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Junkyard Auto Part Treasures

When car owners are looking for replacement auto parts, they usually don’t think about getting those parts from auto junkyards or salvage yards. Nowadays, more and more people are considering this option because the prices of perfectly usable auto parts found in junkyards are much lower than similar ones in auto parts shops.

Every year, around 6 million car crashes take place in the United States. The total cost of car crashes amount to roughly $164 billion, with a fair number of casualties. In the most serious accidents, vehicles may be so wrecked they become a complete loss or "totalled." Where do these vehicles go? Mostly, they end up in auto junkyards. In fact, auto junkyards are something like a graveyard for cars.

When cars are too old to run or not repairable, they are sent to the junkyard where they will be placed in rows and in most cases, stacked on metal frames, on top of one another. Then, they will be inspected so all usable parts can be removed and stored. For instance, a car may have the front totally wrecked, but the back doors and some other parts may still be in good condition. From headlights to seats to windshields, salvage yards keep inventory of these parts. Sometimes, they may even have the full body of old cars for people who like to “rebuild” them.

Other than the price factor, some people also like the challenge of actually finding some “treasures” in auto junkyards. It’s something akin to treasure hunting. There are even some salvage yards that allow customers to remove the parts themselves at a reduced price. These are known as “You Pull It” yards. Another reason why some people prefer going to auto junkyards is the immediate availability of the parts. Generally, in auto parts shops, sometimes items can be out of stock. In junkyards, there is no such thing. If you can find it, it’s there for you to buy.

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