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Impulse SenderOne of the most complex systems in your car is the engine. The engine is one of the most important mechanisms in the functioning of any vehicle: this is what actually provides the power necessary to propel the car forward. One key factor in engine function is the crankshaft, which is often known as simply the crank. The crankshaft is responsible for turning the motion of a reciprocating linear piston into rotation. This is accomplished via a series of crankpins (or crank throws), which turn on an axis that is offset from the axis of the crank. The crankshaft works in tandem with the impulse sender and generally connects to a flywheel, which serves to store and release energy. Another key component in this area of your engine is a torsional or vibrational damper, which helps to control torsional vibrations in the crankshaft caused by the violence of engine function. Keeping your engine in top working condition is a key factor in automotive success. A great resource for all your auto parts needs is, where you can find an incredible selection of low-cost parts at anytime of day or night.

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Impulse Sender Information

A Bosch Impulse Sender plays several roles for the vehicle's fuel injection system, such as improving power output or diagnostic capability.


Bosch Impulse Sender
Use PartsGeek every time you want top quality auto parts such as the Bosch impulse sender. When you buy a vehicle engineered for high performance it needs the best quality auto parts. Outstanding capability and automotive performance rely on top-notch parts and accessories. People who thrill over optimized car or trucks recognize that nothing is more vital than getting the most durable aftermarket parts for your vehicle. The vehicle's impulse sender plays several roles in the fuel injection system, such as controlling emissions performance and reliability. A vehicle's impulse sender delivers information to your vehicle's ECU, which then controls fuel injection and ignition. The impulse sender is an instrument utilized by an engine to monitor the rate at which your crankshaft is spinning. The vehicle's impulse sender may become broken due to exposure to extreme heat or an oil leak and stop delivering data to your vehicle's control module.

Impulse Sender

The position and speed of your crankshaft changes thousands of times per minute, depending on how fast your engine is running. However, your engine computer needs to know where your crankshaft is at all times in order to maintain peak power and efficiency. Luckily, your impulse sender is up to the job. This speed sensor is made to withstand the high temperatures of your engine compartment while returning accurate data to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

This part uses a durable sensor to measure both the speed and the relative position of your crankshaft. Find your impulse sender mounted on the crankshaft itself or on your main pulley. This sensor provides measurements that are used to control various critical engine functions, including timing and fuel injection. Without it, you see a loss of performance and fuel efficiency problems.

We carry sensors by Bosch, AC Delco, Mopar, Standard Motor Products and Original Equipment here at We're proud to be your source of all things automotive with our huge selection of auto parts and accessories at up to 80% off of their manufacturer's list prices. Everything's covered by our 30-day return policy, so order now.

What is an impulse sender?

You might rightly assume from the name of the part that an impulse sender is responsible for relaying some sort of electrical signal. More specifically, it measures the position of your crankshaft and returns that information to your engine computer. The computer then uses the data to perform several functions, depending on the design of your engine:

  • Help calculate RPM of your engine
  • Control fuel injection
  • Manage ignition timing
  • Manage fuel injection timing

The term impulse sender is one term for this device, but there are several others:

  • Crank sensor
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Crank speed sensor
  • Engine speed sensor

Look for your speed sensor attached to your main accessory pulley, or mounted to the flywheel in manual transmission vehicles. You also might find this sensor attached directly to your camshaft or crankshaft. If you can't locate it in any of these places, check your vehicle maintenance and repair manual for the exact position of your sensor.

How much is a replacement impulse sender?

A replacement impulse sender might cost an average of $15-200. This is one of the most important sensors on your vehicle, so it's built to be durable. Unfortunately, the high heat of the engine compartment wears it out eventually. Want to avoid having to replace expensive parts like this so often? Keep your gaskets and hoses in good repair. Leaking fluids accelerate the failure of your speed sensor and your other electrical components.

What are the symptoms of a bad sender?

Your speed sensor often works with your cam position sensor to determine the relationship between the positions of your pistons and valves. This is important when your vehicle is starting. The bottom line is that you're likely to see rough starts or other starting problems when this sensor fails.

The speed sensor data is also used to determine timing and injection functions, such as how much gas is injected into your cylinders and when electricity is sent to your spark plugs. Look for decreased efficiency and lower performance, which are both results of improper ignition or fuel system control.

The final way to tell if your impulse sender is bad is to look at your engine diagnostics. If you have crankshaft position error codes and you're experiencing signs of advanced sensor failure, such as stalling, engine shaking or backfires, it's past time to replace this part.

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