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Hood Hinge Information

When discussing auto parts, it is important to distinguish between the hood latch (which keeps the hood closed until it needs to be raised) and the hood hinge (which acts like a door hinge and allows the hood to pivot open and closed). Hood hinge replacements are popular modifications to hot rods and other show cars. Many companies sell hood hinge kits that can be used to modify the way the hood opens, with the hinges on the front, middle or sides of the hood instead of the rear. Car owners who have murals or other details painted on the hood may use a special hood hinge that opens the hood so that it is vertical to the ground, which allows passers-by to admire the mural. When replacing the hood hinge, be sure to have a friend hold the hood open if it doesn't have a built-in support. Beware of using a stick to prop the hood open instead; if it jiggles loose, you could end up with a bad headache! Replacing the hood hinge can be dangerous for other reasons, as well. Hood hinges are commonly secured by springs, which can fly off and injure you if they are handled incorrectly. Procedures for removing the springs can vary depending on the car. In most cases, it is best to use three feet of sturdy metal chain. Add a metal hook on one end, and secure the chain's hook through the hook on the end of the spring. While standing as far away from the spring as possible, pull steadily on the chain until the spring opens. Unhook the end of the spring from the hood hinge, and then slowly release the chain. When putting the spring back onto the hood hinge, hook one end of the spring into the appropriate place on the hood hinge. Use the chain to pull the spring toward you. This should lengthen the spring enough to hook the other end of the spring onto the hinge. When performing any hood hinge installation, use care and wear proper protective gear.

Hood Hinge

Your car has a wide variety of tiny parts that are often overlooked until they need replacement. A hood hinge is one of these essential components. Without it, your hood wouldn't open properly, and you wouldn't have access to any of your engine's inner workings. This small hinge gives you and your mechanic the ability to get under the hood for inspection, repairs and refills of fluids. Beyond simple functionality, there are also hinges sold as aftermarket parts for hot rod enthusiasts to modify the way their vehicle's hood opens. These aftermarket parts make it possible to display particular features under the hood. Just like the hinge on a door, replacement hood hinges are the gateway to everything that goes on in and around your vehicle's engine. has a big assortment of parts to fit your vehicle's hood. Choose from leading brands like Action Crash Parts, Genuine, Putco and Crown Automotive. There's no need to hesitate on your order because has a 30-day return policy. You can order with confidence with a month to send back a part if it doesn't work out for you.

What is a hood hinge?

Just like the hinges on a door or window, the hinge on your car's hood controls the upward motion in opening and closing of the hood. Hinges differ from the hood's latch, which is the mechanism on the front of the hood that releases it and allows it to pop open when you trigger the lever or button to open the hood (usually found on the driver's side of the car's interior). When considering replacement hinges for your vehicle's hood, remember that you have to order the part designed for the side that needs a new hinge. The side is indicated as either driver side or passenger side in the parts catalog listing. 

How much is a hood hinge? 

The hinges that secure your hood are relatively inexpensive compared to other replacement parts on your vehicle. The average price for a replacement part ranges from $10 to $30. Keep in mind that hinges are sold for the particular side of your vehicle that needs the replacement. If you have to replace both hinges, you'll need to budget double the price since you'll have to purchase two.

Can I install replacement hood hinges?

Installing a new hinge for your hood is a job that can be done at home, but it takes attention to detail. Most hoods have a built-in support, but if yours doesn't this is a job where you'll need a helping hand from a friend. You'll need to have the right tools to work on the bolts that are attached to the mounting brackets on the part that connects to the vehicle. When attaching the new hinge, you'll have to consult your vehicle owner's manual to know how much torque to apply.

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