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Choose from top brands including: Bosal, Walker, API, AP Exhaust, Flowmaster, Ansa, Eberspaecher, Starla, Dynomax, Genuine, MBRP, Magnaflow, ALLMAKES 4X4, DIY Solutions and Walker Exhaust.

MufflerWeíre all familiar with the noise: the clanking, grinding, and coughing of a car that is missing a vital component of its exhaust system. In all cars, a muffler is a critical component for reducing the amount of sound made by the vehicle. Think about it: cars are noisy. Every vehicle is a collection of electrical and mechanical systems, many of which involve about as much metal-striking-metal as possible. Left to their own devices, cars would make a lot of noise Ė and the average highway or city street would be deafening. Fortunately, exhaust systems are equipped with this critical component, which includes a chamber that encourages sound-cancelling resonance. Though relatively simple means, then, this is an effective way to dramatically reduce the amount of sound produced by a vehicle. Unfortunately, however, this componentís location on the bottom of a vehicle means that it quite often winds up lying in the roadway, where it canít do much good at all. If you need to shop for new parts to upgrade your carís exhaust system, remember that offers great pricing, great service, and a great selection.

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Muffler Information

The Ansa Muffler permits the vehicle to operate with less noise.


Ansa Muffler
When you want an Ansa muffler, fixing your vehicle with the best parts is the best investment in the long run. You selected a high-performance car or truck because it had awesome engine power and performance, back up that investment and install outstanding replacement parts. An automobile's performance is the result of several factors including high quality parts. By enabling your engine to employ fuel more efficiently, performance components raise power while cutting excess gasoline wastage. The muffler is required for reducing the car's motor sound. Mufflers are installed in proximity to the exhaust pipe and to the rear of the catalytic converter; the muffler employs sophisticated resonance in order to suppress motor din. Explosions that are a consequence of the combustion process are suppressed by the muffler. A muffler deadens motor noise when operating the automobile. The muffler is a part designed to quiet the noise generated by the automobile internal combustion process. An unmuffled gasoline-powered engine is exceptionally audible - to cut the decibels to a bearable level, all vehicles come standard with a muffler.

Your vehicle's Bosal Muffler is an insulated tank-like component that is part of the exhaust system that works to muffle the noise made by the vehicle's motor as it's in operation.


Bosal Muffler
Many times the most difficult thing about fixing a car or truck is finding a dependable source for outstanding parts like a Bosal muffler. Take your automobile to a superlative level of operation by using performance parts. Better handling is easier with optional equipment made to work with the fuel system as well as guidance components. By making it possible for your engine to employ gasoline more efficiently, performance components raise power while cutting excess gasoline wastage. Your muffler is an element that functions to reduce the noise coming out of the car's engine. A muffler enables your motor to run with less din. Your muffler is vital for deadening the automobile's combustion noise. Explosions that are a consequence of the combustion process are quieted by the muffler. The muffler reduces motor din when running the vehicle. Unmuffled, your vehicle's motor is very loud - to reduce the decibels to a bearable noise level, your car has a muffler.

An Eberspaecher Muffler permits a vehicle to operate with less unpleasant sound.


Eberspaecher Muffler
We here at understand what it's like to take pride in your vehicle, and so we have made it our mission to help you find the right Eberspaecher muffler. Take your car to the ultimate level of power by using performance components. Your car has a place in your heart because it has great performance and great style, and to keep it humming in top condition you need the acme in high-quality parts and accessories. Your car really needs the most high-end replacement parts that are available. This element is required by local codes to be in good operating shape ahead of traveling on public highways. The typical vehicle's motor is very noisy - to cut the noise to a legal noise level, a uses a muffler. Mufflers are generally located next to the exhaust pipe and to the rear of the catalytic converter; the muffler utilizes a resonating chamber in order to suppress combustion racket. A muffler is a part that works to lessen the sound emitted by your vehicle's power plant. Sounds produced by the combustion process are deadened by the muffler. The muffler allows your vehicle to run with less racket. The parts you need for any automotive job, like an Eberspaecher muffler, are just a mouse click away when you buy from PartsGeek.

A Starla Muffler is important for deadening the vehicle's motor noise.


Starla Muffler
Come to every time you need the best quality automobile parts such as a Starla muffler. A car's performance is the culmination of myriad factors including high quality parts. Auto enthusiasts who thrill over performance car or trucks understand that absolutely nothing is more vital than having the best replacement parts and accessories. If you invested in that high-performance car to enjoy its awesome power and performance, insure that decision and use the best replacement parts and accessories. Your muffler allows your motor to function with less din. This device is required by ordinance to be in good working shape ahead of driving on public roads. Your muffler deadens combustion sound when driving the automobile. The muffler is a device designed to lessen the din emitted by your vehicle's motor. Most units are always installed along the exhaust pipe and rearward of the catalytic converter; the device uses a resonating chamber in order to cancel out combustion sounds. Unmuffled, your internal combustion motor is rather loud - to cut the sound to an acceptable level of noise, your vehicle has a muffler.

A Walker Muffler reduces motor racket when running the automobile.


Walker Muffler
A car is really only as good as its parts, such as the Walker muffler. Take your car or truck to the ultimate level of power and performance by installing performance equipment. A vehicle's performance is the result of myriad factors including high quality parts. Auto enthusiasts who thrill over performance vehicles recognize that nothing is more vital than installing the newest new parts and accessories. The muffler is a component designed to lessen the racket coming out of your vehicle's engine. The muffler is important for quieting the vehicle's power plant sound. Your muffler enables your vehicle to function with less unpleasant sound. Mufflers are situated in proximity to the exhaust pipe and rearward of the catalytic converter; the muffler employs a resonating chamber in order to quiet combustion racket. This component is required by law to be in good working shape before driving on public streets. Explosions that are a consequence of the running motor are suppressed by the muffler. If you want tremendous service from your car or truck, look at a Walker muffler.


If you think about it, a muffler tells you right in its name exactly what its job is: it muffles sound coming from your car's exhaust system. That in and of itself is a pretty important job. Imagine what the roads would sound like if all the vehicles lacked this part. In fact, you've probably heard a car without a muffler before. It's easy to spot because it makes a real racket. Plus, there are state laws that require this part on every vehicle in order to make the roads a tolerable place to drive without unbearable noise levels. That being the case, you can't go without this crucial part. Usually the easiest and quickest way to tell if your muffler needs to be replaced is by listening to your vehicle. If it starts sounding much louder than it normally does, you need to get your muffler checked. has a wide range of mufflers, so you can find the right one to fit your car or truck. You can browse among many leading brands, including Bosal, Walker, Ansa, Flowmaster, Eberspaecher, Starla, Genuine, Dynomax, MBRP, ALLMAKES 4X4, Magnaflow, Original Equipment, Dorman and Flowtech. With all those choices, you're sure to get exactly what you need. But if you order the wrong one by mistake, has got you covered with a 30-day return policy.

What is a muffler?

A muffler is the component of your vehicle's exhaust system that reduces the noise level produced from the workings of the internal combustion engine. Picture the exhaust system originating with the exhuast pipes that connect to the exhaust manifold, which originates at the engine. Exhaust gases travel from there into the catalytic converters where they're rendered inert. Those gases travel through more pipes to the muffler, and then after the muffler does its job, the exhaust goes out tail pipes. Sound is a pressure wave, and those exhaust gases create pressure. Mufflers are equipped with a set of tubes that produce sound waves specially designed to cancel out the sound coming from the waves produced by the exhaust gases. This is done in the place in your muffler known as the resonator chamber. It's a scientific process all going on deep inside your car's exhaust system, and it keeps the noise level manageable.

How much are mufflers?

Muffler repair is one of the more common repairs a vehicle owner faces during the lifespan of a car or truck. Muffler costs can vary depending on the make, model and age of the vehicle, but an average muffler price is between $100 and $200. also has kits with clamps, hangers and exhaust springs if you need just a particular component.

What are signs my muffler needs to be replaced?

In addition to excessive noise output from the exhaust system, there are other telltale signs that a muffler may need to be replaced. If your car is overheating, it could be a sign that the muffler needs to be examined. If there is water dripping from the muffler, it's another warning sign. Although a bit of condensation is normal, excessive water loss from the muffler isn't. If you're able to get under the car to take a look, for example by using a car jack to lift the vehicle and inspect its underbelly, do a visual inspection. If the muffler has rust or holes, you probably need a new one.

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