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Replacement Headlight Information

Choose from top brands including: Action Crash, DIY Solutions, TYC, Dorman, Anzo, Hella, Genuine, Brock, Automotive Lighting, APA/URO Parts, VAIP - Vision Lighting, Valeo, Crown Automotive and Rampage.


Types of Headlights for Cars and Trucks

There are many types of bulbs for car, truck and SUV Headlights. All car replacement headlights usually have both high and low beam options. Some achieve this by using a single bulb with two filaments. Other light assembly designs have two separate bulbs with single filaments.

How Much Does it Cost for a Headlight?

According to most aftermarket auto parts retailers, the average cost of most halogen replacement bulbs is about $15.00 to $30.00, while HID (High intensity discharge ) bulbs typically cost $100 or even more on some vehicles. The average cost to replace the entire assembly is usually around the range of $150 to $800.

What is a Composite Headlamp?

Most modern vehicles use what's called a composite headlamp. A composite headlight is a custom fit plastic reflector bonded to a plastic or glass lens and fitted with a bulb. The bulb is of a quartz-halogen or HID design. The glass headlight bulb is actually made of silica quartz, which is highly resistant to heat.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Headlights for Cars and Trucks

Light emitting diode (LED) headlights are made up of several small light sources arranged together. They generate light when electrons pass through a superconductor material contained in the LEDs. Halogen bulbs rely on a regular plain glass bulb and filament. However, they are also filled with a mixture of halogen gases, such as nitrogen and argon, or iodine and bromine. An often overlooked issue is halogen bulbs should never come into contact with human skin because the oils and salt can damage the glass and make it less able to withstand the higher temperatures and will burn out easier.

High Intensity Discharge or (HID) Xenon Headlights

High intensity discharge or (HID) headlights as they are commonly called are also known as xenon headlights because they contain the gas xenon, which can give the headlight a distinctive blue sheen. These types of bulbs are usually much brighter at night than any other kind of bulb.

Another component of your carís lighting system is the fog lamp, which is a lower-frequency light aimed closer to the ground to provide visibility in fog, dust, or snow without excessive glare. Composite and sealed Beam headlights are 2 different kinds of parts. In a composite headlight assembly the individual bulbs can be removed and replaced. However on Sealed beam headlight units the entire assembly needs to be replaced when a bulb burns out. Your carís lighting system also includes tail lights (so that you can be seen from behind), brake lights (to signal to others when you are preparing to stop or slow down), and turn signals (to let other drivers know of your intentions.) Keeping your carís lighting system in great shape, then, is critical. From bulbs to covers and from wiring to switches, shop at to get great lighting components at unbeatable prices.

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Replacement Headlights
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Headlight Information

Your Bosch Headlight Assembly provides more safety as you're traveling in the dark.


Bosch Headlight
Often the most difficult thing about maintaining your car or truck is finding a good source of quality parts like a Bosch headlight assembly. Nothing is more critical than preserving the safety of yourself and your loved ones, which is why upgrading your car with the highest-quality and most durable replacement parts is crucial. Accidents are a steep price to pay for not maintaining your vehicle's safety equipment. Without question, the most important part in a car's construction is the safety components. Most carmakers sell cars that protect drivers and passengers, but bear in mind it's your job to make sure that all the critical safety components are present and in good repair. The headlight assembly is a part which allows you to operate your vehicle after sunset as well as in low-visibility weather by shining a light on the street ahead of your car. The headlight assembly is absolutely one of the most significant components on the car or truck when it comes to clear travel at night or in low-visibility conditions. Not having a functioning headlight assembly in place may be a serious hazard to yourself in addition to others. Your headlight assemblies should be replaced as they start to wear out or are broken. To have greater visibility while driving in the dark, a reliable headlight assembly is important. When you purchase a Bosch headlight assembly from the specialists here at PartsGeek, you can rest assured that you are getting the most high quality parts and the lowest price.

Your Hella Headlight makes for more safety when traveling at night.


Hella Headlight
We here at PartsGeek know what it's like to love your vehicle, and so we have made it our mission to help you find the perfect Hella headlight. There's nothing that is more critical than the safety of yourself and your passengers, which is why upgrading your car with the highest-quality and most reliable parts is necessary. Repairing your vehicle's damaged safety equipment is the most basic step you can take to ensure the safety of your family. Mishaps are a fact of life owning a car or truck, but it's possible to mitigate the chances of having a disaster by purchasing or maintaining your safety gear such as signal lights or brakes. Equipment choices that make for a more comfortable ride can increase safety and drivability. Lacking a working headlight on your vehicle can be a source of hazard to yourself as well as others. Your headlight adds greater safety when driving at night. A headlight is one of the most critical elements installed on the car regarding secure navigation on unlighted streets or in low-visibility weather. All headlights need to be replaced as they appear to fail or are shattered. Different types of headlights are manufactured, which you can buy at most automotive stores; these include HID as well as tungsten lights.

Your Replacement Headlight Assembly is a component that allows you to drive your vehicle in the dark and in bad weather.


Replacement Headlight
The perfect parts, like a Replacement headlight assembly, are just a few clicks away when you buy from Buying features that improve overall ride also improves performance in dangerous conditions. Making your car safe for the streets and in line with traffic laws is much simpler when the proper safety components are installed. A small investment in safety for your car or truck now can prevent big expense in the future. Accidents are a steep price to pay for not maintaining your vehicle's safety equipment. To see better while driving at night, a dependable headlight assembly is vital. Failure to have a functioning headlight assembly installed can be a serious risk to yourself as well as everyone else. Your headlight assembly is a part that permits you to operate your car in the dark as well as in low-visibility conditions by lighting up the road ahead of your vehicle. Your headlight assembly is perhaps one of the most important elements on the car or truck regarding hazard-free navigation on unlighted streets or in low-visibility conditions. Various types of headlight assemblies are manufactured, which you can buy at many car parts retailers; these include xenon and halogen models.

A TYC Headlight Assembly furnishes greater safety when traveling in the dark.


TYC Headlight
Shop PartsGeek whenever you want top quality car parts such as the TYC headlight assembly. Repairing your vehicle's damaged safety equipment is the most basic step you can take to ensure the safety of your family. Fender-benders are a fact of life traveling in a car or truck, but drivers can mitigate the risk of being victimized by a catastrophe simply by purchasing or repairing the safety gear such as lights and brakes. Few things are as important as your family's safety and security while travelling down the highway. Eliminate immoderate risk when motoring by insuring that your car or truck has the safety-related parts that you desire. A headlight assembly furnishes optimal safety as you're driving in poor conditions. Different types of headlight assemblies have been developed, which are obtainable at most car parts stores; these include High Intensity Discharge as well as tungsten models. In order to see better while driving on unlighted roads, a reliable headlight assembly is necessary. Your headlight assembly is a system which makes it safe for you to operate your car on unlighted roads as well as in bad weather by shining a light on the road ahead of your vehicle. Your headlight assembly is one of the most vital components installed on your car for clear driving at night or in bad weather.


Headlights perform many functions in your daily driving besides just lighting your way. You signal a driver of an oncoming hazard by flashing your lights, or ask a slow driver to move aside. You turn on your highbeams for extra visibility in particularly dark areas, perhaps when you're on a deserted roads without street lights. In foggy conditions, your headlamps allow you to cut through murky conditions to continue driving safely. These are also one of the parts on your car that get replaced more frequently than many others. Making sure your headlights are working properly ensures your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Replacing a headlight is easy at We have hundreds of replacement assemblies to choose from, with top brands like Anzo, Action Crash Parts, Hella, Valeo, Crown Automotive and TYC. With our 30-day return policy you can shop with confidence because you have a month to send back a part if you need to.

What is a headlight?

Headlights illuminate the road in front of the car so that both driver and oncoming cars can remain safe on the road. The headlight is composed of the assembly and the bulb. Headlight assemblies can be replaced when the plastic or glass that houses the bulb becomes damaged or cracked. If the light itself goes out, then the lightbulb within needs to be replaced. Headlights are designed to fit the design of the car and therefore when replacing your vehicle's assembly it's important to get the right fit to match your particular make and model, as some change from model to model and year to year.

How much are headlights?

Headlight assemblies are sold for the right and left sides of your vehicle. The price varies depending on the components that come with the assembly. Some headlights also have added components like washers, and those are more expensive. And sometimes just the lens or one component of the overall headlight assembly needs to be replaced. For a headlight assembly, the price can run between $150 to a few hundred dollars per side. If just one component, such as a bulb, needs to be replaced, the price for a standard halogen bulb can be as low as $15 to $30.

How often do headlights need to be replaced?

The frequency of headlight replacement depends on which component you need to replace. For example, bulbs are one component of a headlight that need more frequent replacement, but LED lamps last longer than standard halogen bulbs. The assembly of the light could become cracked or damaged, and in that case there's no standard replacement timeframe. Replacement in some cases is more a matter of whether or not the lens gets broken through a fender-bender or accident rather than dependent on the lifespan of the assembly. 

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2006 Chrysler Town & Country Headlight Assembly

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Install was easy but for some reason the light had no power. Had power at the factory plug by none to the light. Wiggled the harness on the light and has been fine since.

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