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Replacement Intermediate Pipe Information

Choose from top brands including: Walker, Bosal, Ansa, Dynomax, Starla and Professional Parts Sweden.

Intermediate PipeOne of the most critical components of a gasoline powered engine is the exhaust system. This is actually a series of tubes that carry the products of combustion away from the engine and vent them into the atmosphere. But it is hardly as simple as it once was. Early exhaust systems were essentially steel pipes that left the smoke of the inefficient engine far behind. Today, because of a variety of factors--from environmental regulation to hi-tech engines--the exhaust system is a complex network of parts that all need to work together. Beginning in the exhaust manifold, the products of combustion are carried through the intermediate pipe. This pipe is the main artery of the exhaust system and is critical to the flow of exhaust and the efficiency of the engine. From there the exhaust is purified in the catalytic converter and forced through the baffles in the muffler that dampen the sound. Once you got your vehicle, you committed to an investment that might be with your family for a long run, so insure your ride with top-notch parts and accessories. When your vehicle's auto part becomes too worn, the practical plan is finding a new first-rate replacement component to keep your in the best condition. Any automobile will need replacement parts from time to time, so when that time comes is the place to go to find what you need.

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Replacement Intermediate Pipes
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Intermediate Pipe Information

The Ansa Intermediate Pipe routes the exhaust flow between resonators, mufflers and converters.


Ansa Intermediate Pipe
An efficient exhaust system is vital for your vehicle's smooth performance. It keeps your engine safe from toxic gases produced by fuel combustion. After passing through the exhaust system, the gases are released into the atmosphere as environment-friendly emissions. To do its job properly, your vehicle's exhaust system comes equipped with a series of pipes, including the Intermediate Pipe, which leads exhaust gases to the catalytic converter, where the gases' toxicity is reduced. Unfortunately, the intermediate pipe's steel structure makes the pipe highly susceptible to corrosion. While damage is inevitable, you can delay it by installing an Ansa intermediate pipe, available from PartsGeek, in your vehicle's exhaust system. Made from high-grade aluminized steel, the Ansa Intermediate Pipe can handle increased flows of hot exhaust gases. Installation is easy, as the pipe is designed to perfectly fit factory specifications.

The Bosal Intermediate Pipe routes the exhaust flow between resonators, mufflers and converters.


Bosal Intermediate Pipe
The Intermediate Pipe links the exhaust headers to the cat back system, ensuring an improved exhaust flow. It is made of stainless steel and has a chrome finish, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. Black smoke coughing up from your engine is an indicator that you may have a broken Intermediate Pipe. If your pipe is broken, replace it immediately with Bosal Intermediate Pipe, available from PartsGeek. Bosal Intermediate Pipes are engineered to provide excellent exhaust performance. These intermediate pipes are made from 16-gauge aluminized tubing that provides long lasting durability. They are built to OEM specifications and feature a one-piece configuration offering a precision-fit. These pipes are corrosion resistant and ensure easy installation.

The Starla Intermediate Pipe routes the exhaust flow between resonators, mufflers and converters.


Starla Intermediate Pipe
The Intermediate Pipe leads exhaust gases to the catalytic converter, where their toxicity is reduced. Unfortunately, the intermediate pipe's steel structure makes the pipe highly susceptible to corrosion. If yours is suffering from such wear and tear, replace it with a Starla Intermediate Pipe, available from PartsGeek. Starla Intermediate Pipes are low-priced and high quality.

Intermediate Pipe

Noxious gasses are never good, but they're best when they're kept in the exhaust system where they belong. This system protects you and others from the harmful emissions your vehicle pumps out of its engine. Almost equally important, the exhaust controls let you pass state-mandated tests and allow you stay on the road legally. If you want to get where you're going in safety and complete compliance, you need each tube, seal and device in your exhaust to work correctly.

Your exhaust pipe contributes to the filtration process indirectly, serving as an important conduit. It's the first step piece in your exhaust system, taking exhaust directly from the source and feeding it to the catalytic converter where it can be processed. This intermediate pipe component is exposed to harsh conditions. On the inside, it contains corrosive exhaust fumes and high heat. It's also constantly assaulted from the outside by road debris and other sources of degradation, such as salt.

If it's time for you to switch out your intermediate pipe, we've got your covered with our selection of quality replacements at We carry exhaust components from brands like Ansa, Starla, Walker, Bosal, Eberspaecher, Dynomax and Corsa. We also have millions of other parts and accessories. Everything in our inventory is for sale at up to 80% off of the list price and covered by our industry-leading 30-day return policy.

What is an intermediate pipe?

Contemporary exhaust systems use a catalytic converter to reduce emissions. This part is placed in the path of the exhaust as it leaves your engine. This means that noxious gasses have to pass through it in order to exit your vehicle and enter the atmosphere. This converter is fed by your intermediate pipe.

The exhaust pipe has to channel your exhaust when it still has an extremely high concentration of toxins. These pipes are therefore often constructed of heavy corrosion-resistant metals. Look for your intermediate pipe connected to your engine on one side and your catalytic converter on the other. When you're examining it, make sure it's free of heavy rust and all the connections are secure. You don't want to be able to move it around much and there shouldn't be any visible holes or cracks. You may have to get your vehicle raised up securely on jack stands before you can perform a complete inspection.

How much is an intermediate pipe?

A new intermediate pipe might cost you somewhere between $25-200. The variation in price is due to several factors:

  • Manufacturer of the part
  • Materials used
  • Requirements of the exhaust system
  • Performance level

What are some signs of a failed intermediate pipe?

Your intermediate pipe is the first step of your exhaust system, before the catalytic converter and the muffler. That means that you're likely to see several problems when this exhaust pipe becomes disconnected or damaged:

  • Sooty stains along the underside of your vehicle
  • Excessive noise, especially from turbocharged engines
  • Bad smell
  • Smoky exhaust
  • Failed emissions tests
  • Visible leaks coming from the connections or the pipe during normal engine operation or exhaust testing

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 2002 Saab rear muffler

The product looks exactly like the OEM part. Installation was a snap.

Product was shipped on time, and vehicle sounds like new !

2002 Saab 95 Intermediate Pipe

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Reviewer: dlahti8218

Direct fit. Cheapest price on the net. Free shipping! Saved at least $20 over local auto parts store.

2000 Honda Civic Intermediate Pipe

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Received as I have seen and works fine.

2001 Saab 95 Intermediate Pipe

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Reviewer: Aorg

The pipe replaced my old rusted one and after putting it on my car I didn't recognize the sound from my car. It had been loud for so long I forgot what my car sounded like quiet

1998 Subaru Forester Intermediate Pipe

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Reviewer: murph

Second purchase in same week I found this site. I'll be a long term customer

2008 Pontiac G6 Intermediate Pipe

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Very glad I found this for my car cheaper then what the mechanic would have charged! Plus I ordered the part on a Saturday morning and received the part the very next Tuesday! Super thrilled...Will order any future parts I may need for my car here!!!

2000 Mitsubishi Mirage Intermediate Pipe