arrived within a few days. If the light assembly wasn't from Volvo, you wouldn't know it; it fit perfectly.

2002 Volvo C70 Parking Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tom B

Way cheaper than dealer, just as good. Fast ship

1995 Ford F150 Parking Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tom B

Great product, quick ship

1995 Ford F150 Parking Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Bill

perfect fit, excellent price, fast delivery.

1999 Nissan Altima Parking Light Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dave

Product fit perfect and was at my house within days of me ordering the part. Made my fender bender nightmare a lot easier doing this myself.

1997 Ford Thunderbird Parking Light Assembly