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Replacement Leaf Spring Information

Choose from top brands including: Dorman, Pro Comp Suspension, Old Man Emu, Crown Automotive, Skyjacker, Belltech, Rancho, Superlift, SuperSprings, Hotchkis Performance, Rubicon Express, OE Supplier, Tuff Country, Omix-Ada and DIY Solutions.

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A leaf spring is a configuration of a common steel spring that can be found in the suspension of many automobiles. The leaf spring looks like a thin arc of steel with multiple layers stacked together. In an automobile spring of a leaf design, the center of the spring provides a place for the axle and the ends are affixed to the chassis of the vehicle.

Leaf springs can be scaled to be used with bigger vehicles by adding layers of steel, making them useful for a wide range of vehicle types. Another benefit in automotive applications is that leafs can serve to dampen some of the road vibrations and assist the shocks or struts. Because this type of spring is in an arc configuration, when it is compressed, it will tend to elongate.

To compensate for this, one end of the spring is attached to a swinging arm that moves with the elongation and keeps the spring attached to the vehicle. At times you have to buy a spring for safety awareness or operational concerns, while sometimes it's an item for fun; in both cases find the highest level of performance you can manage. On occasion the hardest element about working on a car is the search for a reasonable source for reliable parts. Searching for a good source for trustworthy parts can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but it doesn't need to.

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Replacement Leaf Springs
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Leaf Spring Information

The Dorman leaf spring is an integral part of the suspension system on towing vehicles or four-wheel drive vehicles.


Dorman Leaf Spring
The Dorman leaf spring is a part of your vehicle's suspension system that makes riding in four-wheel drive more comfortable. You also need leaf springs for better towing capabilities. To get the right parts, you need to order the springs by the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You can find all the parts you need for your suspension system here at

Leaf Spring

Whether you're hauling a heavy load or just out for a joyride, your car's suspension system is what keeps you and your cargo comfortable and secure. And, a sagging suspension isn't just an aesthetic issue. It can lead to poor fuel economy, diminished hauling capacity and can expose the underside of your vehicle to potentially damaging road debris.

On you will find leaf springs from top brands like Crown Automotive, Old Man Emu, Skyjacker and Rubicon Express, including plenty of original equipment and original equipment equivalent products. We pride ourselves on our quality parts, fast delivery and superior customer service. And, our 30-day return policy will ensure that you get the part you need without hassle.

What are leaf springs?

Leaf springs are essential to the suspension system of many types of vehicles. Each spring is made up of one or more thin steel strips (""leaves"") that are layered to form a single curved arc. Just as with coil springs, leaf springs are able to expand and contract. This allows the spring to absorb impacts from various road obstacles, protecting the vehicle from potentially damaging shocks and providing a smoother ride.

How much do leaf springs cost?

Most leaf springs cost somewhere between $100 and $300. The specific price will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

How can you tell if leaf springs are ""going bad""?

Besides visual clues like cracking, rusting or other damage, worn out springs can noticeable affect your car's suspension. Vehicles with springs that are losing their ""spring"" tend to sag, with either the front or the back of the vehicle resting at a different height. While leaf springs usually last the lifetime of the vehicle, heavy loads or road accidents can easily lead to a compromised suspension system.

How do you replace a leaf spring?

The basic steps of replacing a leaf spring are fairly straightforward. First, use a jack to raise the vehicle, and secure it using appropriate jack stands. Next, jack and support the rear axle assembly (this is where the leaf springs are attached). Unscrew the bolts on the lower shock absorbers, slowly lowering the axle to ease the tension on the current springs. Loosen the shackle bolts at the front of the leaf spring and the rear eye bolts that secure the springs to the vehicle's chassis. Now you will be able to remove the spring itself and install the new suspension assembly. Make sure to thoroughly secure all mounting hardware.

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good service

2000 Oldsmobile Bravada Leaf Spring

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leaf spring shackles, and spark plugs and the wires. Half the price of other places cant beat it

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Replace the spring on a 92 Ford F 150 was going to be $200 for a spring rebuild got this part at parts for much cheaper thanks awesome deal

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the part fit perfectly and the price was real good but not real happy with UPS tracking. i would have been here had i known when it was to arrive but the UPS man was nice enough to put where my wife requested instead of just leaving on the front porch.

1999 Toyota Tacoma Leaf Spring

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everything was prompt and cost effective

1995 Dodge Ram 2500 Leaf Spring