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Replacement Intake Manifold Runner Valve Information

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Replacement Intake Manifold Runner valves
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Intake Manifold Runner Valve Information

When you are out on the road, you want your car to perform at its best whether you are cruising down the street or flying down the highway. A major factor in performance is how efficient your vehicle can use fuel, and this is influenced by the intake manifold runner valve. If your car is not riding as smooth as it used to or you feel like your vehicle is guzzling fuel like it is going out of style, you might have a problem with your runner valve that requires some time, attention and repair. offers a variety of OEM and aftermarket intake manifold runner valves, including top brands like Dorman, Mopar, Pierburg, Febi and Nissan, to make sure your vehicle keeps running in tip-top shape. We ship to the 48 contiguous states and provide a 30-day return policy on all parts that we sell, so you can remain confident about your purchase. 

What is an intake manifold runner valve?

A runner valve or IMRC regulates air flow to runners in your car's intake manifold. The valve diverts air to two different runners. Air is routed to a broad and short runner when RPMs are at a high speed and air goes to a slim and long runner when RPMs are low. The intake manifold runner valve evenly distributes air to all of the cylinders in your ride. 

How much is an intake manifold runner valve?

The cost of an intake manifold runner valve can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • The year the vehicle was made
  • The make and model of the car
  • Whether the part is made by the original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket

Here at, we offer some of the lowest prices available on the market. Our runner valves fall into the price range of $23 to $355.

How long does an IMRC last?

A runner valve should last for years with many expected to last the lifetime of a car. However, factors such as harsh weather conditions and exposure can impact the valve's longevity.

When should I replace my intake manifold runner valve?

If the runner valve is not working properly, it can impact fuel usage along with your car's overall performance, so you need to replace the valve as soon as you identify a problem with it. There are several symptoms that you can look out for that can help determine if your car's intake manifold runner has gone bad. Signs that this valve is not working properly include the following:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Engine performance has declined
  • Vehicle stalls
  • Inefficient fuel consumption
  • Rate of acceleration drops
  • Engine sputtering or misfiring

If you experience any of these symptoms with your car, it is time to get a mechanic to check out your ride and see if the intake manifold runner valve is the cause of your problems. With fast shipping from, you can be on the road to getting your ride back to the dependable car that you have relied on so much.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Elvin

A whole lot cheaper than gm and was same gm part number

2008 Buick Enclave Intake Manifold Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fast delivery ever

Thank you guys, it was here before I knew it and I joined the parts club

2011 Hyundai Santa Fe Intake Manifold Runner Control Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: J.utate

Excellent. Work at the perfection

I very satisfied .

2011 Kia Sorento Intake Manifold Runner Control Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: jack adams

this product fit perfect! arrived quicker than i thought it would!Excellent job!i will order from them again!!

2012 Kia Forte Intake Manifold Runner Control Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Michael Clark

I am very satisfied with my order of the Manifold, and have done business with Parts Geek many times and continue to appreciate the professionalism!

2003 Land Rover Freelander Intake Manifold Motor

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Product worked perfectly

Product arrived quickly. It was exactly as described, a brand new Genuine Land Rover part and it took all of 5 minutes to install.

2003 Land Rover Freelander Intake Manifold Motor