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Fan ShroudSince the first automobiles hit the streets in the first portion of the twentieth century, much engineering energy has been devoted to the problem of heat. Internal combustion engines are powerful and incredibly useful Ė but they also get very, very hot. If that heat isnít controlled, serious problems can develop. Most vehicles, then, rely on a fairly simple system of fans and fluids to help control heat in the engine compartment. Consider, for example, the assembly that manages the fan responsible for cooling the engine. The fan itself is generally held in place by a fan shroud, a fairly unremarkable piece of equipment that serves to hold the fan firmly in place and encourage the heat to dissipate over and around the engine rather than directly back at it. When installed correctly, this hood can play a major role in helping to regulate engine temperature. In order to keep your engine in top condition, then, you need to heed the level of heat reaching the engine chamber. With components available from, you will be able to make all necessary repairs to your vehicle at a low, manageable cost.

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Fan Shroud Information

Breakable fan blades are surrounded by the Behr Fan Shroud, which wards off excess sand.


Behr Fan Shroud
When you want a Behr fan shroud, maintaining your beloved car or truck with OEM quality parts always pays off in the long run. Take your vehicle to the ultimate level of performance with performance parts. Protect your car or truck's elements by installing the most reliable high quality engine components. People who want the most out of their vehicle know that only the best quality aftermarket and OEM parts should be used for repairs and maintenance. A premium fan shroud aids air flow and improves correct cooling of the engine. In the unlikely event that your fan shroud becomes damaged, it is very possible that it will have difficulty dissipating heat. An automobile's fan shroud is a primary part of the vehicle's radiator and fan assembly. The fan shroud encourages engine heat to be dissipated away from your engine rather than going directly back to the engine. A fan shroud is usually made of premium materials. To get a high level of satisfaction from your car or truck, consider a Behr fan shroud.

Fan Shroud

You could operate your vehicle without a backrest on your driver's seat, but you wouldn't want to. The seat back provides safety, and it allows you to drive for longer distances and without unnecessary strain. The same goes for radiator fan shrouds: They're there for a reason. While they're not always critical to engine functions, they increase the efficiency of your radiator in several common situations. They're also important to your safety when you're working on your engine.

The reason your fan shroud is important is that it lets you cool your radiator efficiently. Your fan blows air through the radiator into the engine compartment, cooling them both. The shroud's purpose is to apply that cooling suction to the entire area of your radiator. It also limits the fan's intake stream, directing it so your fan is working as efficiently as possible. Without the shroud, your fan pulls air randomly from everywhere around the radiator side of the rotor.

Get fan shrouds from the industry leaders here at We have millions of parts in stock to cover all of you coolant system needs. We're proud to carry Action Crash, APA/URO Parts, Genuine, Volkswagen, Dorman, Behr, Vemo and Hella. If you don't get the part you want, return it in 30 days and your purchase is protected by our excellent return policy.

What is a fan shroud?

A fan shroud is the piece that surrounds your radiator fan and radiator. Radiator fan shrouds need to be made from materials resistant to heat and corrosion, like aluminum or steel. Look for a metal piece surrounding your fan. It's near the front of the vehicle, mounted to your radiator.

These shrouds work hardest during low vehicle speed and idling at high engine temperatures. They direct a focused stream of air over your radiator and condenser fins. This is important to many of your most common daily driving situations:

  • Frequent traffic signals or stop signs
  • Heavy traffic
  • Times you're forced to idle

There are also performance applications for radiator fan shrouds. When you get up to your full driving temperatures, some configurations allow shrouds to work with the ram air system to maintain a constant coolant temperature. This allows more endurance at maximum performance.

A secondary reason manufacturers include fan shrouds is to protect you while working on your vehicle. Since your fan operates when the engine is at idle, anyone working near it is at risk of injury from the spinning blades. Falling objects, like carelessly placed tools or screws, are often causes of fan damage or personal harm. Radiator fan shrouds provide a protective barrier to prevent objects from getting near the spinning rotors.

How much is a replacement fan shroud?

Radiator fan shrouds cost somewhere between $20-100 on average. The different prices are on account of:

  • Different materials
  • Sophistication of designs
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Make of your vehicle

When you're buying your fan shroud, your vehicle could give you the option to buy one section instead of a complete set. Pay attention to which side you need, and you might save some money on the replacement.

Do you need a fan shroud?

If your vehicle came with a shroud, it's necessary to make your cooling system operate properly. Engineers include them for a number of reasons:

  • Increasing cooling power at idle
  • Allowing the use of a smaller radiator
  • Preventing injury to mechanics
  • Preventing damage to the fan and radiator

Install a replacement fan shroud to keep your parts in good condition and ensure that your engine doesn't overheat.

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Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Liz

Part arrived quickly and was a perfect fit. Installed in less than 5 minutes.

1998 Jeep Cherokee Radiator Fan Shroud

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Fast shipping and really low price

I was sure the part would be either incomplete or somehow insufficient for the low price, but it's good quality and correct! I couldn't get this used for this price

1979 Chevrolet K20 Radiator Fan Shroud

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Sparky1

This was excellent all the way around. Delivery was prompt. Price and quality of the product was also excellent.

1991 Chevrolet S10 Radiator Fan Shroud

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Tom

This was an exact replacement for the broken shroud on my Jeep Cherokee. It arrived quickly, packaged well, and was a great price. Just what I needed.

1994 Jeep Cherokee Radiator Fan Shroud

Very Satisfied
Reviewer: Timothy Green

Part was the right part, received in a timely manner.

1997 Mercedes E300 Fan Shroud

Somewhat Satisfied
Reviewer: mlmorris

Part was at a good price, part shipped in a very timely manner. The only complaint that I have is that it showed up damaged. However Parts Geek was very quick to get the problem resolved.

1987 Toyota Pickup Radiator Fan Shroud