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Replacement Ignition Module Information

Choose from top brands including: Genuine

The ignition module is the part of the ignition system that regulates the ignition coil. (The ignition coil steps up the voltage from the battery so that the voltage is powerful enough to feed the engine's sparkplugs.) The ignition module turns the ignition coil on and off as necessary, so that the spark plugs fire at the correct time. The timing of the spark plugs' firing is critical, because they are what ignite the fuel in the engine and make the engine run. Ignition modules are an improvement to the original points ignition systems, because they rely on electronic timing whereas the points relied on mechanical movement. This is the automotive equivalent of moving from a mechanical clock to a digital clock; the added precision means better efficiency and fewer tune-ups to the ignition system. In older models, the ignition module was connected to the distributor and coil pack. Newer-model cars, which have fully computerized ignition systems, generally incorporate the ignition module and the ignition coil into one package. A failing ignition module can cause trouble starting, an overheating ignition coil, or stalling while driving. It can also cause the engine to lose power or hesitate. To troubleshoot the ignition module, examine it for overheating while the engine is started. Also examine all wire connections to the module to see if they are broken or worn. This can be a sign that the module has been vibrating too much, so try to seat it more firmly in its place. If the module is broken, take the vehicle to a reputable mechanic. Checking the ignition module and surrounding wiring can be dangerous, because the system is tied into the vehicle's battery. Be sure to have the wiring around the module checked out as well as the module itself; replacing the wires is usually cheaper than replacing the ignition module itself.

Replacement Ignition Modules
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Ignition Module Information

Part of the work of a well-functioning Bosch Ignition Module is to monitor and control engine advance and retard.

Bosch Bosch Ignition Module

An automobile is only as good as its parts, such as a Bosch ignition module. Preserve your car or truck's critical systems by installing the ultimate in high-quality parts and accessories. Take your automobile to a superior level of power and performance by installing performance components. By enabling your injectors to use gasoline more completely, performance equipment options increase power ratings while lowering excess gasoline wastage. A faulty ignition module is typically completely non-functional because there is no trigger voltage being sent to the ignition coil. If your car doesn't have functional ignition module your ignition system will experience problems. A vehicle's ignition module controls the spark that ignites the fuel in the engine and makes the energy that allows the car to move. Your ignition module often is found within the car's engine compartment. One of the functions of a fully functional ignition module is to monitor and control engine advance and retard. The ignition module is the electronic controller of the vehicle's ignition system using signals from a sensor in the distributor.

Your Delphi Ignition Module is the main electronic controller for the car's ignition system which uses signals from sensors in the distributor.

Delphi Delphi Ignition Module

A car or truck is only as good as the parts it uses, such as the Delphi ignition module. Improved handling is easier with optional parts engineered to work with the engine as well as front end components. Your car is outstanding because of its great performance and great style, and to have it going in its best shape you want the best in replacement parts. People who love their cars realize that only premium quality parts should be used. Your ignition module typically is found within the vehicle's engine compartment. If your car or truck doesn't have new ignition module the car can experience anything from misfiring cylinders to a complete breakdown. The ignition module is the electronic controller of the car's whole ignition system which uses signals from a sensor in the distributor. Part of the work of the ignition module is to control engine timing. An ignition module is actually the name used for several different electrical components that can operate in unison to produce an extremely powerful spark that will then ignite the fuel in the combustion chambers. A malfunctioning ignition module is typically non-functional because there is no trigger voltage being transferred to the coil.

Ignition Module

Don’t get left behind on your next outing with a ride that doesn’t start. To power up the engine, your vehicle is dependent on the ignition module. If you’re dealing with a deteriorated module, you can soon find yourself with an engine that can’t get going, ruining your travel plans. However, this dilemma can be prevented with proper maintenance to your ignition system. Replacing the module is usually done by a professional mechanic due to the nature of the electronics involved. But you can locate the part you need at an affordable price to help alleviate the overall expense.

At, our massive inventory includes top-rated brands such as Original Equipment, Bosch, Intermotor, Delphi, and Genuine. We are known for having the highest quality products at great prices. We appreciate that your time and hard-earned money are valuable. We ease the strain of making repairs by providing discount prices and eliminating the need to travel to an auto parts store to find your items. With our fast shipping, 30-day return policy, and world-class customer service, is committed to ensuring you remain another satisfied customer.

What Is an Ignition Module?

Your automobile’s ignition system is made up of several components including the module and the ignition coil. All of them function together to power the engine. Increasing the strength of the electrical current that comes from the battery and is sent to the spark plugs is the job of the ignition coil. That coil is controlled by the module, which makes sure the plugs are sparking appropriately.

How Much Does One Cost?

To get the exact amount for an electronic ignition module, the year, make, and model must be considered. We make it easy for you to find the precise part you need and its cost with our simple to use search tool. There’s no need to worry about finding the correct product, because once you enter a few details, you are shown the available options for your car or truck. We stock millions of parts to help keep you moving, and our online catalog includes modules with prices from $46 to $250.

What Are Some Warning Signs of a Failing Electronic Ignition Module?

It’s important to have a malfunctioning module evaluated by a qualified mechanic because of the risk of injury if the wiring is handled incorrectly. The mechanic can also determine if it’s possible to have the wires replaced instead of the entire unit, possibly cutting down on the repair cost. Some signals of trouble with the module include the following:

  • Engine delays or reduced power
  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • Excessive heating of the ignition coil
  • Coming to a standstill while operating the vehicle
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