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Replacement Fuel Filler Neck Information

Choose from top brands including: Spectra Premium, Dorman, Action Crash, Replacement, SKP, Genuine, DIY Solutions, Brock, TRQ, Motorcraft, Mopar, Smittybilt and AC Delco.

Fuel Filler NeckThe fuel filler neck on your car is something you use all the time, but may not realize it. It's the part that is exposed when you remove the gas cap and it's where you insert the gas pump nozzle to add fuel.

Most people add gas to their car without giving any thought to the importance of the fuel filler neck -- until something goes wrong. Perhaps you notice that your car isn't getting as good gas mileage as it used to, or you notice the strong smell of gasoline around the rear of the car.

The filler neck starts at the gas cap and runs along the underside of the car to the engine. Often, the filler neck is shielded to prevent damage and depending on where you live and your driving habits, this shielded recess can become a hidden spot for mud and moisture to accumulate around the filler neck. This can lead to problems with rusting, since the filler neck is essentially a metal pipe. Once holes rust through the filler neck, the expensive gasoline you're putting into your car can leak out, reducing your car's mileage performance and setting up a dangerous explosive hazard - not to mention polluting the roadway and your parking area with gasoline.

People who are used to working on their cars can change the filler neck themselves, but new parts can be quite expensive. And remember, the fuel filler neck is metal, so don't try to replace it with a rubber substitute -- the rubber will deteriorate from the gasoline and release rubber gunk that can be sucked into your engine, causing further problems.

Whether you replace the fuel filler neck yourself or have your favorite mechanic do it, it's not only important for your safety and gas mileage, it's important for the environment. No one wants to be leaking gas onto the roadways.

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Fuel Filler Neck Information

Your automobile's Dorma Fuel Filler Neck is a short section of tubing that attaches your vehicle's capped fuel inlet to its fuel tank.


Dorman Fuel Filler Neck
If you want tremendous service out of your vehicle, consider a Dorman fuel filler neck. There are a number of options on the market in addition to generic components that can add enjoyment to one's road trips. Although they may not be overwhelmingly important features such as your car's suspension, the supporting components of your car or truck may be important to having complete enjoyment from the car you direct so much time and money on. Minor systems of a car, while not absolutely required for the ongoing drivability of a vehicle, are still parts you'll want to keep in good condition. It's important to re-install a broken fuel filler neck with a replacement unit without delay to preserve the car or truck's safety. The fuel filler neck is the long tube that connects a gas cap with a fuel tank. While you buy gasoline at a truck stop, you pump the gasoline into a fuel filler neck. Fuel filler necks can become corroded, or they could become bent or even damaged because of a misfortune, which could cause gas to leak. Your automobile's fuel filler neck is the short piece of tubing that joins your vehicle's lidded fuel inlet to its fuel tank. Trying to find a dependable source for quality parts like a Dorman fuel filler neck?

The Replacement Fuel Filler Neck is a short piece of tubing that joins your vehicle's lidded fuel inlet to its gas tank.


Replacement Fuel Filler Neck
When you want a Replacement fuel filler neck, caring for your beloved car or truck with superior parts is the best investment every single time. When you buy a new vehicle, you are paying for a feature set that is only as good as their parts. On those long road trips, devices that can make for a better journey for your family include onboard DVD players. The minor components of a car or truck, while not absolutely required for the smooth functioning of a car or truck, are still items drivers like to keep in top condition. Fuel filler necks may become corroded, or they could become bent or damaged due to an accident, which could allow gas to leak. As you add gasoline at a filling station, you are pumping the gas into the fuel filler neck. A fuel filler neck is the short piece of tubing that connects your vehicle's capped fuel inlet to its fuel tank. Your fuel filler neck is a lengthy tube that unites a fuel cap to a gas tank. It's essential to replace a bent fuel filler neck with a new one without delay to preserve a car's safety. The specialists here at PartsGeek know what it's like to love your car, and so we are on a mission to help you find the perfect Replacement fuel filler neck.

Fuel Filler Neck

You just pulled into the gas station and are pondering the benefits of premium versus regular, when you notice a powerful gasoline smell wafting from your car.  This is not the typical gas station smell; it is enough to make your eyes water. If this sounds familiar, your vehicle might need a new fuel filler neck. This pipe is a critical piece of your car’s fuel system, but it gets very little attention. That is, it gets very little attention until a problem crops up. The filler neck can wear out, and when it does, you will need a high-quality replacement.

At, you can select filler necks from brands such as Action Crash, Dorman, Genuine, Smittybuilt, and Spectra Premium. We can help you find the best parts for the make, model and year of your vehicle, ensuring that you get exactly what you need. If you are not completely satisfied, we boast a 30-day return policy for all purchases.

What is a filler neck?

The gas filler neck is a pipe that runs from your vehicle’s gas cap to the fuel tank. It is a metal tube that is fused to the gas tank and is sometimes coated to prevent damage. It is pretty durable, but collisions and prolonged moisture exposure cause damage.

How much is a filler neck?

The price of a filler neck depends on the make, model, and age of your vehicle. Most sold by fall in the $45-$100 range, but can cost up to $500. Reach out to one of our customer care experts if you have any questions before making your purchase.

When should I replace my filler neck?

You should replace your filler neck if it rusts due to water and mud exposure. If holes develop in the pipe, you might notice an unusually pungent gasoline odor when filling up. Your car might also get lower gas mileage if the leak causes it to drip fuel continuously. Get your fuel filler neck replaced right away if you notice any of these issues. A rusted filler neck allows contaminants to seep into the fuel system, which impairs engine performance. Leaking fuel is also a fire hazard and should be addressed immediately. 

Can I replace the filler neck myself?

You might be able to replace this part yourself if you are very experienced with car repair. Otherwise, this job is best left to a professional mechanic. Get a head start on the repair with a top-quality gas filler neck from

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good price and got here fast

2000 Ford Taurus Fuel Filler Neck

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Great quility! Check engine light is now off

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Fuel Filler Neck

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Reviewer: Ladyhawk

Parts Geek was very easy to order from. Although the wait time to get the part was a bit longer than I expected, I was able to track my order very easily. My mechanic installed the Dorman fuel filler neck in less than an hour. Now I can fill my gas tank and not leave traces of fuel at the pump on the ground. I will continue to order from Parts Geek in the future and I am recommending this site to my friends. Much cheaper than a dealer anyday!!

2000 GMC Jimmy Fuel Filler Neck

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parts geek has always had the parts I needed and they were in stock.The final price including shipping was cheaper than prices at local parts store. Thanks Parts Geek. I've used them before and will continue to use them in the future.

1999 Ford F350 Super Duty Fuel Filler Neck

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Ordered the part and got it exactly when they said. It was replaced the next day. Saved between 100 to 300 dollars depending on where you ordered it locally. Will buy again.

1999 Ford Ranger Fuel Filler Neck

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Thank you, Fifteen+ year old part fit perfectly! Most Auto stores in town do not stock. JJR

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