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Replacement Fog Light Bezel Information

Choose from top brands including: Action Crash, Replacement, DIY Solutions, SKP and Dorman.

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Replacement Fog Light Bezels
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Fog Light Bezel Information

Restore your vehicle's front end with quality panels, covers and bezels. A fog light bezel is a quick and easy replacement component for any make and model vehicle. Whether you've bumped into another vehicle, hit a large pot hole or caught a stone directly in your fog light, there are a number of issues that can crack this piece of your front end.

Choose an OEM or aftermarket replacement bezel and front fog light cover and enjoy a 30-day return guarantee. At, we're confident you'll love your new cover and other components for your vehicle.

Take on this easy maintenance project with a replacement part from SKP, Action Crash, Replacement and DIY Solutions. Don't settle for a generic part that doesn't match the color or design of your vehicle, but completely restore the look and feel of your favorite ride today. This is a great DIY auto project that amateurs and experts alike can easily accomplish.

What Is a Fog Light Bezel?

Don't let a rock, gravel or other debris damage your fog lights. Protect your lights with a front fog light cover and a fog light bezel. Your fog light bezel and cover are used to protect your fog light bulbs from damage on the road. The bezel, or surrounding plastic, is used to hold your lights in place. A stray rock or other damage can crack your bezel and fog light cover.

Why Do You Need a Fog Light Bezel?

This trim piece is molded to fit your exact vehicle. Be sure you choose the exact piece to match your make and model of vehicle. Just like other, larger body panels, a bezel is essential for keeping out moisture and debris from your vehicle. Without this piece, your fog light bulb and wiring may quickly become damaged as you drive.

If you don't replace this piece, you may not be able to use your fog lights when you need them most. These underappreciated lights are important for driving safety in thick fog. In the event of low visibility, your fog lights allow you to drive confidently and cut through the thick fog. There's nothing worse than switching on your fog lights only to find out that they are damaged, so be sure to inspect your lights, cover and bezel to be sure everything is working properly and ready for any weather condition.

How Do You Fix a Fog Light Bezel?

The bezel of your vehicle is made of durable plastic and is molded to fit your vehicle. This means that it's very difficult to create a new bezel or repair your cracked, damaged piece. In the event of a collision or other issue, it's important to replace it with a new piece.

How Much Is a Fog Light Bezel?

Choose a piece that fits your make and model of vehicle and enjoy a quick and reliable replacement. The cost of this piece varies depending on the condition, the size and your vehicle's requirements. Typically, you can expect to pay between $10 and $40 for a new fog light bezel.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fits great

The fog light trim fits great and securely clips into the existing points on the bumper cover. Looks great.

2009 Ford Focus Fog Light Bezel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Awesome

As described, shipped really quick and reasonable price!

2008 Cadillac CTS Fog Light Bezel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Was shipped the wrong product

I ordered a driver's side fog light bevel for my Audi and I received the bevel for the passengers side and I was able to get ahold of customer service and now they're hopefully sending me the right part!

2009 Audi A4 Quattro Fog Light Bezel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: New Equinox owner

Didn't receive the order as quickly as I expected but the prices were fair and everything came as described.

2012 Chevrolet Equinox Fog Light Bezel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: good experience

Product arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Good overall exprience.

2013 Nissan Altima Fog Light Bezel

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Winston

The right part at a good price. Fit with no trouble.

2012 Toyota Camry Fog Light Bezel