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Fender Information

The fenders are an indispensable accessory that every car should have. If you have to travel a lot on poor road conditions then you should definitely install a fender to keep your car safe from mud and soil. Many off-road fans opt for this accessory because they know how beneficial it is to have it. Purchasing a fender kit will not cost you a fortune since they are very inexpensive. Basically, fender flares are very useful for protecting the side area of your car from every kind of obstacles on the road: mud, rocks, sticks or any kind of debris that can damage the paint of the car in a matter of seconds. Moreover, fenders also beef up the look of your car, giving it a rugged appearance-an expression of masculinity. Each vehicle needs different fender set. Therefore, if you want to make a purchase, you should first consider what suits your car best, not the most expensive nor the trendiest. For example, trucks need different fender kits than cars or Jeeps. Fenders can be made from various materials, the most common one is plastic. Besides, you can find fenders made of polyurethane and ABS. If you opt for plastic fender kits then make sure to choose the ones with UV resistant or UV stable, since UV radiation is the worst enemy of plastic material. No matter what purpose you want to use your car on, you should take good care of your fender kit. The appearance of your car may become worse and worse without a properly working fender. If your fender flares go bad, you should definitely replace them immediately. The cost of fixing fender parts is cheap compared to the cost of re-painting your car in case you hit a big rock or run into mud without a fender.


Rain, snow, sleet, sludge, gravel and mud are unfortunate facts of everyday driving. Your fender works hard to catch all of these things before they spray up against the sides of your vehicle and onto surrounding pedestrians or motorists. Excessive rust or structural damage on these parts is more than just unsightly. It's a safety concern. Keep yourself and everyone around you safer by fixing broken fenders as soon as possible.

Fenders protect you from objects flung up off of the road by your tires while you're driving. They also contribute to the look of your vehicle. Replacement fenders are designed to match the exact shape and style of the original part. They're also made out of durable materials to ensure they have the same lifespan as the fenders you got from the factory. Upgrade your fenders on certain vehicles to get better performance during motorsports like mudding or off-roading.

Choose from our extensive selection of discount auto body replacements at We also carry some great upgrade options to improve your off-roading capabilities or enhance your profile. With millions of parts and accessories from brands like Crown Automotive, Action Crash and Volkswagon, we're proud to be your source for anything you need to work on your vehicle. We offer a 30-day return policy, so order today.

What is a fender?

Fenders are the part of your vehicle body structure covering your wheel wells. Like all the other body elements, they're responsible for protecting your vehicle while contributing to the aesthetics of your ride. Your fender is the part of your vehicle's body that shields you and everyone around you from the things your tires kick up off of the road:

  • Snow or slush
  • Mud
  • Debris
  • Rocks or loose road surfaces

Replacement fenders are generally made out of the same material as the rest of your auto body. Don't confuse this part with the inner fender, which is a corrosion resistant part protecting your wheel well. Order fenders based on your vehicle make and model to get the right fit. You also need to know the position of the part relative to you when you're sitting in the driver's seat:

  • Front left
  • Front right
  • Rear left
  • Rear right

You might also see your fenders listed by either passenger's side or driver's side positions, depending on how the manufacturer identifies the part.

How much is a replacement fender?

Replacement fenders can cost upwards of $1,000 and go as low as under $100. There are many reasons for the differences in price:

  • The body material
  • Size of the part
  • The part manufacturer
  • The make or model of your vehicle

Save money on the part by buying at a discount when you can. Spend your resources on quality color matching and alignment services, instead.

When do you need to replace your fender?

Fenders are generally durable, and you may never need to replace yours. Here are some situations where it makes sense to replace them:

  • Excessive rust
  • Damage from collisions
  • Upgrading your look
  • You need a different fender function

If your fender is damaged from rust or a crash, replace it to continue driving safely and without accelerating wear on other body elements, such as your doors or your hood. Fenders can also make a big difference in your profile, so they're a great upgrade when you're looking for more visual impact. Upgrade your fender to accommodate a larger tire or rim, or to keep mud from accumulating around your tires in the wheel well.

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