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Replacement Exhaust Manifold Information

Choose from top brands including: Dorman, Bosal, Replacement, Eastern Catalytic, Catco, Walker, SKP, DEC, ATP, DIY Solutions, Genuine, API, AP Exhaust, Mopar and Magnaflow.

Exhaust ManifoldIn the land of automotive engineering, one of the most critical components is the exhaust system. This is especially true today as we focus on managing our emissions and controlling just what exactly comes out the backs of our cars – and plenty of engineering brains and brawn have been thrown at this conundrum in recent years. The most basic element of an exhaust system is the exhaust manifold. The purpose of the manifold is to collect exhaust from multiple cylinders of your internal combustion engine into one central pipe. In the most basic of scenarios, this component is a cast iron piece that simply funnels exhaust to the right location. In many cars, however, things get complicated. It’s common for each cylinder to have its own private exhaust header to collect exhaust. Headers then feed exhaust into a main collector. High-performance exhaust headers may forgo the collector all together in an effort to decrease flow resistance and increase the engine’s volumetric efficiency for more overall power. A great resource for tweaking this system in your car is, which has everything you need at great prices every day.

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Replacement Exhaust Manifolds
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Exhaust Manifold Information

The Bosal Exhaust Manifold accumulates waste products from myriad compartments and sends them into the catalytic converter.


Bosal Exhaust Manifold
Your car or truck is only as good as its parts, like a Bosal exhaust manifold. Top motoring is easier with after-market devices engineered to function with the power systems as well as front end components. Whether you race or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, top quality auto parts are essential. People who want the most from their cars know that only the highest quality aftermarket and OEM parts should be installed. One of the critical components in a car's exhaust system is an exhaust manifold, which extracts all the exhaust vapors coming from your motor's combustion chambers then leads the gases throughout your exhaust system. Performance-boosting exhaust manifolds utilize primary tubes tuned by length to accelerate the exhaust gas velocity, increasing engine output. Whenever the exhaust manifold is deficient, the vehicle will fail emissions checks and could enable hazardous exhaust gases to enter the cabin of a vehicle. High-performance exhaust systems augment an automobile's power by decreasing back pressure from the exhaust and augmenting the engine's efficiency. Your exhaust manifold gathers gases from the motor and expels them via your exhaust pipe.

The Dorma Exhaust Manifold collects chemicals from different chambers and ejects them to the muffler.


Dorman Exhaust Manifold
When you want a Dorman exhaust manifold, repairing a vehicle with first class parts is the best investment every single time. Take your car or truck to a superlative level of power and performance by installing performance elements. People who love their cars understand that only the highest quality replacement parts should be installed. Your car needs the best replacement parts that you can find. Whenever the exhaust manifold is defective, a car is going to not pass emissions checks and could permit dangerous exhaust gases into the passenger area of a car. High-performance exhaust systems improve your vehicle's power by decreasing back pressure and boosting volumetric efficiency. Racing exhaust manifolds deploy tuned-length primary tubes to increase the exhaust gas velocity, boosting engine horsepower. One of the critical pieces of your car's exhaust system is the exhaust manifold, which extracts all exhaust gases coming from the motor's cylinders then guides them throughout the exhaust system. The exhaust manifold consolidates gases combusted in the engine and removes them via your exhaust pipe.

Engine effectiveness is helped by the Mopar Exhaust Manifold, which improves the exhausting of waste emissions.


Mopar Exhaust Manifold
A vehicle is only as good as the parts it uses, such as a Mopar exhaust manifold. Successful automobile manufacturers grasp the inherent importance of great performance. Invest in your car or truck's critical components by investing in the best quality parts and accessories. People who want the most out of their vehicle realize that only the highest quality replacement parts should be used for repairs and maintenance. Performance exhaust manifolds make use of primary tubes tuned to the exhaust pulse to improve the velocity of exhaust gases, improving engine output. Carefully tuned exhaust systems enhance an automobile's engine power by reducing back pressure from the exhaust and improving the engine's effectiveness. One of the primary components in a car's exhaust system is the exhaust manifold, which pulls out all of the exhaust fumes from the motor's combustion chambers then sends the gases through your exhaust system. When your exhaust manifold is faulty, a vehicle is going to not pass emissions checks and can let dangerous exhaust vapors into the cabin of the vehicle. Your exhaust manifold collects exhaust gases from the engine and disperses them using your exhaust pipe. Many times the most difficult thing about maintaining a car or truck is looking for a good source for quality parts like a Mopar exhaust manifold.

The Replacement Exhaust Manifold collects exhaust fumes from the motor and removes them through the vehicle's exhaust pipe.


Replacement Exhaust Manifold
Looking for a reliable source of quality parts such as a Replacement exhaust manifold? Your car is special because of its great performance and awesome style, and to have it purring along in its best condition you need the acme in high-quality parts. Superior motoring is a snap with after-market devices engineered to improve the engine and guidance components. When you have a high-performance automobile it needs premium quality aftermarket and OEM parts. One of the most important pieces of a vehicle's exhaust system is your exhaust manifold, which pulls out the exhaust gases from your engine's cylinders then sends the fumes throughout the exhaust system. When your exhaust manifold is not working, your car will fall short on emissions checks and might permit unsafe exhaust gases into the cabin of your car. Your exhaust manifold collects exhaust gases produced by the engine and expels them using the vehicle's exhaust pipe. High-performance manifolds can boost a vehicle's power by reducing back pressure from the exhaust and improving the engine's volumetric efficiency. High-performance exhaust manifolds make use of primary tubes tuned to the exhaust pulse to increase exhaust velocity, boosting engine horsepower.

Exhaust Manifold

Have you been experiencing a rough ride? If you smell burning, hear loud noises, or experience decreased performance, it may be your exhaust system. It’s common knowledge that vehicle emissions are not the best thing for healthy air quality, so your vehicle has a somewhat complicated exhaust system that’s designed to minimize the possible environmental damage caused by a combustion engine. Your car’s exhaust manifold is a humble but vital component of the vehicle’s overall exhaust system.

At, we stock a wide range of exhaust manifolds by brands like Magnaflow, DEC, Hooker Headers, Professional Parts Sweden, Eastern Catalytic, ATP, Dorman, Crown Automotive, Genuine, Bosal, BD Diesel, Walker, and AFE. Whether you are looking for a simple replacement part or a high-performance aftermarket manifold, you can be confident that we have some of the best pricing on the web, and our parts are backed by a 30-day return policy.

What Is an Exhaust Manifold?

Vehicle engines have multiple cylinders where fuel combusts to create energy. This combustion creates fumes, which need to be evacuated from the area. During this evacuation process, fumes move from the cylinders to the catalytic converter where they are converted into less harmful emissions, and then to the muffler and finally out through the exhaust pipe. Exhaust manifolds simply bridge the gap between each cylinder and the single pipe that will eventually send those fumes out the back of your car.

How Much Do New Exhaust Manifolds Cost?

Exhaust manifolds cost anywhere from less than $100 to more than $300 on, depending on your vehicle make and model and what kind of metal the manifold is made of. Some manifolds even have integrated catalytic converters or are ceramic coated to increase durability. Searching our exhaust manifold inventory by vehicle make and model narrows down the results so you can see what your options are.

What Could Cause an Exhaust Manifold to Crack?

One of the biggest enemies of your vehicle’s exhaust system components is rust. However, the location of the manifold means that it endures a lot of heat during its lifetime, and that could also cause it to fracture.

How Do I Replace an Exhaust Manifold?

First, remove the oxygen sensor if it is in there. Next, remove the old manifold by loosening its bolts. Finally, install your new manifold by bolting it into place where you took the old one out. Don’t forget to install new gaskets at the same time, and remember to check for exhaust leaks once you have replaced the manifold and gotten everything back together.

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