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Replacement Ignition Lock Assembly Information

Choose from top brands including: Standard Motor Products, Beck Arnley, Genuine, Original Equipment, Crown Automotive, API, Dorman, AC Delco, Replacement and SKP.

Ignition Lock AssemblyThe ignition lock assembly on your car is comprised of two separate parts; the lock cylinder, which - in cars manufactured after about 2000 -- uses a passkey to help prevent theft, and an electrical part called the ignition switch that passes power to devices such as wipers, electric windows, door locks and the radio. The ignition switch also sends power to the starter motor when you turn the key. The ignition lock is where you insert the key to start the car and locks the steering wheel until the key is inserted and turned to the "on" position. The steering wheel cannot be rotated without the key in the "on" position, which means a thief cannot drive off with the car just by hot-wiring it. If the ignition lock assembly -- either part -- breaks, it means that you won't be able to drive the car until it's repaired. The ignition lock itself cannot be repaired and must be replaced, usually by a mechanic with the proper tools and knowledge. If the electrical part of the assembly breaks, it is possible to replace it in most vehicles without disturbing the ignition lock. A broken ignition lock assembly can show up in a variety of ways. You may notice that it's getting harder to turn the key to start the car - almost like the key doesn't fit anymore. Sometimes the steering wheel jams after the car starts and you have trouble moving it. The problems can be intermittent as the assembly fails, which means that sometimes the car will start without a problem and other times the engine won't start or may keep running even after you turn off the key. Because a broken or failing ignition lock assembly is very annoying and will make your car unreliable, you'll probably want to take it to your mechanic for diagnosis and repair as soon as you notice the problem.

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Ignition Lock Assembly Information

A Beck Arnley Ignition Lock Assembly provides a mechanism for deterring theft by making it hard to steer the vehicle unless you have the right key.

Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley Ignition Lock Assembly
When you order a Beck Arnley ignition lock assembly from the team here at PartsGeek, you can be positive that you are choosing the most high quality parts at the best price. It doesn't matter if you race your vehicle or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, the best quality replacement parts are essential. If you purchased that high-performance vehicle to take advantage of its outstanding power and performance, insure your investment and use only the best replacement parts and accessories. Better handling is a breeze with optional devices designed to work with the engine as well as suspension components. Your high-quality ignition lock assembly provides a smooth initiation sequence for your car. An ignition lock assembly provides a mechanism for reducing vehicle theft by making it hard to operate your vehicle without the correct key. Your ignition lock assembly acts as an insulator for the ignition switch. The ignition lock assembly serves as an anti-theft measure as the vehicle's steering wheel can't turn without the key in place and turned to on, making the car essentially immobile. Your ignition lock assembly is attached to the steering column and contains tumblers that interact with the key to launch the engine. A vehicle is only as good as its parts, such as the Beck Arnley ignition lock assembly.

Ignition Lock Assembly

Engineers of contemporary vehicles have made many improvements to your safety and security, both on and off the road. They've made vehicles easier to own and harder to steal. One of the stars of modern theft protection is your humble ignition lock assembly. Thanks to this part, the days of thieves breaking your window and hot-wiring your vehicle are long gone. Unfortunately, this also means that you're not going anywhere in your own vehicle if your lock assembly breaks. Get it replaced as soon as possible if you start noticing problems like stubborn keys.

Replacement ignition lock assemblys have all the parts you need to switch out your entire lock setup. The exact components depend on the manufacturer of your vehicle, but they usually include at least a lock tumbler. Regardless of what's in your assembly, all of the parts work together to allow you to start your vehicle. They allow electrical currents to flow to your starter system when you turn your key to the correct position in the ignition lock. Your ignition lock assembly also prevents anyone without the right key from starting your vehicle.

We're proud to offer lock assembly options from brands like AC Delco, Standard Motor Products, Genuine, Original Equipment, Beck Arnley and Crown Automotive at Shop our millions of auto parts of accessories and enjoy discounts of up to 80% off of everything. We also have a 30-day policy to cover all returns, so order with confidence.

What is an ignition lock assembly?

Your ignition lock assembly is responsible for theft deterrence and prevention when used in combination with other security features, such as alarms and door locks. In addition to protecting against hot-wiring, it locks the steering wheel in place. This prevents would-be thieves from steering the vehicle. If the assembly is broken, all of these security features work against anyone who tries to start your vehicle whether they have the right key or not.

Your assembly is a combination of mechanical and electrical devices. It might include several different components depending on your vehicle and the part's manufacturer:

  • Circuitry
  • Lock tumblers
  • Other security devices
  • Wires and electrical connectors
  • Fasteners
  • Keys

It works by using various key positions to close circuits. When the right key is turned into the correct position in the tumbler, your starting engine, fuel pump relay and various other systems are initialized.

Quality replacement ignition lock assemblys offer the same safety and security as your manufacturer's original parts. They can take many forms, depending on the original design. These aren't generic parts, so make sure you get the lock assembly that's engineered specifically for your vehicle.

How much are replacement ignition lock assemblys?

You should probably set aside somewhere between $30-180 for replacement ignition lock assemblys. The variance in prices depends on:

  • Age of your vehicle
  • Make and model
  • How many parts are included in the assembly

What are the signs of a broken ignition lock assembly?

Even if you've followed all the maintenance suggestions for your vehicle in terms of lubrication and proper key use, ignition lock assembly problems are still possible. For example, loose connections in your locking apparatus can look like any number of problems normally associated with:

  • Batteries
  • Ignition control units
  • Coils
  • Distributors
  • Starting motors

There are also a few symptoms that almost always require replacement ignition lock assemblys:

  • Difficult key operation (having to shake the key to start the vehicle)
  • Inconsistent key function
  • Engine remaining on after you turn your vehicle off

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Did the job for the delv..

1998 Nissan Maxima Ignition Lock Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: John

I recently installed a new ignition / steering lock on my 1974 2002 BMW from Partsgeek. It fit perfectly and works great. I was happy and suprised to find such a rare piece of for such an old car.

1974 BMW 2002 Ignition Lock Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: J.D.

Worked perfectly. Great fit easy to install. And above all else GREAT PRICE!!!!!!

1996 Honda Accord Ignition Lock Assembly

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: David

This is just what I needed. I would have given it 5 stars but it too 2 weeks to get here. Other than that it works great.

1991 Honda Accord Ignition Lock Assembly

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Zmonster

great price ,OEM replacement part

1974 Nissan 260Z Ignition Lock Assembly

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: quicky3636

i was ordered a lock cylinder switch and got one that was not what i wanted, i emailed them and we cleared up quick and had it all figured out and the customer service was great and had it all cleared up.

1981 Nissan 720 Ignition Lock Assembly