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Hub Cap Information

While the main purpose of any car is to help its owner get around from place to place, another key factor in automobile ownership is style. Drivers enjoy customizing their vehicles to reflect their own personal tastes and preferences. One key area where drivers like to add a bit of flash is the hub cap, which is a component that covers the center of the wheel. These parts are available in unending designs and sizes, allowing drivers to choose the one that they believe best represents the way they see themselves and their cars. Apart from style, however, this plastic or metal covering is also important because it can help keep the surface of the wheel itself clean and damage-free. Out on the road, there is plenty of dirt, grime, and opportunity for disaster. Something as simple as a wheel covering can ensure that the lug nuts and important components of the wheel do not become clogged with debris or damaged by curbs or other impediments. For a great selection of wheel coverings at great prices, shop online at

Hub Cap

You’ve probably seen one looking for its owner, propped up against a signpost by an upstanding citizen, as you drove by. Hub caps can make a car look complete, or they can harm your ride’s appearance if one goes missing. A shiny set of hubcaps is an easy way to keep your car looking top notch without spending big bucks.

At we have a large assortment of hubcaps to fit your needs. With our 30-day return policy you can be sure to get what you need at the right price.

What Is a Hub Cap?

Hubcaps are decorative plastic or metal covers that attach to the rims of your car. They hide the wheel nuts from view, and can help prevent rust from making your wheels difficult to remove. Although purely decorative, a missing hub cap can immediately make your car look rundown and neglected. A new set of hubcaps can give your car some pizzaz, or you can simply choose to replace a hub cap that fell off. When purchasing a new hub cap, it is important to know the size of your wheels in order to find the correct hub cap to order.

How Much Is a New Hub Cap?

While prices range depending upon the number of hubcaps included and the brand, for a single hubcap, it is typically between $30 and $90. There are also kits that contain four new hubcaps. At we offer a wide selection of hubcaps and carry top brands, such as Genuine and OEQ.

Is It Easy to Replace a Hub Cap?

Replacing a hub cap could not be simpler, and you should start by making sure that the car is in park and turned off, and for added safety you can also use the parking brake. How you hub cap should be replaced depends on the type that you have. Some hubcaps attach using your wheel’s lug nuts. These will take the most time to replace because you need to remove and replace the lug nuts several at a time so the entire wheel doesn’t come off. A washer holds on this type of hub cap, so you can remove half of the lug nuts at a time to take off the washers, without removing the entire wheel. Screw hubcaps have a screw holding them onto the wheel. You simply remove the screw, put on the new hub cap and replace the screw. Finally, if your hubcaps just clip onto the rim, you will use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the old hub cap (if it is still on). Then you line up the new hub cap so it is touching the wheel rim and snap it on by gently knocking it around the edges with a rubber mallet.

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Reviewer: Ken From Texas

Arrived sooner than expected and was wrapped and shipped to prevent any damage. Very Satisfied!

1998 Jaguar Vanden Plas Hub Cap

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Reviewer: Jag Replacement Parts

The service was very quick. I was very pleased with the website.

1999 Jaguar XJ8 Hub Cap

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Product came quickly and was a perfect match for the car.

1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas Hub Cap

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found it new for a great price knowing they carry it is great it nice to know they carry hard to find parts now I wont have to buy used and its at a bargin price

1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas Hub Cap

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Thanks Parts Geeks, you saved me time and money over going to the dealer!!Keep up the good work

2003 Jaguar Vanden Plas Hub Cap

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Right part, perfect fit, prompt (2 day) to my door delivery.

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