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Choose from top brands including: Spectra Premium, APDI, GPD, Action Crash, OSC Automotive, Behr, ACM, Nissens, Genuine, UAC, Replacement, Mopar and Motorcraft.

Heater CoreNo matter how tough you may think you are as a driver, you’re unlikely to be interested in plodding through an entire winter without heat. In cold weather, the passenger cabin of an automobile can get quite frigid. Fortunately, cars are designed to tap into excess engine heat to thoroughly warm the passenger cabin and keep it comfortable. The warming process begins in the engine, where coolant fluid is used to control the temperature. After it has passed through the engine, this coolant is now warm. It then passes through a series of winding tubes to the heater core, which effectively exchanges the heat between the coolant and the cabin air. Performance is maximized via fins attached to the tubes in the core, which increase the amount of surface area available for heat transfer to passing air. The air that passes through the system, then, is warmed – allowing you to heat the passenger cabin to your heart’s content. If your heating system is on the fritz, shop and find new heater core cost for your vehicle here at, where you’ll find incredible selection and great prices – guaranteed.

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Heater Core Information

Your vehicle's Behr Heater Core looks similar to the car's radiator unit extremely hot fluid moving through tubes.


Behr Heater Core
Looking for a good source of quality parts like a Behr heater core? There are many different options one can buy as well as generic equipment that will provide more fun to the travels. Driving really shouldn't have to be hard labor, because the right OEM and aftermarket parts exist for your comfort. In order to make sure that your car's driving experience is as enjoyable as you need it to be, you have to keep comfort-providing systems operating at their full efficiency. Since scalding fluid is moving through tubes just a few inches away from your legs, an operational heater core is indispensable. Your heater core is a mechanism that is used to warm the interior of a vehicle. A heater core is filled with burning hot liquid that has air thrust all through it heat up in the boundaries of the auto. So you can heat the passenger area of the vehicle, the heater core taps into your engine's warmth. Use any time you desire high quality automotive parts like a Behr heater core.

Hot fluid moving out of the car's engine block into the Delphi Heater Core distributes warmth.


When you decide to get a Delphi heater core, restoring your beloved car or truck with top quality parts always pays off over time. In order to make sure that your car's passenger compartment is as pleasant as you need it to be, you'll need to keep comfort-oriented components functioning at their maximum capacity. Buying options that improve drivability also improves performance in dangerous conditions. If you spend your days driving, then you recognize the value of quality parts. Since boiling hot coolant is flowing just inches away from your legs, a well maintained heater core is indispensable. The vehicle's heater core is a system which is used to warm the interior of your vehicle. Your heater core is the warming apparatus that heats the cab of an automobile by cycling heated water throughout it and driving air over it into the automobile. The heater core looks similar to the vehicle's radiator but is placed behind the dashboard.

A leaking Febi Heater Core is a serious risk because of scalding coolant.


Febi Heater Core
When you order a Febi heater core from the specialists here at, you can be sure that you are choosing the highest quality parts and the lowest price. Top quality parts can make the difference between an enjoyable, comfortable drive and an awkward, difficult one. Your vehicle isn't merely a means of getting from A to B; it can be a zone where you can be made comfortable and relaxed. The comfort-related components of a car make it effortless for you to cruise from point A to point B; guarantee that comfort by keeping them in the best condition possible. Because scalding fluid is flowing just a few inches away from your legs, a well maintained heater core is critical. To warm the inside of your car, a heater core links into the engine's warmth. Your heater core is the radiator apparatus that heats up the cab of a car by cycling heated fluids from the radiator throughout it and blowing air over it into the vehicle. Your heater core is full with burning hot coolant that has air pushed all the way through it heat up within the inside of the automobile.

A faulty Mopar Heater Core is a major problem with safety because of extremely hot fluids.


Mopar Heater Core
Your car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, like a Mopar heater core. There are a number of options one can buy plus generic components that can give additional fun to one's travels. Although they aren't required for keeping your car on the move, the comfort-oriented systems of your vehicle are vital to keeping your car or truck agreeable and tolerable to drive, most especially in extreme temperature situations. The comfort-related systems of a car make it possible for you to drive from point A to point B; ensure that comfort by maintaining them in the best condition possible. A vehicle's heater core is a system that is used in heating the inside of the car. The heater core is similar to the vehicle's radiator but is installed behind the dashboard. As boiling hot liquid is flowing through tubes only inches from your legs, a working heater core is important. Your vehicle's heater core is the radiator tool that roasts the inside of a car by running hot water through it and driving air over it into the automobile.

A malfunctioning Valeo Heater Core will present a major risk because of scalding coolant.


Valeo Heater Core
If you want tremendous satisfaction from your car or truck, look at a Valeo heater core. Your vehicle isn't merely a mode of getting from A to B, it's a place where you can be made comfortable and relaxed. Top quality parts can be the difference between an enjoyable, comfortable ride and an unpleasant one. Buying features that improve mechanical operation also improves performance in slick conditions. Since boiling hot coolant is flowing just inches away from your legs, a well maintained heater core is very important. So that drivers can warm the cabin of your car, your heater core taps into an engine's heat. The heater core is similar to a car's radiator but is placed in front of the firewall. A car or truck's heater core is a mechanism which is used to increase the temperature in the interior space of the car or truck. A car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, like the Valeo heater core.

Heater Core

If you’ve ever gone through a brutal winter, you know the feeling of running from the house to your car, and praying it warms up as fast as possible so you can start feeling the warm air on your face. That warmth is care of your car’s heater core. And even more important than making your car feel cozy on a winter commute, it is part of the system that cools the engine to prevent overheating. When your heater core breaks it is important to fix it to keep the car running like the well-oiled machine it is.

At we offer a wide array of heater cores to meet your needs. With our 30-day return policy you can feel sure that you will have your car or truck back up and running in no time.

What Is a Heater Core?

Your car’s heater core is part of the heating and cooling system. It is located typically located on the passenger side of the vehicle, behind your dashboard. Just like a radiator in your home, heater cores have the same snakey look and operate in a similar fashion. The snake-like piping allows heat to disperse, which is how your car’s defroster and heater work. There are very few among us who would want to go through winter without a functioning heater core, but a busted heater core means your safety can come into play. Not only do you need a working defroster to ensure visibility in the cold, a broken heater core can cause your car to overheat.

How Much Are New Heater Cores?

Although new heater cores can vary in price depending upon several factors, most fall between the $40 to $80 range. Pricing depends upon the make and model of your car or truck, the materials used and the brand of heater core you decide to purchase. At we are able to offer a wide variety of parts from top manufacturers, such as ACM, Behr, Metrix and Spectra Premium. With heater cores at an assortment of price points, you are sure to find the part you need at a competitive price.

When Do You Need a New Heater Core?

There are several signs you can look for if your heater core is on the fritz. First, if your car starts to smell a bit ripe--like fruit that has gone bad--that is a good sign you might have a problem. Another common sign is if your windows fog up for no reason while you are driving. This is because warm coolant is leaking and causing the condensation to form all over your windows. This leaking of coolant leads to the next sign, which is that you are needing to refill your car’s coolant more than is normal. Going through copious amounts of coolant is a sure sign you need to check on your heater core’s health. If all of these signs pass by without notice, the most serious sign is that the cabin of your car is cold as ice, but your engine is hot, hot, hot. A cold cabin on its own often indicates that there is a problem with a blower, but add in a hot engine and this is a sure sign that your heater core is the likely culprit.

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