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Choose from top brands including: ATP, Pioneer Cables, Genuine, Mopar, LUK, BD Diesel, B&M and Original Equipment.

Flex PlateWhen it comes to transmissions, one thing is for sure: the transmission is generally one of the most critical and complex systems in a vehicle. Even when the going gets rough, however, youíre more or less required to throw plenty of might into keeping your transmission in great condition Ė because without it, your car is essentially toast. To boost the performance of your transmission and reliably convert torque, a high-performance flex plate can be just the ticket. Look for one rated for an appropriate level of torque, as well as top-notch materials such as forged steel. Due to its location deep within the transmission, itís also important to ensure that the plate is coated in a corrosion-resistant material that will stand up to a harsh environment. When it comes time to make repairs or upgrades to your transmission, it can be hard to know where to start. The web is filled with online purveyors of parts. But savvy buyers know that the best place to shop for transmission components is, where youíll get great service and low prices every day.

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Flex Plate Information

A functioning Mopar Flex Plate will send power from the transmission to the driveshaft at the same time softening vibration.


Mopar Flex Plate
The perfect parts, like a Mopar flex plate, are just a click away when you order from PartsGeek. By enabling your injectors to use gas more completely, performance components increase horsepower while decreasing excess gasoline usage. It doesn't matter if you race or just take joy in driving a high-performance vehicle, the best quality auto parts are crucial. A vehicle's performance is a composite of several factors such as high quality parts. A well-maintained flex plate is intended to transmit force from the vehicle's transmission to the driveshaft simultaneously softening jitter from the suspension. The vehicle's flex plate is an essential part of your driveshaft. In the event that the car's flex plate is cracked or otherwise damaged, replacement of the old part will be absolutely essential before the vehicle can be driven. As the car's flex plate corrodes from exposure, the unit can become damaged and fail.

Flex Plate

Automatic or manual, your transmission has to be connected to your engine to function. Part of that connection is made by the flex plate or flywheel plate. You need this part in good condition for smooth shifts and to operate your starting engine. Hearing clicks from near your engine, especially at idle? Fix your broken plate to take care of the problem and lengthen the lifespan of your transmission.

These plates are circular metal parts that mount to your crankshaft. They help operate the starter motor and contribute to balancing engine torque. You have a flywheel plate if your vehicle has a manual transmission. These heavy parts keep your crankshaft spinning so torque stays more constant during gearshifts. If you have an automatic transmission, you have a lighter flexible plate and an automatic torque converter that work together to do the same thing. An intact plate means a responsive and smooth gear shift.

Dependability is important with transmission parts, which is why we're proud to carry some of the best brands at Find discount prices on industry leaders like Hays, BD Diesel, B&M, Pioneer Cables, Mopar, Genuine and ATP. Your purchases are covered by our 30-day return policy, so order today.

What is a flex plate?

Your flex plate or flywheel plate is part of your vehicle's transmission. If you have a manual transmission, you have a flywheel. Automatics have flex plates. The two parts have a similar appearances and functions:

  • They're circular with holes in the center and near the edge
  • They have a toothed edge that looks like a gear
  • They're part of the connection between your transmission and your engine
  • The connect to the starter engine

In automatic transmissions, flex plates connect to a torque converter. They bend with different levels of force coming from your engine, allowing for smoother gear changes. These parts are generally lightweight since the automatic torque converter does some of the work that a heavier flywheel would do in a manual transmission.

Flex flywheels are much heavier. That's because the function of balancing the transmission during operation is much more important in a manual gearbox. There's no automatic torque converter to help out in a manual setup, so the weight of the flywheel levels out the changes in torque from your engine. This results in you having a smoother shifting experience.

How much is a replacement flex plate?

The flex plate or flywheel plate should cost somewhere in the region of $50-160, on average. Another thing to consider is that this is usually a difficult part to reach. That means you'll be spending a lot of time under the hood, so make sure to factor that time into your replacement budget.

How do you tell if you have a bad flex plate?

Unfortunately, this is a relatively difficult problem to diagnose. The most common problem is a knocking or clicking noise coming from your engine area. These noises are usually loudest while you're idling. That's due to the low pressure against the plate and the uneven flow of torque from the engine.

The definitive solution is to pull the flywheel plate from near your transmission and do a visual inspection. That's quite a job if it turns out your flex plate is fine. Check your maintenance manual: Some vehicles have a small opening where you can get a look at your plate. Otherwise, check the other culprits of engine clicking and tapping before you pull out your plates.

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Reviewer: kevin

The part came quickly and was correct. Parts geek followed up with email confirmations so it was a great experience.

2004 Ford F150 Flex Plate

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Will

the part was superior to the original (.020 thicker). It would have been nice to have an instruction sheet with a spec on the distance from mounting bolts to bell-housing face).

1999 Ford Escort Flex Plate

Very Satisfied

I received my flex plate for my 1998 savannah work van from parts geek at the best price on the internet and the part was a perfect fit

1998 GMC Savana 2500 Flex Plate

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Reviewer: Victor's Shop

It was made way stronger than OEM and was a perfect match

1996 Ford Contour Flex Plate

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Reviewer: cirilo sosa

Very good product quality and fast shipping,friendly web site.


2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Flex Plate

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Flex Plate

Great product perfect fit worked very well on my jeep , shipping was fast too!

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Flex Plate