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Replacement Headlight Bulb Information

Choose from top brands including: Wagner, Philips, Hella, API, CIPA, Osram/Sylvania, PIAA, AC Delco, Eiko, APA/URO Parts, Genuine, Bosch, Flosser, Osram Sylvania and Jahn.

Headlight BulbOne of the most underappreciated safety features on an automobile is the headlight assembly, which allows for safe and efficient driving in a variety of weather and lighting conditions. In addition to its safety applications, headlight assemblies also help contribute to a brand's image and visual identity. Automobile manufacturers spend a significant amount of time designing and improving their headlight assemblies, and in particular the headlight bulbs. Headlight bulbs come in a variety of intensities and styles. The most prevalent headlight bulbs on U.S. roadways are built with a dual-filament construction, but high-end manufacturers are increasingly turning to High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED headlight bulbs for their increased luminosity and style. HID headlight bulbs, which are commonly referred to as "xenon bulbs" thanks to the xenon gas that they contain, can be identified by their distinctive bluish hue. Aftermarket HID headlight bulbs are available for many vehicle models but be careful when disposing of HID headlights to ensure that potentially hazardous waste is handled properly; many HID headlights feature the toxic metal mercury in the headlight bulb housing. One of the primary concerns with HID and LED headlight bulbs is the increased glare produced by their beams. Some vehicles utilize a headlight leveling system that can direct the beam up or down, depending on the driving conditions, to reduce overall glare. Many vehicles designed to tow heavy loads, which angle the rear of the vehicle downward and point the hood skyward, include a headlight bulb leveling feature. In the United States the Department of Transportation imposes strict regulations on the types of headlight bulbs that can be installed on a given vehicle. Whereas most of the world operates under an international agreement that standardizes vehicle regulations, the United States utilizes its own vehicle code that prohibits many international headlight bulbs, or imported cars featuring foreign headlight bulb assemblies, from U.S. roadways.

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Headlight Bulb Information

Hella Headlight Bulbs are a necessary part of the automobile's safety and operational systems.


Hella Headlight Bulb
For outstanding service out of your vehicle, take a peek at a Hella headlight bulb. Installing features that improve drivability also improves performance in stormy conditions. Local laws require your car to run with all needed safety-related parts - save yourself from traffic tickets and avoidable accidents by installing all the required parts and accessories. There's nothing that is more essential than the safety of yourself and your loved ones, and that's why upgrading your vehicle with the highest-quality and most durable parts is necessary. Road security should be your main concern; modern safety components are an integral part of the answer. The headlight bulb is a crucial part of your headlight assembly and has to be effective on the road at night. Well-made headlight bulbs always provide a better driving experience for the passengers in low light conditions such as mist. Your vehicle's headlight bulb is connected on the bumper of a vehicle to light up the road ahead to halt traffic accidents during twilight hours. A headlight bulb's functioning has improved noticeably from the early years of cars, with more brightness and clearness at night. A majority of vehicles have headlight bulbs manufactured using dual filaments but the bulk of high-end aftermarket headlight bulbs are now light-emitting diodes or HID for improved lighting.

Sylvania Headlight Bulbs are a necessary subset of your automobile's safety and performance systems.


Sylvania Headlight Bulb
For unbeatable service from your car or truck, consider a Sylvania headlight bulb. Components that provide an easier ride will increase safety as well as drivability. Having the right safety equipment is the least you can do for your family. An investment in devices that improve overall ride also improves performance in poor conditions. The components that make your vehicle legal to take on public streets are installed for your own protection in addition to the protection of others on the highway. Most modern vehicles have headlight bulbs designed using incandescent filaments but the bulk of high-end replacement headlight bulbs now have LED or HID for increased lighting. Well-made headlight bulbs provide a more efficient driving experience for the passengers in low light conditions like difficult weather. Your headlight bulb is affixed in the front of a vehicle to light the toll road in the fore front to stop accidents after dark. Your headlight bulb improves your ability to see in less than optimal conditions you may find such as blizzards. A headlight bulb's functioning has improved dramatically since the early years of motoring, by being brighter and having better clarity at night. Your car or truck is only as good as its parts, like the Sylvania headlight bulb.

Headlight Bulb

The headlight bulbs on your vehicle are like your car's eyes at night. Without them, you wouldn't be able to travel on dark roads. Not only would you have trouble navigating your drive, you'd be putting yourself at great risk because other drivers wouldn't be able to see you either. Although they're small, headlight bulbs are nothing to overlook. They're also one of the parts you'll likely replace most often throughout the life of your car. Nowadays there are lots of modern bulbs that last longer than older models and are also environmentally friendly. has headlight bulb choices to fit all budgets and types.

If you're looking for the top brands in vehicle bulbs, trusted names like Philips, Osram/Sylvania, Hella, AC Delco, CIPA, Wagner, Jahn and Flosser, has them all. Look no further than for all your vehicle lightbulb needs, and remember that our 30-day return policy means you have time to change your mind if you order the wrong part.

What is a headlight bulb?

A vehicle lightbulb is much like the lightbulb in a home, except it is specifically designed to fit inside a vehicle headlight assembly. There are also several types of bulbs, from standard halogen models to newer LED and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, also known as xenon bulbs. Although these high-tech options cost more than the traditional halogen lamp, they have several advantages, not the least of which is that they last longer so need replacement less frequently. The quality of light is also different. They're generally brighter, and xenon bulbs have a distinctive bluish tone.

How much are headlight bulbs?

The cost of bulbs depends on the technology involved. A standard halogen lamp can run between $15 to $30, while the high-tech xenon gas bulbs can cost $100 or more. Before choosing the bulb you install, it's best to consider what your lighting priorities are and that will help you determine your price range.

How do I replace a light bulb?

To replace a lamp, you first need to determine the correct part you need. You can consult your owner's manual or look directly on the bulb itself if you've already removed it, as sometimes the model number could be written on the glass. The way to replace the bulb depends on the age of your vehicle. Older vehicles require that you remove the entire headlight assembly in order to access the bulb and replace it. In newer vehicles, on the other hand, you can often simply plug the bulb into the light housing. If you have any doubt about how to replace your vehicle's light bulbs, you can consult your car owner manual for installation specifics or ask a professional.

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2007 Volkswagen GTI Headlight Bulb

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Best price!

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Part was as expected and shipped quickly. Bulb was easy to install based on instructions in owners manual.

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Rapid precise service. Many thanks!

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