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Choose from top brands including: Beck Arnley, Genuine, Beru, Delphi, Mitsubishi Electric, Original Equipment and Mitsubishi.

IgniterIf you want your car to be reliable and trustworthy (as most of us not surprisingly do), the key is to make sure that your ignition system is in good condition. Sure, we all want to make sure we are able to keep our cars running Ė but itís hard to fret about keeping the car moving if you canít even get it going in the first place. The ignition system of your car, then, is a critical place to monitor for proper function through and through. For starters (no pun intended), youíll want to make sure that the igniter is in good working condition and does not tend to work only when it feels like it. This component does exactly what its name implies: it is responsible for setting off the many explosions that power the engine and, by association, your vehicle as a whole. If your ignition system is not in good condition, youíll find that your car starts irregularly or not at all Ė a major headache for a driver. When itís time to service your carís ignition system, then, shop for the right parts at, where youíll find spectacular customer service and support for all your automotive needs.

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Igniter Information

The Beck Arnley Igniter is key to switching power to the car's engine.

Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley Igniter
The perfect parts for the job, like a Beck Arnley igniter, are only a mouse click away when you order from PartsGeek. Take your auto to the ultimate level of power by installing performance elements. You purchased a performance-optimized car to enjoy its high-end engine power and performance, protect your investment with outstanding replacement parts and accessories. To increase the horses of your ride's power plant, install a selection of these optional components that are especially designed to expand performance. The car or truck's igniter is a solid-state electronic component that can generates an enormously powerful spark which will subsequently ignite the fuel in your vehicle's engine. The vehicle's igniter regulates the spark that ignites fuel in the engine's combustion chamber. Electricity comes through the igniter which acts to control the current flow to the ignition coil of your car. If you don't have the igniter, the ignition system would not operate, and your vehicle won't start. A malfunctioning igniter can keep an automobile from starting and lead to the vehicle stopping. Without functional igniter your vehicle can experience problems.


Starting your car is supposed to be the simple part of driving, but with a damaged or worn out igniter, that stops being the case. When your ignition fails, it makes you fear that your car is no longer reliable. Replacing your igniter will return your car to the vehicle you were able to count on before.

At we offer a large selection of igniters at a range of price points. With an inventory of high quality brands, we can help you find what you need at a price you can afford. Our 30-day return policy gives you the confidence that the part you choose will fit like a glove.

What Is an Igniter?

Your vehicle’s igniter is the main ingredient of your car’s ignition system. It has two main purposes: producing a spark to get the fuel burning and managing the performance of the spark plugs. Simply put, if your car’s igniter stops working, your engine will not work. This is an electrical component in your vehicle, and it is prone to getting worn out over time. If you suspect that your igniter is becoming faulty, replacing it quickly is very important to your car or truck’s performance.

How Much Are New Igniters?

Depending upon whether or not you are purchasing a full ignition kit or just a single component, prices vary dramatically. At we have many full kits in the $50 to $150 range. Prices of igniters depend upon the make and model of your car or truck, the materials that are used in their manufacture and the brand you select. We have many top brands available, including Accel, Dorman, Hitachi and Standard Motor Products.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Igniter?

If your car won’t start, that is an obvious sign that you have ignition issues, but clearly no one wants that to be the only thing to look for. One signal that your igniter is on the fritz is that your car overheats. This can be tested by using a screwdriver to tap the ignition module after 30 minutes of use to see if the car stalls. A stall can mean you are starting to get shorts in your electrical system. Sudden stalls in general can be a sign that your igniter has very little life left in it, and it is a worry that your car will not restart after each stall. This makes it imperative that you replace the igniter at the very first sign of trouble.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dakota

Even thou it seems like these guys write their own comments,

The parts do come fast and are always in great condition

Read carefully what u buy so things may not fit like u think

Another than that, five star guys, keep it up

1990 Toyota Celica Igniter

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: p twaddle

I orded a 1990 Toyota igniter it showed up in two days very happy with that.unfortunatly I orded the wrong part waiting on return number

1990 Toyota Pickup Igniter

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: En caso de emergencia

Compre este modulo, en caso de emergencia, pues no duran tanto como los demasiado caros de Toyota, pero su precio es muy razonable considerando que el original duro 170000 millas y los alternativos 40000 como minimo.

El despacho , fantastico.

1985 Toyota Camry Igniter

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Dan Taylor

great item as described. fit like a button on a great shirt. thanks. easy fix..

1993 Suzuki Sidekick Igniter

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Cdg5369

They sent our part fast even right after Christmas ! It worked for a little while then car stoped running. So there is more wrong with it. Has nothing to do with this part. It's old car and four different Auto repair places hsve Not fixed it yet!!!

Thanks for great service !

1995 Toyota Camry Igniter

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Hybridgardener

Arrived on time and in great condition. Easy to imstall

1996 Toyota Corolla Igniter