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Choose from top brands including: OEM, Original Equipment, Genuine, Febi, JL, Trucktec, BBR Automotive, Action Crash, DIY Solutions and Meyle.

Hood PadYou know quite well that the engine of your car produces a lot of heat while it runs. Internal combustion engines rely on explosions for their power – so they get quite warm very quickly. This is why your car has multiple systems designed specifically to help control engine heat and prevent the engine from causing problems. As a general rule, these systems are designed to keep engine heat controlled so that it does not harm the actual engine components. An unforeseen problem, however, can manifest itself in a much more unexpected way: excessive engine heat can actually damage the metal hood of your car and, in some cases, cause the paint on the surface to pucker, bubble, or peel. The surface of your car is protected by a hood pad, which keeps engine heat from damaging the hood itself. Over time, this protective layer can become worn and ratty – and it will do a less effective job of managing heat distribution and overall protection. You can replace this component – and anything else your car needs – with great parts from, where you’ll find incredible selection and low prices.

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Hood Pad Information

An old Febi Hood Pad may let high engine temperature do damage to the primer, paint, and clear coat on the hood.


Febi Hood Pad
The specialists here at know what it's like to take pride in your vehicle, and so we want to help you find the perfect Febi hood pad. The minor components of your car, though not mandatory for the continued functioning of your car or truck, are still elements you should keep in tip-top working order. Usually a car's interior features are intended to enhance the driver's convenience. Every model has a range of features that range in scope from floor mats to door handles. Over time, the hood pad might need to be replaced. A quality hood pad will insulate and protect the vehicle's sensitive paint job. Your vehicle's internal combustion engine makes extreme heat and your vehicle's hood pad is engineered to protect the hood of your vehicle. A worn hood pad may let heat do damage to the paint on the hood.

Hood Pad

Have you ever had a good look at the inside of your car's hood? It's probably something you don't pay much attention to, but it holds an important part in the overall maintenance of the area surrounding the engine. Your engine generates a great deal of heat while you're driving. If there were no insulation on the inside of your vehicle's hood, this heat could cause damage to the opposite side where the paint job is visible. To prevent this damage your car has what's called a hood pad installed on the underside of the hood. This pad provides critical insulation from the hot temperatures inside the engine environment. Making sure that you have good insulation under the hood ensures that your paint job doesn't crack or peel due to excess heat.

It's easy to find a wide assortment of hood insulation pads at We carry a range of pads from top names like Febi, Original Equipment, Trucktec and Meyle. Browse our selection and choose the one that's best for your car. With our 30-day return policy you can send it back if it's not the right one.

What is a hood pad?

Hood pads protect the underside of your car's hood from heat damage from the high temperatures produced in and around the engine. It insulates the inside of the engine compartment from the top of the car to protect the paint job from warping with cracks, bubbles or peeling. Another benefit of a hood pad is that it reduces noise from the engine compartment. Hood insulation pads are sized to match your vehicle's hood exactly so it's important to order a replacement in the right size.

How much is a hood insulation pad?

Pads that provide under-hood insulation range in price from about $40 to $75 at However, this can vary depending on the make, model and year of the car. Prices also vary based on the brand and any additional features. Some hood insulation pads also have built-in heat shields.

How are hood pads attached?

Before you install the new insulation you'll need to remove the old pad and prepare a clean surface. The pad that provides insulation to the engine compartment is held to the hood by an adhesive such as spray glue. You can find these adhesives labeled as trim adhesive or specifically as hood pad adhesive. Other types of heavy-duty adhesives and glues can also work well.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: 190E2.6

Perfect fit and easy installation. Highly recommended for trouble-free, original-look replacement.

1993 Mercedes 190E Hood Pad

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Af1fe

Quick shipping, was in perfect shape. Installation was a breeze. Thanks.

2002 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Reviewer: Johnny

Product shipped quickly. My only dissatisfaction is the product was not package properly. It was just stuffed into a regular cardboard box and came all winkle.

2000 Mercedes SL500 Hood Pad

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Super fast shipping!

Received this item so quickly and was 100% satisfied!

2006 Volkswagen Beetle Hood Pad

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: John Avolio

Very pleased with the quality of the product and how well packaged & protected the product was. Also I received teh product well before the anticipated delivery date.

1993 Mercedes 190E Hood Pad

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: Hood Pad

Good buy for the price. Could have been about about 1/2" longer (front to rear) for a better fit. Aluminum on heat pad was not crimped to foam completely but it worked. Reduced engine noise a bit.

1985 Mercedes 300TD Hood Pad