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Replacement Oil Pan Information

Choose from top brands including: Dorman, Replacement, Genuine, Spectra Premium, Febi, SKP, Mopar, APA/URO Parts, Pioneer Cables, ATP, DIY Solutions, Meistersatz and Crown Automotive.

Oil PanInside your engine compartment, the crankcase is mainly filled with engine oil. This substance serves to lubricate and protect engine components. Without a healthy dose of oil, metal components would rub against one another, creating harmful friction. In order to ensure great function year after year, however, oil must be circulated throughout the system. The goal is to preserve the oil, running it out of the system, cleaning it, then bringing it back into the system again and again. Oil begins its trek in the reservoir. Then, an oil pump moves it through a system of tubes and an oil filter. The filter serves to remove particles of dirt, rust, and grime that might otherwise clog engine function. Next, the oil arrives in the crankshaft area, lubricating the shafts, the connecting rod bearings, and the cylinder walls. It then drips into the oil pan, which is essentially the bottom of the crankcase. In essence, proper engine function relies on proper circulation of oil through the system. You simply cannot have a healthy engine without plenty of oil that is being circulated efficiently and effectively. For all the parts you need to maintain your car, shop online at

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Oil Pan Information

A functioning Dorma Oil Pa is essential for lubricating your vehicle's motor.


Dorman Oil Pan
Our specialists here at PartsGeek know what it's like to take pride in your car, and so we are on a mission to help you find the perfect Dorman oil pan. An automobile's performance is the culmination of several factors such as high quality parts. Bestselling carmakers understand the vital importance of satisfying performance. Improved handling is no problem with optional equipment manufactured to function with the power systems as well as steering components. The oil pan is located under your car or truck and mounts the oil pump. Oil pans are needed for the proper operation of the engine and if these parts are broken, a car's engine may be damaged. An oil pan is fixed on the underside of the engine and encloses the sump which holds motor oil and the oil pump. A vehicle's oil pan holds the oil in reserve and is typically made of aluminum or steel and needs an oil pan gasket to thwart leaks. The oil pan is used as a reservoir for a vehicle's oil. The parts you need, like a Dorman oil pan, are only a mouse click away when you order them from PartsGeek.

The oil is pumped from the Febi Oil Pa and is used for maintaining the safe operation of the motor.


Febi Oil Pan
Utilize PartsGeek whenever you desire top quality automotive parts like a Febi oil pan. It doesn't matter if you race competitively or just take joy in driving a high-performance vehicle, the best quality auto parts are essential. Superb engine power and engine performance depend on outstanding components and accessories. Invest in your car or truck's systems by purchasing only the best high quality engine parts. Your car or truck's oil pan is bolted under your vehicle and contains the oil pump. Oil pans are a key component in the safe operation of the engine and if these units are cracked, the car's engine will definitely become damaged. An oil pan is designed as a receptacle for the engine oil. Your oil pan is mounted on the bottom of the motor and holds the sump which contains oil along with the oil pump. A vehicle's oil pan keeps motor oil in reserve and is typically made of aluminum or stainless steel and has an oil pan gasket to prevent leaks.

Your oil is pumped out of the Mopar Oil Pa and is used for maintaining the safe operation of your engine.


Mopar Oil Pan
To get unbeatable satisfaction from your vehicle, take a peek at a Mopar oil pan. Fantastic capacity and high performance are supported by great components and accessories. A car's performance is the culmination of myriad factors including quality parts. Improved driving is no problem with optional parts designed to function with the fuel system and guidance components. A vehicle's oil pan holds the motor oil in reserve and is typically manufactured from steel or aluminum and needs an oil pan gasket to prevent leaks. Your oil pan can be located underneath your vehicle and holds the oil pump unit. Your oil pan is used as a container for the vehicle's oil. A vehicle's oil pan is mounted on the bottom of the engine and contains the sump which retains your motor oil as well as the oil pump. Oil pans are critical for engine lubrication and if they are damaged, a vehicle's engine will surely be damaged. Shop PartsGeek every time you need top quality automobile parts such as the Mopar oil pan.

A working Replacement Oil Pa is critical for lubricating the car or truck's motor.


Replacement Oil Pan
To get unbeatable performance from your vehicle, take a peek at a Replacement oil pan. Your vehicle is an investment due to its great performance and terrific style, and to keep it going in top form you want the ultimate in quality parts. Whether you race your car or just appreciate driving a high-performance vehicle, the highest quality replacement parts are critical. Protect your vehicle's elements by buying the best quality parts. The oil pan is designed to be a reserve for the vehicle's oil. Your oil pan is bolted underneath the vehicle and holds the oil pump. Your oil pan stores motor oil in reserve and is usually made from stainless steel or aluminum and must have an oil pan gasket to thwart leaks. Oil pans are important to lubrication and if these components are leaking, the car's engine will certainly sustain damage. The oil pan is mounted to the bottom of the engine and includes the sump which contains motor oil as well as the oil pump. The parts you need, like a Replacement oil pan, are only a mouse click away when you order from

Oil Pan

Behind every powerful, roaring engine is a lesser known sidekick quietly providing essential support and protection.  By housing the oil necessary to keep the engine lubricated and cool, the oil pan plays an indispensable role in every move your vehicle makes, from slow cruises down curvy back roads to quick commutes and every adventure in between.

Because nearly all of your vehicle’s oil resides in the pan, even a small amount of damage can have potentially devastating effects. Proper oil levels are critical to the efficiency, function, and temperature of your vehicle’s engine. As oil leaks and levels decrease, engine components are left unprotected and vulnerable to metal-to-metal contact. This can cause irreparable damage and lead to dangerous over-heating. The integral relationship between the oil pan and engine make it imperative that you replace it as soon as you recognize an issue that cannot be repaired. offers competitive prices on a wide variety of trusted brands, including ATP, Meistersatz, Mopar, Dorman, Febi, Genuine, Spectra Premium, and many more. Our extensive selection, fast shipping, and exceptional customer service ensure you can find what you need when you need it at the price you want it. As part of our commitment to great quality and service, we also offer a 30-day return policy.

What is an oil pan?

An oil pan is the hard plastic or thin metal compartment that serves as a reservoir and stores your vehicle’s oil at the bottom of the crankcase. Oil is pumped from the pan to provide vital lubrication to engine components and then returned. It is sometimes also referred to as an engine pan.

How much does a new oil pan cost?

The price is affected by several factors, including:

  • brand
  • additional accessories included
  • make, model, and year of your vehicle

On, oil pans are up to 80% off product list prices and range from $30 to $1000.

How long should an oil pan last?

Ideally, your pan will last the lifetime of your engine. Because of its location at the base of the vehicle, however, it can be easily damaged by low-lying areas or items in the road. Even a small leak can cause significant damage to motor parts, so any suspected issues should be thoroughly inspected.

What are the common signs an oil pan needs to be replaced?

Oil puddles beneath your car are a telltale sign that your oil pan may need to be replaced. What may begin as seemingly insignificant drops can worsen over time, progressing into a serious leak that has the potential to compromise your engine. Visible damage, including puncture holes or rust patches, is another common signal that it might be time for a new pan.

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