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Replacement Exhaust Pipe Information

Choose from top brands including: Walker, Bosal, API, AP Exhaust, Flowmaster, DEC, Ansa, Dynomax, Starla, Magnaflow, MBRP, Pacesetter, OP, Genuine and Borla.

Exhaust PipeThe most obvious part of the exhaust pipe can be easily seen at the back of any vehicle on the road. Some vehicles incorporate these tail pipes into the design. You may see elaborate pipes, two pipes or even two sets of two.

They may be chromed, customized, very large or very small. Whatever the case, these pipes serve the same purposes in the exhaust system of a vehicle. The first of these purposes is that they allow the exhaust gasses to escape from the exhaust manifold and provide a set path so that they are not trapped in the engine compartment.

Another purpose is to provide a large enough vent that the engine can operate without back pressure. And of course the most obvious purpose and one that nearly everyone knows is that this pipe provides a path through the muffler, resulting in dampening of significant quantities of engine noise. Once you acquired a car or truck, you made an investment that is likely to endure for many years, so bolster that decision by buying top-notch parts and accessories. If an auto part becomes too worn, the sensible solution is buying a well-rated OEM or replacement auto part to keep your car or truck in top running order. If you're in the market for a part as basic as antenna masts or something more advanced like harmonic balancers, PartsGeek is here to help you.

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Exhaust Pipe Information

The basic reason to have an Ansa Exhaust Pipe is to move toxic gases from your automobile into the air.


Ansa Exhaust Pipe
The parts you need for any automotive job, like an Ansa exhaust pipe, are only a few clicks away when you buy from Excellent capability and performance come from outstanding components and accessories. Drivers who revel in performance car or trucks understand that nothing is more important than getting the most outstanding replacement parts for your vehicle. People who want to get the maximum performance from their engine understand that only the best quality auto parts should be installed. An exhaust pipe working at its best generates higher fuel efficiency, engine efficiency and accentuated performance. High-tech exhaust pipes increase a car's horsepower by mitigating back pressure from the exhaust and improving the car's volumetric efficiency. The key function of the exhaust pipe is to release toxic gases from inside the car out the open. The exhaust pipe is fixed underneath the automobile's frame to ensure sufficient emission of exhaust fumes. Your truck's exhaust pipe draws exhaust created in the motor through a series of metal tubes until it exits the vehicle by way of the tail pipe.

Your automobile's Bosal Exhaust Pipe removes toxic gases produced by the engine by directing it through several metal pipes until it exits the vehicle through the tail pipe.


Bosal Exhaust Pipe
We here at PartsGeek know what it's like to love your car, and so we want to help you find the right Bosal exhaust pipe. A car's performance is the result of myriad factors including quality parts. Take your car to the ultimate level of operation by installing performance equipment. Superior power and performance is easier with after-market options made to function with the engine and suspension components. Your truck's exhaust pipe draws toxic fumes created by the operation of the motor by directing it through several metal tubes that connect to the exhaust pipe. The major function of the exhaust pipe is to send dangerous gases from your automobile into the open air. Performance exhaust pipes augment your vehicle's horsepower by cutting down on back pressure from the exhaust and improving the engine's effectiveness. An exhaust pipe working at peak efficiency gives superior fuel efficiency, engine strength and accentuated execution. An exhaust pipe is attached beneath the automobile's frame to ensure ideal release of exhaust gases. Shop PartsGeek any time you want top quality auto parts like a Bosal exhaust pipe.

An automobile's Walker Exhaust Pipe draws emissions produced in the engine by funneling it through several pipes that connect to the tail pipe.


Walker Exhaust Pipe
Your car or truck is really only as good as the parts it uses, such as a Walker exhaust pipe. Take your car or truck to the ultimate level of operation with performance parts. Your car demands the most high-end parts you can find. The When you have a high-performance vehicle it requires top quality replacement parts. An exhaust pipe working at peak efficiency generates more power utilization, engine strength and accentuated execution. The exhaust pipe eliminates exhaust produced by the engine by directing it through several tubes to the exhaust pipe. High-end exhaust pipes improve your car's engine power by cutting down on back pressure from the exhaust and augmenting the engine's efficiency. The key function of the exhaust pipe is to direct toxic gases from your automobile into the atmosphere. An exhaust pipe is attached below the vehicle's body to ensure optimum release of exhaust fumes. When you want a Walker exhaust pipe, caring for your car or truck with the best parts will pay off every single time.

Exhaust Pipe

There is nothing more freeing than taking to the open road. Keep your driving passion alive by properly caring for the exhaust pipe in your car or truck. That’s right; exhaust pipes play a bigger role than you may realize, and faulty ones contribute to numerous problems that take away from your overall riding experience. Disturbing noises, unpleasant fumes and increased fuel cost are all due to the engine not performing properly. Protect what is likely one of your biggest investments by making sure that it’s running at its peak efficiency. Happily, we’re here to assist you in doing just that. Our wide selection, featuring well-known brands such as Pacesetter, Starla, BBK, MBRP, Genuine, Walker, Borla, Eberspaecher, Flowmaster, Dynomax, Ansa, Magnaflow, DEC and Bosal, is certain to impress you.

As an established and trusted company, we at are committed to making your shopping experience with us as smooth as possible. We maintain a vast inventory that is updated daily to meet our customers’ needs. When you order from us, you feel confident because we offer exceptional customer service, quality merchandise at affordable prices, and fast and convenient shipping. We also have a 30-day return policy to put you at ease. Look no further than, and check out our huge selection of millions of auto parts at great prices.

What is an exhaust pipe?

An exhaust pipe is the metal tubing that works with the rest of your vehicle’s exhaust system to allow gasses to move away from the engine and vent through the back of the automobile. In addition to facilitating the passage of fumes, it aids in reducing the noise the engine generates by permitting these sounds to flow through the tubing.

How much does a new exhaust pipe cost?

At we offer a large variety of exhaust pipes for sale. Determining the precise amount depends on the year, make and model of your automobile. We have an extensive catalog that includes prices ranging from $54 to $342, so we’re sure to have a suitable replacement for you. It’s easy to use the search option on by entering the specific details of your vehicle to quickly access accurate, up-to-date pricing information.

What are some signs of a damaged exhaust pipe?

There are several conditions that alert you to the possibility of a damaged pipe that needs replacement. Some issues to notice include the following:

  • Pipes that are heard scraping the ground
  • Diminished engine ability
  • Dangling or unsecured pipes
  • A strong gasoline odor inside the vehicle
  • Intensified noise

If you observe any of these indicators, don’t ignore them. It’s best to address the situation before any further damage occurs.

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1996 Saturn SL2 Exhaust Pipe

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1997 Lincoln Town Car Exhaust Pipe

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awesome product.... Will continue to buy all my parts from PartsGeek...

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Perfect part fit and finish, no need to flare the pipe to fit with the rest of the exhaust parts I was able to order from PARTS GEEK, I was able to install my exhaust system with 3 clamps, NO WELDING NEEDED, in under 2 hours (broken bolt in manifold not included in repair time). I was quoted $ 400.00 for repair, Parts Geek:$ 189.00. You do the Math!!

1991 Ford Ranger Exhaust Pipe

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Reviewer: walter

Excellent, quality parts, price and service as usual. Best auto parts site on the internet.

1999 Ford Windstar Exhaust Pipe