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Choose from top brands including: Bosal, Starla, Eberspaecher and Ansa.

Header PipeWhen it comes to keeping your carís engine running smoothly, itís critical that you keep a close watch on the related systems that surround the engine. Engine function does not operate in a vacuum: it is dependant on a number of other parts and systems. The exhaust manifold, for example, plays a critical role in eliminating waste from the system. The workings of an internal combustion engine rely on the combination of fuel and oxygen to feed a series of explosions. Each of these explosions, however, then results in exhaust gases. Keeping your engine running smoothly means ensuring that these exhaust gases are eliminated quickly and efficiently. The exhaust manifold is responsible for collecting the exhaust gases from each cylinder and removing them from the car via the other pipes and passageways of the exhaust system. Exhaust generally passes through a catalytic converter and muffler on its way through the system. Near the start of the exhaust system, the header pipe is the component that effectively collects the exhaust from the various cylinders for removal. Upgrading your exhaust system for reliability and performance is easy with components from

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Header Pipe Information

An Ansa Header Pipe captures the exhaust fumes from the automobile's motor and routes them to the rest of the system for removal to help eliminate pollution...


Ansa Header Pipe
A vehicle is only as good as its parts, like the Ansa header pipe. Take your vehicle to a higher level of power and performance by using performance parts. The When you drive a high-performance vehicle it requires top quality replacement parts. People who enjoy optimized vehicles know that there's nothing more vital than putting in the highest quality replacement parts. A car's header pipe is a mechanism which draws out exhaust from your vehicle's engine. Brand new header pipes come in a wide variety colors and styles, but high quality should be the feature that is most important. Positioned at the beginning of an exhaust system, your header pipe is one among the complex of exhaust system pipes that gather the exhaust gases from your car's motor. Your header pipe gathers the exhaust fumes from the vehicle's exhaust manifold and delivers them to the catalytic converter for burning to reduce air pollution. Your header pipe is accountable for accumulating all of the exhaust gases from all the cylinders and recycling the gases and fumes that can be salvaged. The header pipe enhances efficient performance by reducing the amount of work required to expel exhaust. To ensure adequate engine function, exhaust vapors need to be gathered from each cylinder and taken out via exhaust system pipes by the header pipe.

The Bosal Header Pipe captures the un-burnt gases from the car's cylinders and directs them to the catalytic converter for burning to help prevent emissions...


Bosal Header Pipe
The car experts at understand what it's like to take pride in your vehicle, and so we want to help you find the right Bosal header pipe. Your car is an investment because of its high performance and great style, so to keep it humming in top condition you need the ultimate in quality parts. A When you own an automobile engineered for high performance it needs top quality auto parts. To add to the power of your car's motor, add some of these optional add-ons that are specifically designed to raise performance. The header pipe augments efficiency by providing a wider diameter for the release of exhaust. A functioning header pipe is necessary for getting the most out of your engine. Your car's header pipe is one necessary section of the motor pollution control included with the modern vehicle. Your header pipe accumulates the vapors from the car's cylinders and routes them to the rest of the system for re-burning to help prevent smog. Found at the very beginning of an exhaust system, a header pipe is among the complex of exhaust pipes that push the exhaust gases from your car's engine. The header pipe accumulates all the waste gases remaining from the cylinders and then recycles it and amplifies your vehicle's performance. New header pipes are sold in a lot of different styles, although high quality is the factor that decides which to buy.

A vehicle's Eberspaecher Header Pipe gathers the gases from the automobile's motor and directs them to the rest of the system for re-burning to prevent emissions...


Eberspaecher Header Pipe
When you order an Eberspaecher header pipe from the specialists here at PartsGeek, you know that you are finding the most premium parts at the lowest possible price. Take your vehicle to the ultimate level of operation by using performance components. Your car or truck needs the best components you can buy. To increase the horses of your ride's engine, consider a selection of these optional parts that are specially engineered to expand performance. A functional header pipe is absolutely essential for maximum efficiency. Your car's header pipe collects all the exhaust gases left over in the cylinders and then recycles it and intensifies your car's function. New header pipes are available in different styles and colors, though quality should be the deciding factor. A header pipe captures the exhaust fumes from the automobile's motor and passes them to the exhaust system for burning to reduce smog. Your header pipe is accountable for collecting all the waste gases from all the cylinders and reusing the gases that can be recycled. Positioned at the very beginning of your exhaust system, your header pipe is one of the many exhaust pipes that collect the exhaust fumes from your car's motor. The header pipe improves efficient performance by providing a wider diameter for the release of exhaust.

Your car's Starla Header Pipe is one required part of the motor emissions control on any newer vehicle.


Starla Header Pipe
The perfect parts, like a Starla header pipe, are only a mouse click away when you order from PartsGeek. It doesn't matter if you race or just enjoy driving a high-performance vehicle, top quality parts are essential. Outstanding car manufacturers know the inherent importance of great performance. If you picked that high-performance vehicle for its superb engine power and performance, support that decision and use the best new parts and accessories. A vehicle's header pipe captures the vapors from the automobile's exhaust manifold and routes them to the rest of the system for burning to help reduce emissions. To get adequate engine function, exhaust vapors must be collected from every cylinder and eliminated by using exhaust system pipes through your header pipe. A header pipe accumulates all exhaust gases remaining from the cylinders and then recycles it and improves your car's performance. A header pipe is a necessary component of the motor emissions system on a newer vehicle. Un-burned vapors collected by the header pipe pass through the emissions equipment and leave the automobile at the muffler. A well-maintained header pipe is absolutely necessary for keeping your engine cool and maximizing power. A header pipe is responsible for accumulating all the exhaust gases from all the cylinders and reprocessing the gases and fumes that can be reutilized. The car experts at PartsGeek know what it's like to take pride in your car, and so we have made it our mission to help you find the perfect Starla header pipe.

Header Pipe

Your car's exhaust system isn't made up of just the tailpipe where the exhaust leaves your vehicle. It starts at the engine, where the exhaust manifold collects the gases from each cylinder into a header pipe. Keeping your engine's exhaust system running smoothly is important because it allows the engine to expel gases created during the combustion reaction that results when the engine combines fuel and oxygen. Upgrading your exhaust system can improve performance and fuel economy, giving your engine the power it needs as keeping your car running clean. offers a wide range of header pipes, so your car's exhaust system can run at peak performance. We carry top brands like Bosal, Ansa, Eberspaecher, Starla and DEC. You can shop confidently for the pipe you need because we offer a 30-day return policy to ensure you get the perfect part for your vehicle's exhaust system.

What is a header pipe?

The header pipe starts out the engine's exhaust system by carrying away gases created from the combustion reaction in your car's engine. The pipe takes these gases from the engine's cylinders and carries them to the catalytic converter. This is the part of your engine that converts the toxic gases, like carbon monoxide and hydrogen monoxide, into inert gases. The gases then pass through to the muffler, also known as a silencer, which reduces the noise produced in the exhaust process. A muffler pipe carries the exhaust along through to the tailpipe where exhaust leaves the back of the car.

How much is a header pipe?

Prices for header pipes vary depending on your car's particular engine. The higher performance engine you have, generally the more expensive the pipe costs. At the low end, the price for a pipe to fit a small 4-cylinder engine can run as low as $50 to $65, up to a higher end with a larger engine such as a 3-liter V6, with a pipe around $160. Generally speaking the average price runs around $100.

What happens if a pipe breaks?

Without a properly working exhaust system, a car isn't able to expel harmful gases and that can be dangerous, because exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide. There are other effects that aren't dangerous but still decrease your engine's performance, such as low gas mileage. A broken exhaust system can sometimes trigger a dash light to check your engine. Making sure the muffler pipe is in good working condition is important for your car's exhaust system.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: j.lee

I am very satisfied with my order and delivered on time.

1982 Mercedes 300D Header Pipe

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: csotelo

Great parts, fast shipping, and very secure way to pay. This is where I buy all my car parts from.

2001 Hyundai Accent Header Pipe

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Royal Murray

Header pipe fit perfect. Free shipping was also a plus. Arrived in 6 days. Thanks parts geek.

1994 Nissan D21 Header Pipe

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Reviewer: erich meade

worked great needs slight mods to work

1989 Isuzu Pickup Header Pipe

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Reviewer: jegrever

A perfect fit. As good as u would expect...

Sent to me in two days.

2003 Ford Escape Header Pipe

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: New Jersey Matt

Received the part in great condition

The part fit but was very tight and I needed to reform the front bracket on the car due to the pipe not bring at the correct angle. If it was not for the flex braid section this part would have been returned. This was due to the rear manifold connection was not at the exact position to line up to the bolts off by 1/8 inch. If This was not a welded connection all would have went smother.

All in all it is in and working good.

1994 Toyota Camry Header Pipe