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Replacement Harmonic Balancer Information

Choose from top brands including: Dorman, Dayco, Replacement, SKP, ATP, AC Delco, Genuine, Pioneer Cables, Febi, Crown Automotive, DIY Solutions, API, Auto 7 and Original Equipment.

Harmonic BalancerIf you want to keep your car in top condition, its critical that you pay attention to the health of your engine. Internal combustion engines have many components and systems and keeping them all working together is a key factor in overall automotive success. One important part of your engine is the harmonic balancer, which is responsible for reducing torsional vibration in the engine. This component is also known as the crank pulley damper, the vibration damper, the torsional damper, and the crankshaft damper. Whatever the name, however, the purpose is the same: to connect to the crankshaft and control vibration. Vibration in the engine occurs each time the cylinders fire. Explosions in the cylinders apply torque to the crankshaft. When the torque is released, the crankshaft vibrates. At certain engine speeds, it is possible for the torque of the cylinders to be in synch with the crankshaft vibrations, producing resonance. Resonance can be dangerous: when the vibrations are in synch with one another, they become stronger and can cause the crankshaft to break. Great engine maintenance starts with great parts which can be found at

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Harmonic Balancer Information

Your Dorma Engine Harmonic Balancer looks a lot like a simple pulley system however the device carries out an additional job: the Engine Harmonic Balancer decreases shaking in your motor.


Dorman Harmonic Balancer
Looking for a good source for trustworthy parts such as a Dorman engine harmonic balancer? To increase the horsepower of your automobile's power plant, think about some of these optional components that are specifically designed to expand performance. People who appreciate performance understand that only the best quality auto parts should be used for repairs and maintenance. By making it possible for your injectors to use gas more completely, performance components make for higher horsepower while lowering excess fuel wastage. If an automobile's engine harmonic balancer stops working the shuddering can crack the crank shaft. A new engine harmonic balancer will guarantee that your car's engine will run without trouble. As the vehicle gets older, your engine harmonic balancer will slowly lose its ability to dampen crank shaft vibration. Your car's engine harmonic balancer looks a lot like a wheel or pulley but the unit carries out an additional function: the engine harmonic balancer decreases shaking in your vehicle's motor. A vehicle's engine harmonic balancer bears a resemblance to a wheel or pulley but the component carries out an additional function: the engine harmonic balancer eases shuddering in your vehicle's crank shaft. Over the life of your engine, an engine harmonic balancer can be degraded in its ability to suppress harmonic resonance.

A vehicle's Replacement Engine Harmonic Balancer bears a resemblance to a simple pulley system nevertheless the unit has an additional job: the Engine Harmonic Balancer diminishes harmonic resonance in the crank shaft.


Replacement Harmonic Balancer
A car is really only as good as its parts, like a Replacement engine harmonic balancer. People who love their cars understand that only top quality parts should be used for maintenance and repairs. To add to the horsepower of your car's power plant, install a selection of these optional components that are especially built to improve performance. Take your auto to a higher level of operation by using performance equipment. A replacement engine harmonic balancer will guarantee that your car's engine will run without trouble. If the car's engine harmonic balancer experiences a complete failure the vibration will most likely cause cracks to appear in the crank shaft. As your engine gets older, an engine harmonic balancer can be degraded in its ability to ease harmonic resonance. If your automobile's engine harmonic balancer experiences a complete failure the shaking will most likely cause a crank shaft failure. As your vehicle gets older, the engine harmonic balancer will not be able to reduce engine vibration. The car or truck's engine harmonic balancer looks a lot like a simple pulley system but the unit has an additional job: the engine harmonic balancer decreases shaking in the vehicle's motor.

Harmonic Balancer

Your vehicle needs balance as much as you do, and a harmonic balancer helps keep your vehicle stable and safe. Harmonic balancers go by many other telling names: crank pulley dampers, vibration dampers, torsional dampers, crankshaft dampers and crankshaft balancers. It is even called a whatchamacallit occasionally, but whatever the name, it is an important part of your vehicle’s engine. Its main function is to connect to the engine’s crankshaft and control vibrations, the bad vibrations that can ruin a smooth ride. offers harmonic balancers from top brands, including Dorman, Dayco, Auto 7, ATP, Genuine, AC Delco, Febi, Crown Automotive, Pioneer Cables and CSI. We pride ourselves on offering auto parts from a wide variety of brands. We are also committed to outstanding customer service and fast delivery, and our 30-day return policy ensures satisfaction when you buy from us.  

What is a harmonic balancer?

A harmonic balancer keeps your crankshaft from getting, well, too cranky. Harmonic balancers or crankshaft balancers, as both names imply, provides balance. It is attached to the crankshaft in a committed relationship focused on stability. The crankshaft is a major engine component that converts the explosive energy generated from the engine cylinders into the rotational energy that makes your wheels go around. The harmonic balancer has weights mounted on it that counteract the crankshaft’s torsional forces that cause harmonic vibrations. No, these kinds of harmonic vibrations are not a good thing. In addition to protecting the engine from potentially damaging vibrations, the harmonic balancer can also act as a pulley for drive belts that turn the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, air conditioning pump and other devices.

How much is a harmonic balancer?

The price of harmonic balancers varies widely depending on the brand, year, make and model of your vehicle. You can expect to pay between $50 to $500. We have great prices at, however, for whatever type of harmonic balancer you need.

How do I know I need one?

When a harmonic balancer starts failing, its relationship with the crankshaft gets shaky. Literally. You usually start to feel engine vibrations that get progressively worse. These vibrations can be particularly strong and dangerous at high speeds, so avoid highways until you can get the part fixed, and do so promptly. A failing harmonic balancer can also result in misaligned timing, dysfunctional engine belts and failing engine accessories. When a balancer fails, it is often due to age, heat, salt and/or degradation of its rubber components. It is important to restore balance as soon as possible. It may be hard to find balance in your general life, but it is easy to get a new balancer at

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Reviewer: gwen price

this engine is hard to find.partsgeek was the only site that had it.

2002 Audi A6 Quattro Engine Harmonic Balancer

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Reviewer: Exactly what the doctor ordered

I had a Harmonic Balancer go back only Santa Fe and started shopping around for a relacement. All the local shops were out of stock and were double to triple the price of Parts Geek. Got it fast, great price and exactly what I needed.

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Engine Harmonic Balancer

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Reviewer: Redneckwtf

This site saved me over 30 dollars for the same exact part form my local parts store. Installation was easy and was surprised they shipped a new key along with the part. Will be gettign more parts from here when the occasion arises.

2004 Mercury Mountaineer Engine Harmonic Balancer

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Reviewer: rick

Very satisfied cuz was the sameone i was looking

1990 Ford F150 Engine Harmonic Balancer

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My local NAPA didn't even have a listing for it. They had all the other parts..except the main one that I needed . You guys are great ! Thanks

1995 Buick Park Avenue Engine Harmonic Balancer

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Reviewer: Terrell

I purchased a harmonic balancer for my sons saab and was very pleased and the price was great.

1999 Saab 95 Engine Harmonic Balancer